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NRL – Why Referees deserve more respect

Hello all. Majoritively I am very negative of the NRL and the way they handle dramas too severely aka Storm’s Trophy Heist. I have overreacted a fair bit this year. However I believe that the way NRL clubs, fans and board members are reacting to NRL Referees this year, action needs to be taken. That truly is the definition of overreacting. The backlash on referees this year is an absolute farce. Every game that has been determined by less than 6 points has pointed the loss at the referee and the NRL. It is garbage. Teams such as the Dragons, Souths, Eels, Tigers, and the Cowboys have blatantly attacked officials in post match conferences and in the newspapers weekly. Enough is enough. Continue reading


Why the Melbourne Storm are grubs

I am not beating around on this article, this is an all out rant. Hello, my name is Zell and I truly believe the Melbourne Storm are the grubbiest team to ever walk out on to a Rugby League field.  They are arrogant pigs who have slithered and slimed their way through season after season, breaking professional rules over and over again. This isn’t simply a “I hate Melbourne cause they are better” rant, there is proof and always has been. The Melbourne Storm under Craig Bellamy have killed the game of top tier Rugby League. I am here to talk why.

Since Melbourne acquired the big 4 (now big 3), they have always had a definitive edge on the competition. Billy Slater, Cameron Smith and Cooper Cronk were always talented individuals. Yet it seemed that was never enough. When you thought the team was stacked enough, they would go out of their way to breach the salary cap year after year to make certain they would win. Crooked deals which the players, management, and coach knew about, went undetected for a minimum 4 years. The NRL was disgraceful in picking up on this no doubt, but rules are rules. Yes they were stripped of their titles.. Eventually. The teams who were suffering were not really compensated at all minus Souths, grabbing Greg Inglis, but in fact punished. Parramatta lost a Grand Final, and so did Manly. You cannot give them a title, but you have deprived players a life changing moment by cheating. It was wrong. And that was off the field.

Now onto the paddock. The Storm have always been mugs on the field. You cannot count the amount of times they are offside every play of the ball. They come in often times with swinging arms and intent to hurt. If you are questioning this, who brought in the wrestling maneuvers? They have put multiple men on the sidelines. Then we have the cannonball, the arm bar, the chicken wing, the spear tackle.. The list goes on. This never happened in football ever before. Craig Bellamy must be desperate to have an edge over the competition due to the fact he revolutionises the game with this filth year in, year out. The players could say no and play the game fairly, though they carry it out in mass. Melbourne has a filth mentality aimed to break opponents. Need examples? Alex McKinnon right?

My heart goes out to this man. A solid forward for Newcastle, he will now endure suffering for the rest of his life as a result of typical Melbourne Storm rat behaviour. To think the man is in an induced coma… It says in the rule book “You do not place your hands between a man’s legs and lift”. It is a rule that was broken via professional foul. It should have been a direct send off. Of course not though, the Storm are the NRL’s southern darlings. Jordan will get a few weeks to sit at home with suspension. That is not good enough. McKinnon’s life and love is virtually done for. A saying I believe in my life is “If you are truly sorry, you would have never of done it”. This plays true here. Disgraceful. Craig Bellamy, hang your head in shame.

I will end this rant here and save everyone more headaches. The NRL is weak as piss in regards to this foul play only because it draws money. The Storm are a proven dirty team and will never change. It sickens me.







The 2014 NRL Rort Draw


Hey y’all. As you probably have gathered from previous articles here at Pastime Viewpoints, I am a Parramatta Eels fan who has been disgruntled for the longest time. My team has been a shell of itself from past days of glory, and are the laughing-stock of the National Rugby League (NRL). We are currently in a “rebuilding” stage and have 2014 to hope for a miracle. Now I know being an Eels fan, I may show some bias on occasion. However I am a fan of the underdog and hope all teams can be a chance. Last year was terrible for rugby league. There was only ever four teams that had any chance of winning. This year will be much the same. Worse thing, the NRL operating staff don’t seem to care nor worry. If anything, it is “justified”. Let me explain.

Last year, the best teams in the competition were Melbourne Storm (as per usual), Manly Sea Eagles (again), South Sydney (after years and years of rebuilding), and the Sydney Roosters (SBW, the NRL’s  prodigal son whom was always going to win). At the bottom of the ladder, you had Parramatta (again), St George Illawarra (a team struggling to regain its footing), Wests Tigers (transitioning and rebuilding), and Canberra Raiders (who really tried this season).

Looking through the draw, I note the top 4 teams play the bottom 4 teams almost twice, whereas barely play any other competitive teams the same. If it is, it is during Origin when no one cares. I don’t like the Tigers, Dragons, and this year especially, the Raiders, yet they have absolutely zero chance this year of rebuilding with the odds stacked against them.

In response, the NRL’s General Manager of Operations, Nathan McGuirk, has said “We don’t put any weighting within the Draw that takes into account a team’s previous year performance. We have seen many teams in the past turn around performance within a year, from the bottom of the ladder to then make the finals.” What a bunch of garbage!! You virtually state you do not care about team’s that are struggling.

In comparison, when asked about the Broncos cushy “Friday Night Fever”, the response was much differing. McGuirk said of Broncos many Friday Night games, “I’m sure you would agree that Channel 9′s financial commitment to the game over the next four years should allow them to select match-ups that maximize their commercial return on investment. 2014 will see the Broncos appear a maximum of 18 times on Free To Air”. Easily put to those who do not follow; $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Money speaks all languages when it comes to football. teams such as Dragons, Tigers, Parramatta and Canberra are not financially credible. Where Manly, Melbourne and Brisbane are best for business. We are watching a game that is pre-determined by cash flow and it sickens me. My team will suffer in the “rebuilding” stage until they are worth an investment. As if facing AFL out Western Sydney wasn’t hard enough, the NRL doesn’t even believe in the West. Same goes for Penrith, another team who really tried their backsides off last season to no avail. I bet if another team bought a high profiled player like Sonny Bill Williams, they would get a much favorable draw and spotlight…

There you have it peeps. Thanks for reading my thoughts on the NRL 2014. I will soon see how right I was. Make sure to like, subscribe, and favorite all our stuff, and check out all things entertainment here at Pastime Viewpoints.



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Zell Rants – Why the NRL sucks


Hey everyone. I am sorry for doing this, but I have another Australian bash coming up. Not so long ago, I ranted on my favorite football team the Parramatta Eels. However I am going to cut them some slack today (not really) and look at a greater problem; the NRL. The entire of the NRL is in shambles at the moment whether it is being explored or not. The NRL has undergone change recently and now is at it’s weakest point. I will talk on certain points to why Rugby League in Australia is dying because of the NRL.

NRL is biased

I am not a conspiracy theorist. Yet I believe that the NRL is the most corrupt body in sports. The NRL virtually disadvantages teams every year by choice, then makes it up to them in a way that is unfair. Here are some examples:

Melbourne Storm always have many State of Origin players out. The Storm are a golden team of the NRL’s and cannot ever seem weak for “business” reasons, so during State of Origin games it seems that the Storm play hard teams within the first two games to give them an excuse. Right at the end they will play a potential crappy team to get the momentum up. Also Melbourne are always on TV making them more money, and their home games are always early on to give them an unfair boost through the season. For a team that rorted the salary cap, the NRL really loves to kiss their ass.

On the flip side, the Canberra Raiders. A side who is disadvantaged yearly by poor draws and scheduled TV appearances. Canberra I think had only one game televised for free all year, so their fan base virtually missed a season, where as Brisbane got nearly every week on TV. Canberra always seemingly plays on Saturdays and Mondays to avoid this TV collision potential. The Canberra side is given a terrible draw yearly against harder sides and never given any hope ever. Canberra have not been a force for years.

With this point I am making, Melbourne is being pushed due to it’s value, where the Raiders are being shafted as they are really filling up numbers. When business goes bad in Canberra, they will get pushed just you watch. Cronulla Sharks anyone? The NRL rorts the draw, plays with the referees, and plays the blame game when issues arise such as poor attendances.

A boring game to watch

To follow on my last point, the poor crowds I believe are proven by three things.

One, the games are unfair and unbalanced. Watching your team lose by 50 points weekly makes games harder to watch. For someone like myself, who follows the Eels and NSW Blues, I have nothing to work with here. Like hell I will watch either of these shit boxes play.

Secondly, the game is looking more like ballet every week. No hard tackles, no fighting, and no rough conduct. In other words, we aren’t even watching rugby anyway. Simply a referee blooper fest with ball grabbing and no heat.

Lastly, it is too f****** dear to go watch football. Money grabbing greedy bastards at NRL won’t help us struggling folk now will they? No one in their right mind will watch a team play, but food and buy merchandise if it costs too much in this day and climate. Rugby used to be the people’s game. Now.. Now it is a corporate pantomime. The fans used to help create the game and you took that from us. No scrums look stupid right? Bring them back in a big way where whomever forms a quick scrum must stay there. Also feed into the middle like the past. It was a thrilling contest for possession turned shit by stupid rules and changes. Don’t fix what ain’t broke as they say.

Rugby League is repetitive,  not enthralling, and lacking characters.


NRL used to be N.S.W territory. The AFL pissed on that when the Swans got pushed to glory, and GWS got given a shot at growing in Sydney’s West. Then the A League brought in the Western Sydney Wanderers who were a fantastic asset to soccer in Australia. The numbers that Parramatta, Tigers and Penrith get for NRL games are abysmal in comparison to a soccer clash or an AFL game. The NRL left NSW out to dry. Why do you think that the local Sydney teams all made the finals and the West Sydney teams failed? It is the West has been lost and the NRL was trying to save the game here.

I sincerely believe the NRL fixes games. I believe that the NRL pre-determines who wins each year. The Finals series now only has a “N.S.W fairy tale” ending possible no matter who wins. Isn’t it grand? Please. The Cowboys getting robbed tells me my story cannot be too far off of the truth.

Salary Cap

You know what? F*** this you know where I am going. Losing stars, talents pissing their funds away getting drunk and causing mischief etc etc.

In summary, with the NRL becoming a corporate entity, they have sold out the game of Rugby League in Australia. It is a weaker sport than it has ever been, it is losing viewers and interest at an alarming rate, and quite frankly, is shit to watch full stop. I will not pay hard earned money to watch a team get smashed, I will not watch a crap game ruined by poor refereeing, and i sure as hell will not merchandise to support these fools. I urge people to turn off the NRL and watch soccer and AFL, as they are the sports that care for us.

Thank you for reading and regards,

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Zell Rants – Ricky Stuart’s True Colours



Normally I do a nice loving introduction to my articles. In this instance, there is to be no niceness at all. The Parramatta Eels who are my football team in the NRL are in shambles; on and off field. Between poor performances against fairly good teams, mad Monday celebrations gone hay wire, or our coach walking out on us, the Parramatta Eels have hit an all time low. Earlier in the year I wrote an article talking about why I had lost faith in the Eels. One major I brought up was Ricky Stuart. This article will highlight my anguish once more.

I said it from the get go didn’t I? Ricky Stuart was a bad move as head coach. He was a football player who lived in the green jersey; not blue and gold. Let’s be honest, was Ricky Stuart the greatest player in the world? No, he had plenty of help from a solid team around him including Mal Meninga, Laurie Daley, and Brett Mullins to name a few. So what would make Stuart a better coach rather than a player? He won a championship after Phil Gould primed the Sydney Roosters to win. What does that prove? I could have done that with all the talent on their roster. His showing at Cronulla really illustrates my point. The Cronulla Sharks were set back years under his vision and leadership. Coming to the Eels was only going to equate into disaster.

OK, so I am not a fan of the guy. I gave him a chance to prove me wrong as he signed a three year contract. He won his first game of the year in Round one against a miserable New Zealand side. From that point onward, everyone pointed the finger at everyone else but Stuart. It was his poor coaching that failed the players this year. It sent Mitchell Allgood to drink, it sent Chris Sandow to gamble, and it sent me half senile watching the bloody mess. Ricky Stuart is a phony of a coach. There I said it.

Sure he has reasons to leave Parramatta. His children, Parramatta management and the poor season is enough to want to make anyone leave. However I have got to admit, it sure seems a bit fishy in my opinion. Furner “magically” getting the sack as Stuart starts to drop his ball as an Eels further and further. Seems quite the coincidence.. If I say so myself. His return to the Raiders will be hailed and more than likely the Canberra side will make the eight next year (nothing to do with sacked players such as Blake Ferguson no doubt). Watch this space because in no time flat it will happen again and another team under his watch will crumble. He has no vision, only a false set of principles for a paycheck he should not earn. The worst thing about it is I called it. I knew it and I said it out loud but no one wanted to listen.

Here we are. The Eels are a basket case and are being labelled the hardest job in Australia. Should Neil Henry take over? Should Jason Taylor take over? Who knows as it will not be a quick fix. Earlier on my Facebook page, I joked that I had put my resume’ in for the position of Eels coach for 2014. I also said I would sort shit out if I was selected. I was joking before, yet the more I think about it, the more I realize that it actually may be a good thing after all. Our coaches always seem to have their hearts in different places. Michael Hagan was a Bulldog and a Knight, Brian Smith was a Dragon, Stephen Kearney (oh god) was a Storm player, Stuart was a Dog (in more ways than one), and Jason Taylor was a North Sydney Bear. Why can’t we hire someone who is actually born and bred Eels? Breathes in the Blue and Gold. Someone with some god damn passion. Ricky Stuart never had that.

I do.

You know my email. Send me a message Parramatta Leagues if you want to stop collecting Wooden Spoons. I will be more than happy to coach Parramatta my damn self. At least then we would have some that gives a shit.



NRL Ferguson

Zell Rants – NRL Alcoholism

images (3)

Hello peeps. It is time for Zell to rant and it has to be the bloody NRL again. Last night was an imperfect night for the NRL. However this isn’t the first instant of this happening and at this rate surely will not be the last. The NRL has had its moments with alcohol whether it be Brett Stewart’s alleged sexual assault (which he was later cleared), to Josh Dugan’s “bad ass” drinking habits (with Cruisers mind you), to Todd Carney… Who pretty much did everything humanly possible drunk. The NRL has a major problem at the moment which drags the game into obscurity once more.

Rugby League is a top game in Australia. It is the inspirational feats on the field that define a legend and inspire a generation. I notice that it is the ill discipline and lack of judgment off the field that kills the on field heroics. I am biased as I am straightedge, yet I also do not get caught pissing in public nor assaulting people. I have a job and am someone who my family can be proud of. The question I beg of you is why? Why does this happen?

I can answer that. Too much time and sure as hell not enough to do. Not just Australian sports persons, all sports persons globally. Sports players are receiving insane amounts of money for performances lasting usually less than 2 hours a week and have nothing to do except train for the next game. This only leads people to explore and go silly. Egos get the better of some athletes and they believe themselves to be above the game. Some people have an unhealthy addiction due to trauma and cannot shake it afterwards.

I am not sure what the NRL plans to do. The governing body seems to be ignorant at most things. However I implore you to do something. Take the pressure off of these fellows. Spend money into counselling and therapy for players not coping with the harsh season. Encourage players to work for charity and with the public. In doing so they are entitled to their complete salary. A failure to do so results to cuts in pay as a whole, not simply fines. Give these men things to do to stimulate their minds without the need for alcohol.

Alcohol is a dangerous substance in massive doses. I lost my Uncle to alcoholism and swore never to drink for that reason. It made my life better. I wish to not see a player in the future ever suffer the same fate I had to experience first hand. I hope that the NRL, alongside of the players and fans work out a solution. The reason being is it is f****** embarrassing to read about and a spit in the face of the Australian sporting community. I would appreciate immediate action before this spirals out of control.

Thank you for reading peeps.

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