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Hunter P.S Hayes – Badstreet

Hi guys.

As part of our partnership, I thought you should check this out. It’s the unbelievable remake and comparison to legendary Michael P.S Hayes’ Badstreet USA. It is the video that has Diamond Dallas Page talking.

See the clip at this link: 

The performance is played out by a professional wrestler hailing from Sydney, NSW, Australia, “The Australian Freebird” Hunter P.S Hayes. Hunter is also a close friend and partner here at Pastime Viewpoints.

Claiming to be the son of Michael P.S Hayes, he has embraced the Badstreet gimmick and lifestyle. Hunter is trained by Team 3D academy at Orlando, Florida. Interestingly, Hunter is going back later this month to Team 3D to accrue as much knowledge as possible.

Check out australianfreebird.com for more on Hunter Hayes.

Thank you peeps.