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Zell Plays Final Fantasy 4

Let’s Play time with Zell again. In his final Final Fantasy walk through (pun intended), it is time to end it all off with saving the world, being a hero, etc etc.. You get the drift. It’s time for some Final Fantasy 4!! Make sure to like, subscribe and follow us here at Pastime Viewpoints.



Talking Final Fantasy 8 – Junction System

Hey peeps. I have been thoroughly enjoying myself talking about Final Fantasy 8 and how it could have been improved to be a standout in the series. In previous articles, I have talked about the plot at:


and Squall as a character with:


It is time to talk about the most controversial battling system in the entire of the FF series. The Final Fantasy 8 Junctioning System.

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Talking Final Fantasy 8 – Squall Leonhart

Hey peeps. Due to the resounding feedback I received from the article below earlier this week:


I have decided to talk more so about one of my favorite games and how it could have been one of the greatest entries into the franchise. Today I would like to discuss one of the characters within the Final Fantasy 8 universe; Squall Leonhart.

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Talking Final Fantasy 8 – The Story

Hey y’all. Zell here with some Final Fantasy 8 discussion. Personally, I loved Final Fantasy 8, despite what this article is about to entail. I feel though that there was something missing that would’ve put Final Fantasy 8 on par with 6 and 7. There are numerous things that I will discuss, however I had to start with an obvious issue I had; the plot. The plot was of a young taciturn mercenary and his quest to save the world, albeit not wanting to be that hero . Along the way, it becomes a global struggle involving sorceresses, time compression and space. Here are my thoughts on the plot.

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Dispelling Final Fantasy Rumors – Ultimecia is Rinoa

Hey peeps.

So I have been on the net today as I always do, and come across a rumor/myth at this link:

Now having the nickname Zell, Final Fantasy 8 is really my pet game. Hearing of a rumor stating that Rinoa becomes Ultimecia is really something for me to analyse. Now I have seen the reasons for this,  and I will break them apart for easy referencing. Continue reading

Yunalesca FFX

How I Would Have Ended Final Fantasy X

Why hello y’all. Now as a huge Final Fantasy fan (no surprise to regulars), there are a few things I wished I could have changed about the series. Apart from telling the guy “no” whom thought online MMO’s were a good idea, I have always been bothered by the ending of Final Fantasy X. See, Final Fantasy X was an awesome game, with a great story and solid characters. It goes full circle in the end and Tidus forgives his father and Seymour is banished to the Farplane. However there was something gravely wrong with this ending. Continue reading