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Staff Introductions



The staff at Pastime Viewpoints would like a chance to introduce themselves a little. We have a history together and would like to share it to you.

Adam (Zell) – I am the owner and Admin of this Blog site. My real name is Adam and I am from Australia. This is my first time in running a Blog site so please be kind. I have written articles for different sites in the past on the topic of Pro Wrestling such as Quick Wrestling News and Wrestling Regime. Now with both sites gone, I have created this Blog site to bring my articles to the internet still. I have brought a good team with me and they are all great opinionated individuals. I hope you have fun and enjoy my Blogs.

I will update the Gaming, Wrestling and TV/Movies sections.

JB – Contributing writer and Admin of the Blog site, I’m John-but everyone calls me JB.  I was born and raised in the NYC area, so I’ve experienced many facets of entertainment from music to movies to sports to professional wrestling.  I have been an admin for a few sites in the past, and have run the day to day activities for a few as well.  I have written articles for different sites in prior years, most recently Leagues of Wrestling and Wrestling Regime on the topic of Professional Wrestling.  I was also the Judge for the Debate League-one of the most competitive online wrestling debate leagues-that stretched over three sites during it’s prime years.  I can easily say I will write about everything, but expect to find me provide the “NY Minute” on Wrestling and Sports, with the occasional cameo in music/TV/movies.

Gil  Corpus – I am a writer and webmaster for Pastime Viewpoints. I come from the great lone star state of Texas. I am a fan of gaming, anime, manga, and professional wrestling. I am an aspiring graphic designer and digital media expert. I have designed this blog’s layout and logo personally in hopes that you, the readers can have the best experience possible here. Previously, I was a site manager at a wrestling news website called Wrestling Regime. Now, I have stepped out along with my colleagues to follow my true passions. On Pastime Viewpoints, I will be contributing my thoughts  and articles on matters of Anime and Manga, Video Games, and Professional Wrestling. On occasion I may also do a video or two.

Jeff (S Bomb) – I am a writer, Admin, and total bad ass of the Blog. I am from Oklahoma, and have 2 business degrees. I will be writing Music and Wrestling stuff, unless I decided to do something else. My Music Corner has been going on for some time now, and hope this latest site will provide me with some great chances to destroy bad songs, and maybe even highlight some better stuff.

Geddy Cahoon – Star of such films as Hydro: The Man with the Hydraulic Arms! and The President’s Neck is Missing! as well as a professional Breaking Bad aficionado, I greatly enjoy the WWE, viewing and discussing film and television, reading comics (I love One Piece with all my heart), sometimes playing video games, and complaining. You might have read my stuff on some other websites. Or you might not have. I didn’t ask for your life story here. I write primarily wrestling-based articles, but when I feel the spark I’ll drone for paragraphs about film and TV too.

Thomas Fyrehart – PTVP’s resident psychopath. Just kidding, the doctors say I’m better now. Anyway, I’m “the other” Aussie on here and I write about…..whatever the fuck I want pretty much, don’t really have a set “thing” I cover. When I’m able to I’ll start making videos again though, which I much prefer since I’m admittedly not all that good at article writing currently. Practice makes perfect I guess though, so I may get the hang of it eventually. Fingers crossed.

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