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PTVP Talks WWE Payback 2014 – “Ehh”


Pastime Viewpoints has gotten together for WWE PPV Payback for another opinionated Podcast discussion. Jeff and Thomas join Zell this time to talk WWE action, or rather, lack of. We talk WWE World Heavyweight Championship, unannounced PPV matches, and thoughts on the foreseeable future towards Summerslam. Make sure to like, favorite, subscribe, and join us at Pastime Viewpoints with the links below:

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 PTVP Podcast

Pastime Viewpoints has gotten together for WWE PPV Elimination Chamber for another opinionated Podcast discussion. Jeff joins Zell this time to talk WWE action, or rather, lack of. We talk WWE World Heavyweight Championship, PPV matches, and thoughts on the foreseeable future towards Mania. Make sure to like, favorite, subscribe, and join us at Pastime Viewpoints with the links below:

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Why I Will Never Watch WWE Ever Again



Hello to all my peeps out there. This is it. I have officially given up watching or endorsing any WWE show or product from now on. There are multiple reasons for this. One of them being last night’s Royal Rumble. Also before criticism is thrown, I will do good on my word and will NEVER watch WWE again. Period. But before I go, I want a little time to bury the WWE half as much as they bury the true talent they have.

One of 5283 reasons why WWE sucks, is that the guys that earn their spot get pissed on, whilst the undeserving fellows get pushed to the moon. HHH is an over achieving skank that made his way through the ranks by burying the best guys WWE ever had in Stone Cold, The Rock, Mankind, and Chris Jericho. Mind you this was only the beginning. Now he virtually is in full throttle of this company and his shovel is working harder than ever. Look at WWE’s top card. You can count the top card on one hand, even if you lost a finger or thumb you can still count it. John Cena and Randy Orton are always there. There is minor shuffling done when part timers want a run as champion aka The Rock and Batista, however that about sums it up. The mid card has always been an area that you want to have a cult following to build up to the top card. Yet the mid card in WWE sucks because they are inconsistantly not shown, nor promoted. Whereas the McMahons and HHH are f****** everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!

Yes the IWC loves guys like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. There are however so many guys with the world of talent never getting shown on mainstream TV. Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, Camacho, JTG, Alex Riley, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel etc, are never given time of day to shine. Whether it be politics or not, WWE’s variety in regards to star power is low. Then when we look towards the future… Oh god shall I go there? There are no future prospects (maybe Reigns if they care enough) to look towards to. Every time a star is being pushed, their jets get cooled by the higher ups and they go nowhere. Who remembers Miz? Dolph Ziggler? Zack Ryder? They all had forgettable title reigns as a result of stupidity. Stupid!! WWE couldn’t write their way out of misery if they tried. It is all because they want a select few to ever have the chance of comparing themselves to HHH and his huge ego.

Then we talk about the two fellows I mentioned previously in Bryan and Punk. 2 of the most gifted guys to ever wrestle in WWE. One had a phenomenal title reign lasting forever and a half, whilst the other had a title reign that lasted 2 minutes. WWE writing at its finest. Bryan did something WWE could never expect though. Bryan got a cult following that to this day may be only surpassed by Stone Cold and the “What?” era. Bryan is the best wrestler, he is the most over guy, and he is the only highlight in a pool of s*** that I used to watch every week. Hell, he made Cena watchable. How had is that to do? Now he gets ignored by WWE and told to take it in non keyfabe. The crowd is starting to wake up to this nonsense. When the crowd wants something, you give it to them. Simple stuff really. Easily put, Daniel Bryan will never be champion again in WWE. He is not Batista. I sure hope Punk leaves WWE. Then hopefully more people can turn off.

Now we talk Royal Rumble. What a crock of s***. A PPV opened well by a tag bout in a dark show (yes on the f****** kickoff), and Bryan and Wyatt stealing the show at the beginning. Let me repeat, stealing the show at the beginning. How do you compare? Randy Orton Vs Cena round 4378234 bored everyone. EVERYONE. No one wants to see this. Big Show and Lesnar was a farce. This was followed by the most boring ever Royal Rumble match where there were no spots, no big surprises, and the PPV reeked of Triple H’s ego. Seriously, there was Nash, Batista, Flair, Michaels, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn at the PPV. It is the clique with power. McMahon did this to himself the old fool. The crowd made watching this PPV bearable. There hate towards WWE’s s*** put a smile on my face. Chanting we want Divas during a World title match is gold. Thank you Pittsburgh and hope you had a safe night home. In saying that, this was the last straw.



WWE has failed this city

After 21 years of watching great highlights and matches, after 2 years of calling Raw with reviews, and after a lifetime of wrestling, I say it is over. There is no future for a guy like me who wants to watch quality wrestling without the excess shit within WWE. I have turned to ROH, TNA and NJPW for wrestling without the BS now. WWE has gone a new direction, one which I do not want to travel. I sincerely hope the WWE network fails, WWE goes bankrupt, and the legacy that is ever so slowly dying can survive a little longer. Gone are the days where legends were made and heroes born. Now it is the era of the business. And this business is one that sucks. F*** you HHH and Vince, you lost a fan because of your egos.



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WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Podcast PTVP




Pastime Viewpoints has gotten together for WWE PPV Royal for another opinionated Podcast discussion. Jeff and Thomas join Zell this time and talk WWE action, or rather, lack of. We talk WWE World Heavyweight Championship, PPV matches, and thoughts on the foreseeable future towards Mania. Make sure to like, favorite, subscribe, and join us at Pastime Viewpoints with the links below:


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WWE Raw 01/13/14 PTVP Podcast




Comment Question(s) of the Week – Was Raw worth watching this week without the ending?


Pastime Viewpoints has gotten together for the second WWE Raw for the year. Jeff joins Zell this time for a duo podcast and talk WWE action. We talk the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture, Royal Rumble potential outcomes, and thoughts on the foreseeable future. Make sure to like, favorite, subscribe, and join us at Pastime Viewpoints with the links below:

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Survivor Series 2013 poster3

Fyreharticles: Survivor Series 2013 Review

Survivor Series 2013 poster

Well, it’s come and gone so here we go, my review of the 2013 Survivor Series PPV. This is being done as I watch it online by the way. Just thought I’d clarify that. Before I start though, I would like the point out two things. One is that the theme song for this PPV is complete shite. Second, what the hell is up with the Survivor Series logo? It seems like the “VIV” either wouldn’t light up properly or aren’t supposed to. See this is what happens when you do a set up like that WWE. Next time make it the whole thing across, or actually check that shit before the PPV starts.

Can’t entirely blame them for that I guess, but still, it looks like a rundown hotel sign. Anyway, on to the PPV.

 Classic 5-on-5 Survivor Series match: Team Racial Equality (Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Jimmy & Jey Uso, and Rey Mysterio) vs. Team Believe In The People/Team Real American Justice (Take your pick) (Shield & Real Americans) – Well, this match definitely didn’t disappoint. Odd that they opened the show with the match most people only wanted to see, but ok. Was kind of annoyed when it got down to 2-on-5 with the heels being down so much, mainly cause I dreaded a clean sweep, but then I realised that was purely to help Roman get over as a monster by destroying most of the face team. I can live with that.

I marked out so hard for most of the Roman eliminations, especially the final elimination where Roman caught Rey with a Spear as he was trying for the 619. That was great because it looked so damn impactful. Helps that Rey ran into it, but regardless it was pretty great. Not much else to say really.

Match rating: Solid A+ – Good way to open the PPV.

Big E. Langston (c) vs. Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship – Not a great match but it was pretty solid. Big E. retains and the Big Ending rings true as Axel will probably not be seen on RAW or SmackDown much from now on, thus ending his “big push”. I like Axel, I really do. He can’t talk his way out of a paper bag but I like him. Probably for the best that his push is over now though, as his best matches are usually on Superstars. Granted this was one of his better matches, but still.

Match rating: Solid C+ – Not a great match, but a pretty good effort from both men regardless.

7-on-7 Survivor Series match: Team Reality Show (Brie & Nikki Bella, Cameron, Naomi, Jojo, Eva Marie and Natalya) vs. Team Everyone Else (AJ lee, Tamina, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, Aksana & Summer Rae) – I gave subzero fucks about this match going in, but it honestly wasn’t the train wreck I was expecting. Hell, the “dance off” between Summer Rae and….I’m gonna guess Nikki Bella, was actually kind of funny. Better than Cody & Zeb twerking before the opener (Yes, that actually happened). Natalya wins for the Total Divas team, which is honestly the only way I would’ve accepted that team winning. A funny thing to mention is that both Lillian Garcia and the commentators totally forget Natalya wasn’t the only person left on her team. Nikki tagged out, she wasn’t eliminated. I mean, it shows how little an impact the Bellas have that they forgot, and it is kind of funny, but Nikki has been improving lately and due to Total Divas WWE has a reason to care about her, so it was a bit odd.

I’m hoping this will lead to a Natalya/AJ title match at TLC in any case. And what would be interesting is if WWE actually gave the Divas one of the gimmick matches to work with. Would help it stand out a bit anyway. Not the ladder or TLC match, but the “Chairs” or Tables matches could be interesting to give to the Divas. Since they rarely use weapons anyway the Chairs match would suffice, but either or.

Match rating: Solid C- – Like the match before it, it wasn’t great. But it surprisingly wasn’t shit either, so that’s a plus.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback – Wow. This match came outta nowhere. Totally didn’t call Mark Henry accepting the challenge Ryback randomly threw out, but I should’ve seen it coming. Mark wins in a short match that was honestly forgettable, aside from Mark either attempting a crossbody, or generally hitting Ryback with something that just ended up looking like a botched crossbody.

Match rating: Solid D+ – Point added for Mark Henry’s return, but it was still pretty forgettable. And honestly, forgettable is worse than bad.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship – “Cena wins lol” would normally sum it up, but I give Cena credit for this match. He actually sold the arm several times, including after he powered out of the Cross Armbreaker. It also looked like Alberto had it won several times, so at the very least it was an even match. Cena wins (lol) with an AA in a nice little exchange where him and Alberto reversed each other’s finishers before Cena was finally successful. Pretty good match, though the most memorable part would have to be Cena hitting a Tornado DDT. It’s not the first time he’s done it, but it was still cool to see.

Match rating: Solid B+ – Wouldn’t call it a great match, but it was still pretty good.

The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Eric Rowan) vs. Team ROH (Daniel Bryan & CM Punk) – Wait, this is AFTER the Cena match? Holy shit, WWE must have a lot of faith in this match. Pretty damn good match from these four guys. I honestly think it could’ve gone either way. Almost wanted Luke & Eric to win, but it did make sense to have Bryan & Punk win. I hope this feud isn’t over yet though. A TLC or Tables match between The Wyatt Family & Punk/Bryan would be cool to see next month. Punk & Bryan win with Punk hitting Luke with a GTS, and Luke doing one of the better sells for the move by basically crumbling in place.

Match rating: Solid A+ – Easy contender for match of the night.

Big Show vs. Randy Orton (c) for the WWE Championship – Honestly kind of surprised this is the main event of the PPV, but ok. Nice to see Big Show getting to main event a PPV in a singles match. That doesn’t happen much, if it ever has.

*Actually watches the match*

Oh. Well, damn, this should’ve been switched with the WHC match in card order honestly. That match was better by far. Granted there’s a lot more you can do with Cena/Del Rio than Orton/Big Show, so you know. I mean, wow. Not much actually happens and the crowd really doesn’t give too much of a shit. Considering the match this is following I’m not surprised. Orton retains in the biggest “we saw it coming” moment of the night. Hey, WWE, here’s a tip. If you’re gonna have ANY kind of “interference” happen, don’t hype that none will. When you say something won’t happen, we expect the opposite; especially if you bring it up constantly.

Match rating: Solid D- – Yeah, pretty piss poor main event honestly. Sad considering it’s probably the last shot at the WWE Title Big Show will ever get.

Oh, after the main event Cena comes out and they just have him kind of pose in the ring after a brief stare down like he’s just being a dick and stealing Orton’s spotlight, but really it’s just a half-arsed tease for the title unification match that may or may not be happening at WrestleMania XXX, or some time before then, I don’t know. Please WWE, if that happens, don’t have Orton/Cena. We’ve been down that road before multiple times and it didn’t work. Have Orton drop the WWE title to someone else before you do that. Also you do realise you just spoiled the next few months of PPV title matches with that tease if it goes ahead right? Just checking.

Overall PPV rating: Solid C+ – Not an entirely irredeemable PPV, so it’s worth at least one watch. I wouldn’t buy it on DVD when it comes out though.

Match of The Night: Wyatt Family vs. Punk & Bryan – Had two A+ matches, so I just picked one of the two for this. I stand by it and that’s all I really need to say I think.

Final Thoughts:
It was somewhat better than I expected, but it didn’t blow my expectations out of the water or anything. The main event was a total disappointment, especially since I can remember Big Show & Orton having better matches before. Not necessarily great matches, but matches that were better than this one by comparison. The undercard was surprisingly solid however, and I’m still surprised Punk & Bryan’s match with the Wyatt Family was after the World Heavyweight Championship match. Score one for the “vanilla midgets” I guess. Overall, like I said before, this PPV is worth at least one viewing. If you don’t watch the whole show, then I recommend the 5-on-5 match and the Luke & Eric v Punk & Bryan matches as things you should definitely check out.

That’s about all I can think of currently, aside from a few ramble-y thoughts I decided to leave out (Orton kicking out of the most devastating Chokeslam ever, Luke’s big boot not being a finisher, etc.), so I’ll leave it at that and see you guys next time, which won’t be too long this time, for reals.