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Hunter P.S Hayes – Badstreet

Hi guys.

As part of our partnership, I thought you should check this out. It’s the unbelievable remake and comparison to legendary Michael P.S Hayes’ Badstreet USA. It is the video that has Diamond Dallas Page talking.

See the clip at this link: 

The performance is played out by a professional wrestler hailing from Sydney, NSW, Australia, “The Australian Freebird” Hunter P.S Hayes. Hunter is also a close friend and partner here at Pastime Viewpoints.

Claiming to be the son of Michael P.S Hayes, he has embraced the Badstreet gimmick and lifestyle. Hunter is trained by Team 3D academy at Orlando, Florida. Interestingly, Hunter is going back later this month to Team 3D to accrue as much knowledge as possible.

Check out australianfreebird.com for more on Hunter Hayes.

Thank you peeps.




Zell’s Ultimate Wrestling Alliance Indie Results 02/11/13


Hello peeps. Ultimate Wrestling Alliance brings their latest show for the evening to Towradgi Beach Hotel. With a kids disco before the main show, “Iron” Ben Coles, Bee Boy and Hunter Hayes warm up the crowd with fun and games. A 200 strong crowd was met by some live martial arts from the Fire Phoenix school in Wollongong, followed by the first match of the night being a number one contender’s battle royal.

Battle Royal for the UWA Heavyweight Title Number One Contendership.

Participants are the Sydney City Saints (Ethan Hughes and Matt Bailey), Jack Bonza, Bee Boy, Mick Moretti, Concrete Davidson, “Iron” Ben Coles, Sylvester Agresta, Sean Kustom, Robbie Eagles, and Adam Hoffman.

A battle royal featuring 11 stars of UWA. First man to go was Sean Kustom with an early exit. Bee Boy and Sylvester get out soon after, but not before a very unique and awesome move by the Saints, Coles, Bee Boy, Hoffman and Davidson. The six men paired up for three electric chair holds whilst the men above them beat each other up. Was pretty cool. Surprisingly, Ben Coles is next eliminated followed by the Saints. “Real Man” Jack Bonza is the man eliminating all the good guys here and makes up the final four with Eagles, Moretti and Hoffman. Eagles takes on the odds eliminating Bonza and Hoffman. Whilst taking Moretti over the rope, Hoffman jumps back in to eliminate Eagles before Moretti is eliminated. We are going to see a rematch with the UWA Heavyweight title match featuring Moretti V Hayes.

Winner – Mick Moretti

Next match is a singles bout.

Sylvester Agresta Vs. Sean Kustom

Damn it Sean, you turned Heel!! Nooooo, the kids loved you. Kustom makes his way out to silence with a new-found hate for us all. Next is “Numero Uno” Sylvester Agresta who has (nicely) pinched El Generico’s theme to the chant of Ole’. Sylvester and his salami (that is right) is hot with this crowd as we begin. A technical bout, lots of chain wrestling between the two with back and forth action the whole way through. No high flying moves as we are used to seeing from Kustom, simply bashing up on the Italian. With Kustom on the attack, Sylvester counters and goes to the top to finish the match with a crossbody.

Winner – Sylvester Agresta

Our 2nd match is a tag team match (playa!!)

Sydney City Saints Vs. Bee Boy and “Iron” Ben Coles

The Saints come marching in (see what I did there?) first to take part in our tag team match of the night. Bee Boy comes out next and is flattened by the Saints before the bell rings. The Saints hit the Reverse Razor’s Edge into a Knee Lift (I felt it) completely taking out Bee Boy. Saints? If you are reading this and don’t have a name for that, pick something awesome. I am going to call it the “Sydney Shutdown” anyway so feel free to take that. Ben Coles comes running out as Bee Boy is being taken out back for attention. The match is now a handicap match.. Or is it?

Sydney City Saints Vs. “Iron” Ben Coles and Concrete Davidson

Concrete makes haste to the ring and teams up with Coles to even the odds. By the way, the tag team of Coles and Davidson was called “Reinforced Concrete”. That name kicks ass. Moving on, Concrete strong mans himself to an early advantage before the Saints turn to dirty tricks to get ahead. After plenty of quick tags, Concrete finally gets to Coles for the hot tag. Coles takes out both Saints, with assistance via Concrete, to hit the “Iron Splash” for the win. The crowd cheers our winners as Concrete and Coles show their muscles (mostly Davidson though).

Winners – Ben Coles and Concrete Davidson

A short intermission and back into the second half. Unlike my footy team the Parramatta Eels, I am looking forward to the second half (insert cheap laugh).

3 Way Elimination Match for the UWA Elite Championship

“Real Man” Jack Bonza (c) Vs. Robbie Eagles Vs. Adam Hoffman

An elimination 3 way match that extends the feud of Hoffman and Eagles. This is going to be good. The mic must have played up because I missed the elimination part of the intro and was wondering why Jack Bonza wasn’t caring about pin falls. Anyway, Bonza and Hoffman as the Heels punished Eagles for the majority of the first stanza. Some lovely moves on show here by the trio, Eagles especially with a crossbody onto the outside and a lovely Sliced Bread Number 2. First elimination goes via Adam Hoffman who is caught by a flying Eagles (pun) and hit with a Swanton. Bonza capitalizes on a tired weakened Eagles by sneaking up from behind and hitting an absolute sick spinning powerbomb that turns into a STF. Eagles taps after being beaten for a match 2 on 1. Bonza retains the Elite title and the crowd do not like it at all. They do however give an ovation to a gallant impressive Robbie Eagles.

Winner – “Real Man” Jack Bonza

It is Main Event time.

UWA Heavyweight Championship

“Australian Freebird” Hunter P.S Hayes (c) Vs. “Green Dragon” Mick Moretti

The rematch from Wests, Mick Moretti’s win in the battle royal gives him a chance to capture the UWA title. Hunter is out and it is to a huge applause from the hometown crowd. Hunter has all the early offence, in which Moretti blames hair pulling. Eventually Moretti gets on the attack and starts laying into Hunter. Moretti on top with five minutes of offense, Hunter starts hitting high-flying moves and clotheslines to get back into the match. After Hunter attempts a top rope move, his leg buckles under him awkwardly, leaving him favoring the one side. Hunter does end the match short after with a crossbody from the top as the “Australian Freebird” retains, yet at what cost? Hunter wins and limps out of the ring still UWA Heavyweight Champion.

Winner – Hunter P.S. Hayes

The crowd cheers as Hunter leaves us with a thank you to end tonight’s proceedings. A minor update with Hunter. Hunter was taken to the local hospital with a suspected ligament injury in his knee. An attempted top rope move landed wrong caused the agony. Hunter hopefully has only sprained the knee and not done serious damage. I’ll keep all posted if I hear anything more. Hope you’re OK Freebird. Thank you for reading peeps the results from UWA in Wollongong. As always, make sure to Like us and subscribe to us to get more Aussie Indy action courtesy of the UWA.


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