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Top 5 – What Season 3 of Arrow Needs


Hey y’all!! I am feeling absolutely miserable today. I am as crook as a dog, and so because of that, I am writing about something that’ll make me feel better. That is talking about Arrow and how season 3 could possibly be the biggest one to date. I’ve been seeing lots and lots of articles popping up lately talking about what they would love to see in the next season. I guess it is my turn. Here it is, the top 5 things Arrow needs in Season 3.

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Thoughts On Arrow TV Series


Arrow season one is getting ready to come to a close and this show has already been renewed for a season 2. How did the first season turn out and is Arrow a success story?

Thoughts On Arrow TV Series

I was a big fan of The CW (WB) TV series Smallville. I thought that this series had brought an interesting twist to the Superman storyline that was different from the comics yet entertaining in its own way. When Smallville officially ended in 2011, it felt as if something really important in my life was going away. This and the fact that a DC Comics superhero series was leaving TV; leaving the world without a comic based hero TV series.

So, 2012 came along and The CW announced that they gave the go ahead to create a DC Comics superhero TV series based on Green Arrow. I was immediately excited about this news and the first thing that went through my mind and probably several other Smallville fan’s minds was “Will Justin Hartley be reprising his role as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow?” I enjoyed Hartley’s performance as Green Arrow in Smallville. He brought a witty and light hearted version of Oliver Queen to the series. Needless to say, I was a bit taken aback when I read that Justin Hartley would not be playing Green Arrow. In his place, Stephen Amell was cast in the role of Oliver Queen. While part of me was disappointed, I was also curious to see if Amell could do the role justice and make Arrow successful.

Watching through the first season of Arrow, it makes sense why they recasted the role of Oliver Queen. This version of Green Arrow is a much darker, more merciless Green Arrow that you might say is not a typical superhero at all; but rather a vigilante that goes to any means to save the city, even if it means killing. Stephen Amell has done a great job portraying Oliver Queen/Green Arrow to the point where I can’t even compare this version from Smallville’s because they are basically two very different characters; which is a good thing as this will make things much easier for the writers not having to worry about living up to one character or the other. This is pretty much a brand new universe, completely separate from Smallville.

While there have been one or two “so-so” episodes,  the episodes of this season have been quite entertaining as well. You can tell its a first season due to the fact that the first part of the season follows a basic villain of the week format. However, due to the popularity of the show getting it renewed for a second season early on, the later parts of the season get more in deep with the characters and the main storyline; giving it a good development for the story and the characters.

When I compare it to the first season of Smallville, I have to say that storyline-wise, Arrow is off to a much stronger start. Overall, I have very high hopes for this series and hope that it continues to be a success in the second season.