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Why Fan Passion in Wrestling is Dead

Hey guys. Sorry about being absent for the longest time, with work and life at the moment, it is hard to find the free time. I have virtually given up watching Western wrestling as a whole. One of the main reasons, is that there is no wrestler in wrestling whom has an aura, nor presence about him or her. I think back to the 80s, with wrestlers such as Ted DiBiase, Rick Rude, Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes. These guys paved the way for professional wrestling. However their characters and antics made being a fan cool. In the 1980s, wasn’t it cool to be a wrestling fan?

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How Prepared Are You Really For A Zombie Outbreak?

Hey y’all.

Lets be quite honest, everyone loves a zombie outbreak. Safe to say some people actually want it to happen just because it’d be fun right? With the great Romero movies, and the popular TV show The Walking Dead, it seems a blast (I think). Statistics do indeed show that more people are prepared for a zombie outbreak than a natural disaster. Even governments are using exercises in tackling the potential threat. The question is, how prepared are you really?

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Discrimination in 2014 – Zell Rants

Hello all. It is time for a more serious time with Zell today as I have encountered an issue. We live in 2014, not the 1930’s. So why is it society still believes in discrimination?  I thought that society’s values had changed over the course of a century. However in the following link:

It has proven otherwise. Thing is, this is my backyard of NSW, Australia.

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Mr. Waterhouse

PTVP Partners – Mr. Andrew Waterhouse

Hello all. Once again here at Pastime Viewpoints, we find ourselves with a new partner to sponsor us and vice versa. This time it is in the form of Professional Wrestling entity, Mr. Andrew Waterhouse. Andrew Waterhouse is a celebrity from Australia who is looking to make a big impact in the world of professional wrestling.

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Batman ’89: The beginning of something grand in Gotham, our hearts, and our minds


With yesterday (June 23rd) being the 25th anniversary of the original premiere for the movie known as “Batman”, I figured now would be the perfect time to reflect on the importance of such a movie that came out on a summer day way back in 1989.

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Zell Plays Final Fantasy 4

Let’s Play time with Zell again. In his final Final Fantasy walk through (pun intended), it is time to end it all off with saving the world, being a hero, etc etc.. You get the drift. It’s time for some Final Fantasy 4!! Make sure to like, subscribe and follow us here at Pastime Viewpoints.