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How Prepared Are You Really For A Zombie Outbreak?

Hey y’all.

Lets be quite honest, everyone loves a zombie outbreak. Safe to say some people actually want it to happen just because it’d be fun right? With the great Romero movies, and the popular TV show The Walking Dead, it seems a blast (I think). Statistics do indeed show that more people are prepared for a zombie outbreak than a natural disaster. Even governments are using exercises in tackling the potential threat. The question is, how prepared are you really?

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Zell Plays Final Fantasy 4

Let’s Play time with Zell again. In his final Final Fantasy walk through (pun intended), it is time to end it all off with saving the world, being a hero, etc etc.. You get the drift. It’s time for some Final Fantasy 4!! Make sure to like, subscribe and follow us here at Pastime Viewpoints.



My Top Memorable Banjo Kazooie Mini Games

Hey y’all! Banjo Kazooie has always been one of my favorite gaming series to date. It is hard to dislike one of the flagship franchises of the old Nintendo 64. One thing that made this game series great minus the characters, music, and worlds, was the unbelievable amount of mini games. Banjo Kazooie was a game in a game quite frankly. These mini games were so fun, sometimes you just had to play them again and again. So lets talk about the more memorable mini games from the series.

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Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Review

Hey peeps. I have been wanting to play a game for the longest time, however unavailability led me to wait a very long time. The game was Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and I could not get a copy from anywhere here in Australia. That said, eBay and Amazon eventually got the job done (thank you to our UK friends). Once I finally got my hands on the game, I felt compelled to play it on my Nintendo 3DS ASAP. I did. What did I think of it though? Continue reading


Zell Plays Super Virgin Girl



Wait, what? Zell is playing Super Virgin Girl from the Super Nintendo. Join me as I make my way into this “Street Fighter-esque” game, with a twist of Japanese Anime. I’ll be quite honest, I had no idea what was going on. What I do know is “MEOWWW”.