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PTVP Music Roundtable – Chinese Food, The Fox, and Give it 2 U

PTVP Music Roundtable – Chinese Food, The Fox, and Give it 2 U

    Hey peeps. Something a bit different for this week. Jeff, Gil, JB, Thomas and Zell put their minds and ears to the test to review popular songs of today. This first Music Corner will be a doozy. We have Chinese Food from Alison Gold, The Fox from Ylvis, and Give it 2 U […]

Music Corner: Why I Hate Champagne Showers

The Music Corner is “proud” to present part 2 of the LMFAO review. If you thought last week’s video was bad, just wait.     Why I Hate: Champagne Showers – LMFAO   So, I bet you are asking yourselves, I don’t remember this being a single or having a video, unless you are some […]

Music Corner Why I Hate Love Story

The Music Corner is starting a new series called Why I Hate, and I am starting it off with Love Story. Why I Hate: Love Story by Taylor Swift Where do I start with this song/video? I guess we will start with the video: This video is bad and very boring. It’s bad enough that […]

Music Corner: Nickelback Hate

The Music Corner makes a special return this week to bring something up that has really been bugging me lately that I like to call Nickelback hate. Nickelback Hate To start this off, I will begin with a quote I found from Wikipedia that talks about why some people hate Nickelback. Criticism tends to focus […]


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