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My Top Memorable Banjo Kazooie Mini Games

Hey y’all! Banjo Kazooie has always been one of my favorite gaming series to date. It is hard to dislike one of the flagship franchises of the old Nintendo 64. One thing that made this game series great minus the characters, music, and worlds, was the unbelievable amount of mini games. Banjo Kazooie was a game in a game quite frankly. These mini games were so fun, sometimes you just had to play them again and again. So lets talk about the more memorable mini games from the series.

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My Top 10 Banjo Kazooie Stage Songs

Hello hello hello. I love myself some Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie. The soundtracks for these games were second to none and will remain one of the top greatest OSTs ever made. I have downloaded a lot of these tunes onto my MP3 and listen to them daily on my way to work. I want to talk about my ten favorites and give out some nostalgia for all Banjo fans out there. I will the pick the ten in no particular order. It is unfair to rate them and I appreciate the fact most people will agree. Here we go!! Continue reading


My Top 10 Favorite Banjo Kazooie Levels

Banjo Kazooie. Who doesn’t love these 2 gaming legends? In recent times, Banjo Kazooie have fallen off of the radar almost completely due to poor management via Rare/Microsoft. Nuts and Bolts should’ve been the death of these two lovable icons. However it seems that they have lasted the test of time after all these years. The games Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie are still being played for nostalgia sake, and even professionally played with speed runs (see Speed Demos Archive for more info). Looking back, I want to talk about my favorite 10 stages of all time from the original two games. I really hope one day we get a Threeie we can be proud of. Continue reading