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Batman ’89: The beginning of something grand in Gotham, our hearts, and our minds


With yesterday (June 23rd) being the 25th anniversary of the original premiere for the movie known as “Batman”, I figured now would be the perfect time to reflect on the importance of such a movie that came out on a summer day way back in 1989.

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Top 5 – What Season 3 of Arrow Needs


Hey y’all!! I am feeling absolutely miserable today. I am as crook as a dog, and so because of that, I am writing about something that’ll make me feel better. That is talking about Arrow and how season 3 could possibly be the biggest one to date. I’ve been seeing lots and lots of articles popping up lately talking about what they would love to see in the next season. I guess it is my turn. Here it is, the top 5 things Arrow needs in Season 3.

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Here, There Be Spoilers: How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review

Having seen an advanced screening of How To Train Your Dragon 2, I decided to give my thoughts on the film.

As the title suggests, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

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Poland World War II in 3D

Fyreharticles: Top Ten Cities/Places That Should Be Destroyed In Movies

New York City getting destroyed is a bit overdone by now, isn’t it? That and London. Thankfully the times are changing and, spoilers, San Francisco (along with Las Vegas and a city in Hawaii) got decimated in the new Godzilla movie. So it seems Hollywood has at least temporarily stopped using NYC as its whipping boy, and I’d say it’s about time they focused on other perfectly good cities that are worth decimating on film for dramatic effect (just to clarify, dramatic effect equals “a quick buck” in this scenario). So, here’s ten cities I think Hollywood should unleash their fury upon.

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