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Zell Plays Final Fantasy 4

Let’s Play time with Zell again. In his final Final Fantasy walk through (pun intended), it is time to end it all off with saving the world, being a hero, etc etc.. You get the drift. It’s time for some Final Fantasy 4!! Make sure to like, subscribe and follow us here at Pastime Viewpoints.



Talking Final Fantasy 8 – Squall Leonhart

Hey peeps. Due to the resounding feedback I received from the article below earlier this week:


I have decided to talk more so about one of my favorite games and how it could have been one of the greatest entries into the franchise. Today I would like to discuss one of the characters within the Final Fantasy 8 universe; Squall Leonhart.

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Talking Final Fantasy 8 – The Story

Hey y’all. Zell here with some Final Fantasy 8 discussion. Personally, I loved Final Fantasy 8, despite what this article is about to entail. I feel though that there was something missing that would’ve put Final Fantasy 8 on par with 6 and 7. There are numerous things that I will discuss, however I had to start with an obvious issue I had; the plot. The plot was of a young taciturn mercenary and his quest to save the world, albeit not wanting to be that hero . Along the way, it becomes a global struggle involving sorceresses, time compression and space. Here are my thoughts on the plot.

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Dispelling Final Fantasy Rumors – Ultimecia is Rinoa

Hey peeps.

So I have been on the net today as I always do, and come across a rumor/myth at this link:

Now having the nickname Zell, Final Fantasy 8 is really my pet game. Hearing of a rumor stating that Rinoa becomes Ultimecia is really something for me to analyse. Now I have seen the reasons for this,  and I will break them apart for easy referencing. Continue reading


My Top 10 Banjo Kazooie Stage Songs

Hello hello hello. I love myself some Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie. The soundtracks for these games were second to none and will remain one of the top greatest OSTs ever made. I have downloaded a lot of these tunes onto my MP3 and listen to them daily on my way to work. I want to talk about my ten favorites and give out some nostalgia for all Banjo fans out there. I will the pick the ten in no particular order. It is unfair to rate them and I appreciate the fact most people will agree. Here we go!! Continue reading


Why Ash Ketchum is Awesome

Hey peeps. Now I know the majority of people whom read this article are already standing there with their pitchforks out ready to stab me in the eyes. You see, a lot of people on the “interwebz” dislike Ash Ketchum. Continue reading