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Discrimination in 2014 – Zell Rants

Hello all. It is time for a more serious time with Zell today as I have encountered an issue. We live in 2014, not the 1930’s. So why is it society still believes in discrimination?  I thought that society’s values had changed over the course of a century. However in the following link:

It has proven otherwise. Thing is, this is my backyard of NSW, Australia.

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NRL – Why Referees deserve more respect

Hello all. Majoritively I am very negative of the NRL and the way they handle dramas too severely aka Storm’s Trophy Heist. I have overreacted a fair bit this year. However I believe that the way NRL clubs, fans and board members are reacting to NRL Referees this year, action needs to be taken. That truly is the definition of overreacting. The backlash on referees this year is an absolute farce. Every game that has been determined by less than 6 points has pointed the loss at the referee and the NRL. It is garbage. Teams such as the Dragons, Souths, Eels, Tigers, and the Cowboys have blatantly attacked officials in post match conferences and in the newspapers weekly. Enough is enough. Continue reading


Why the Melbourne Storm are grubs

I am not beating around on this article, this is an all out rant. Hello, my name is Zell and I truly believe the Melbourne Storm are the grubbiest team to ever walk out on to a Rugby League field.  They are arrogant pigs who have slithered and slimed their way through season after season, breaking professional rules over and over again. This isn’t simply a “I hate Melbourne cause they are better” rant, there is proof and always has been. The Melbourne Storm under Craig Bellamy have killed the game of top tier Rugby League. I am here to talk why.

Since Melbourne acquired the big 4 (now big 3), they have always had a definitive edge on the competition. Billy Slater, Cameron Smith and Cooper Cronk were always talented individuals. Yet it seemed that was never enough. When you thought the team was stacked enough, they would go out of their way to breach the salary cap year after year to make certain they would win. Crooked deals which the players, management, and coach knew about, went undetected for a minimum 4 years. The NRL was disgraceful in picking up on this no doubt, but rules are rules. Yes they were stripped of their titles.. Eventually. The teams who were suffering were not really compensated at all minus Souths, grabbing Greg Inglis, but in fact punished. Parramatta lost a Grand Final, and so did Manly. You cannot give them a title, but you have deprived players a life changing moment by cheating. It was wrong. And that was off the field.

Now onto the paddock. The Storm have always been mugs on the field. You cannot count the amount of times they are offside every play of the ball. They come in often times with swinging arms and intent to hurt. If you are questioning this, who brought in the wrestling maneuvers? They have put multiple men on the sidelines. Then we have the cannonball, the arm bar, the chicken wing, the spear tackle.. The list goes on. This never happened in football ever before. Craig Bellamy must be desperate to have an edge over the competition due to the fact he revolutionises the game with this filth year in, year out. The players could say no and play the game fairly, though they carry it out in mass. Melbourne has a filth mentality aimed to break opponents. Need examples? Alex McKinnon right?

My heart goes out to this man. A solid forward for Newcastle, he will now endure suffering for the rest of his life as a result of typical Melbourne Storm rat behaviour. To think the man is in an induced coma… It says in the rule book “You do not place your hands between a man’s legs and lift”. It is a rule that was broken via professional foul. It should have been a direct send off. Of course not though, the Storm are the NRL’s southern darlings. Jordan will get a few weeks to sit at home with suspension. That is not good enough. McKinnon’s life and love is virtually done for. A saying I believe in my life is “If you are truly sorry, you would have never of done it”. This plays true here. Disgraceful. Craig Bellamy, hang your head in shame.

I will end this rant here and save everyone more headaches. The NRL is weak as piss in regards to this foul play only because it draws money. The Storm are a proven dirty team and will never change. It sickens me.



Yunalesca FFX

How I Would Have Ended Final Fantasy X

Why hello y’all. Now as a huge Final Fantasy fan (no surprise to regulars), there are a few things I wished I could have changed about the series. Apart from telling the guy “no” whom thought online MMO’s were a good idea, I have always been bothered by the ending of Final Fantasy X. See, Final Fantasy X was an awesome game, with a great story and solid characters. It goes full circle in the end and Tidus forgives his father and Seymour is banished to the Farplane. However there was something gravely wrong with this ending. Continue reading


Why Ash Ketchum is Awesome

Hey peeps. Now I know the majority of people whom read this article are already standing there with their pitchforks out ready to stab me in the eyes. You see, a lot of people on the “interwebz” dislike Ash Ketchum. Continue reading


Why Nintendo May Be The Next Sega

Hey peeps. Before I start, this isn’t a bashing article due to “fan-boy” obsessions, nor a shot at Nintendo in general. I love Nintendo and hope to goodness I am wrong. However evidently, Nintendo has been struggling as of late to really make an impact within the gaming industry. Poor consoles, poor management, and not enough “people power” have really dropped Nintendo’s stocks and profits down near rock bottom. Nintendo has dropped $25 billion with the Wii U and 3DS, and not only that, people don’t really care for it anymore as shown by sales. Why is this all happening? What went wrong for Nintendo? Let us talk about that. Continue reading