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Here, There Be Spoilers: How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review

Having seen an advanced screening of How To Train Your Dragon 2, I decided to give my thoughts on the film.

As the title suggests, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

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PTVP Talks WWE Extreme Rules 2014 “Way to build your champ WWE….”

PTVP crew Jeff, Gil, Thomas, Adam, and some other hooligans we may or may not know and refuse to admit it. PTVP talks WWE Extreme Rules 2014. Matches, Storylines, Build Up and all the sexiness that is Paige!


PTVP Talks TNA Impact Wrestling 5/1/2014 “Where’s Your Boyfriend?!”

PTVP Crew Jeff, Gil, Adam, and Thomas come together to talk about TNA Impact Wrestling for 5/1/14. PTVP talks about the matches, the storylines, and entertains ourselves while you watch us!