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Top 5 – What Season 3 of Arrow Needs


Hey y’all!! I am feeling absolutely miserable today. I am as crook as a dog, and so because of that, I am writing about something that’ll make me feel better. That is talking about Arrow and how season 3 could possibly be the biggest one to date. I’ve been seeing lots and lots of articles popping up lately talking about what they would love to see in the next season. I guess it is my turn. Here it is, the top 5 things Arrow needs in Season 3.

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Anime collage

Fyreharticles – My (Current) Top Ten Favourite Anime Opening Themes

Ah yes, anime. From my humble beginnings watching Sailor Moon & Pokémon as a kid, to watching the likes of Hellsing, Trigun & Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki as I got older, it seems like I’ve always had some sort of interest in anime, even before I knew what I was watching was called anime. Continue reading


TNA Impact “Final Resolution” NY Minute Round Up



Well, the 12/19 episode of Impact was the “Final Resolution” On TV Pay per View.  And while I heard some complaints about it being ONLY three matches, there have been On TV Pay per views as well as normal episodes of Impact wrestling that have had three matches total.  Sometimes there’s a lot, sometimes there’s a few.  It’s a two hour slot every week, so you’re limited to a certain amount of matches and promos/segments.  But the show did its job to set everything up going into the holidays and the super amount of tapings to accommodate shows, One Night Only’s, etc.


  • The Feast or Fired segment being backstage in a conference room was rather interesting.  Jeremy Borash doing his announcing backstage and even acting like it’s still in the ring in front of the audience was rather weird.  I mean we know that it was the Feast or fired segment…anyway Gunner getting a World Title shot?  Eh.  I mean he was Immortal’s bodyguard and had more understanding than he does now.  He’s not a modern day Viking.  The only thing that shows that is the wicked beard.  Watch the History Channel and their awesome show Vikings to get a better understanding of what a Viking, especially a modern day Viking would be.  All Gunner does is act angry, forget to shave, and gets a World Title shot over Storm.  Storm’s Beer gets over more than Gunner.  Chao getting fired was something we all saw coming.  He hasn’t had the same push and momentum when he first came into Impact.  He was packaged as a Guerrero, the proud wrestling family.  He won tag team belts with Hernandez, even acted heel.  But lately he’s just background noise and it’s a shame to see that.  The man can definitely wrestle, but he sometimes has a stale gimmick. Zema Ion…next.  No seriously, I thought he was OK as the hair spray guru but now I want to punch a TV screen when he talks and shows up.  Annoying DJ gets a X Title shot…AJ Styles’ hat and Daniels’ jacket should get a title shot over this guy…and EC3 getting a Tag Team title shot.  I guess the next step is being made with him.  From beating random jobbers to officials and now getting title shots.  He FINALLY is doing something.  I guess I can start following him closer again.  Before I was being put to sleep over the same thing over and over.  I love how Sting is being used in this to help elevate EC3, I hope these two get the match, and they deliver.  I hear all the time how EC3 in NXT was solid as a wrestler.  Give me a great match with a veteran and lose, win or draw I’ll be more in his corner.


  • The Knockouts Tag Match was a solid match.  Great seeing Madison Rayne back.  She and ODB taking on the champ and her bodyguard.  The obvious happened with Rayne beating Kim.  That means she gets a title shot down the line since she technically isn’t in the company anymore but responded to the open challenge and beat the champion.  So Rayne vs. Kim?  New Champ, or the dominance continues?


  • Angle vs. Rhoode should’ve been done totally different.  Instead of having 3 falls taking place within 20 minutes, they should’ve borrowed a plot from an old WWE Pay per View.  Orton lost the WWE title to Triple H opening a Pay per View.  Triple H wrestled another person, and closed the pay per view wrestling Randy Orton AGAIN.  Orton won the title back, but Orton was in 2 matches and Triple H was in three.  In essence, Triple H won two matches and lost one on an actual Pay Per View (not the best PPV in recent years by a long shot).  But since this is the TV PPV, they could’ve had three different and separate matches throughout the night.  Have one open the show like this entire 3 falls did, have one towards the middle, say after feast or fired.  Have the Knockouts match, and then BOOM the final of three matches.  Rhoode could win the first and third, and Angle the second like what actually happened.  But it would give more matches, take up more time, and make the show come off at least closer to a regular impact than a slim show.  Imagine Rhoode/Angle, Feast or Fired, Rhoode/Angle, KO match, Rhoode/Angle, Main Event.  That’s five matches, instead of three.  Don’t get me wrong, the match itself was good and back and forth, but it felt totally rushed and felt like it could’ve been thought out better.  Supposedly it was the big time for Angle to show he can beat Rhoode.  He lost twice to him in a span of 15 minutes…not the best writing for creative I must admit.


  • The Main Event Dixie Land match led off with a lot of talk/air time AGAIN.  God why is this Blah blah blah show and not Impact wrestling?!?!?  My only quip about this match is the amount of time allotted to it.  A little over 15 minutes or so for the main event that features a cage AND a ladder?  Maybe all that promo time earlier is costing you a better main event?  Anyway, Hardy can still wrestle, but I can’t help but feel someone else from the Tourney could’ve helped Magnus get over.  Aries, Storm, etc.  I get Rhoode and Angle has to extend and work on their rivalry, and guys like Storm are brewing (see what I did there?) up feuds based on the actions of guys like Gunner.  But we were left with Hardy vs Magnus and I must say the match did not disappoint.  Back and forth moments where you had to figure Hardy was going to walk away the Champion again.  But leave it to the wildcard to help level the playing field.  Rockstar Spud allows the win for Magnus…and at first it seems like Magnus was jumping at the chance to just win and be champion, but the show ends with all four people (Magnus, EC3, Spud and Dixie) celebrating together.  What we have here is a little stable action with Dixie being the heel boss and her fellow supporters.  She’s now got the World champion on HER side, after what happened last October….



So we had a lot of segment/air time for the lead up to Feast or Fired, the Main Event Title match, and even a stupid ring segment with Abyss/Parks and Eric Young.  The Rhoode/Angle 2/3 falls match could’ve been three separate matches and spread out throughout the show, thus eliminating a lot of the talk time. But alas it did not happen, and Final Resolution was a solid show instead of a fantastic show.  Where do we go from here?  Does Gunner take on Magnus soon?  Or do we have other plans before that?  Austin Aries has a future match with Zema ion, so let’s see some awesome X wrestling.  EC3 and TBA partner gets a tag team shot against Bromans.  Wait, Bromans are still champs?  Ok, Maybe EC3 winning Tag Team Gold Really is BEST FOR BUSINESS.  Where does AJ Styles play into this?  Where does the REAL World champion come into play against the “World Champion”?  So someone said TNA has rare awesome moments and it’s just dead time?  Well, apparently, they don’t watch and follow the promotion since the upcoming storylines and angles that could be thought of/used makes even the most casual wrestling fan excited to see what’s going to happen.  I mean, who wants to see the same boring people hold the same title 12 times and unify them for the 34th time?



JB’s “NY Minute” TNA Impact Round up


Hey ya’all!  JB here and it’s time for a quick update in the things that is Total NonStop Action Wrestling.  The Impact wrap up this week will be quick and will be combining the events and news that took place over the past two shows.  Due to the conflict of schedules the guys at PTVP currently endures, I’ll be posting some stuff for TNA Impact.  Hopefully we get a podcast up soon.

Either way, the NY Minute is here and ready to go.  Fire it up!!!!


  • The AJ Styles storyline has been absolutely entertaining.  Dixie Carter playing the heel boss wanting her precious title back before the finals of the tournament is classic.  She now has Rockstar Spud as her assistant and he is absolutely entertaining in this role.  I mean the guy can wrestle from what I’ve seen and heard (although it’s bits and pieces), but he seems so confident on camera.  He organizes a heel thanksgiving dinner?  He has to track down AJ Styles at his home?  He makes the stupid and somewhat generic entertaining.  This past show he is shown driving around Georgia looking for Styles.  Bars, clubs, gas stations, until finally finding AJ Styles in his home.  Styles’ playing the upper hand every moment is genius.  He still has the belt and is making things so difficult for Dixie.  In response?  She’s getting super pissed and you can see her acting more natural and confident in her role.  At first it felt forced…now she’s just pissed off and I guess the old trick of using personal experience in performing helps.  I feel Dixie has had moments of anger as a boss and is just channeling it all.  The winner of the tournament might be BLANK (I won’t ruin it…spoilers are good results though).  But the confrontation we are promised to see after a new champ is crowned with the “real” champ can and will be something to see.
  • The Semi-final match-ups in the tourney weren’t that strong.  Hardy beat Rhoode by having him slip and fall through a table?  At least it wasn’t the finals…Rhoode is right when he says as a wrestler he’d rather win and lose in a wrestling match.  But it seems every Hardy match is something he’s good at: Backyard wrestling.  Could you imagine Hardy facing Bryan or Punk up north?  It’d have to be some crazy gimmick like running in circles and jumping chairs as opposed to an actual match.  Rhoode costing Angle his match against Magnus sets up that rivalry even more so.  It takes full affect the following week as we now have these two going at it this coming week on Impact.  2/3 falls match.  Me gusta!!!
  • EC3 calls out and “beats” Earl Hebner one week, then tries again to face Jeremy Borash…but only to face Sting.  Sting offers him to step up and face a legend or to join Feast or Fired.  EC3, not wanting to lose takes the feast or fired.  I’d love to see Sting vs. anybody since he’s not used EVERY WEEK.  Seldom used works great.  EC3 has bigger and better goals though….you’ll see in a bit.
  • Bad Influence exposes Joseph Parks’ gimmick as a washed up lawyer who’s been gone for almost 20 years.  They’re trying to expose Park as Abyss but TNA writing keeps having Eric Young and Park act super human almost.  So finally we get a tag team match-up between both parties and Abyss is released from Joseph.  But now he’s denying it again….It’s like what the fahk?  Just bring back Abyss!!!  But speaking on Bad Influence…this storyline with Park is WAY better than Claire Lynch and AJ Styles…give these guys a belt or something.  I’d love to see their Sherlock like skills more so than the opening 34 minutes…
  • The Bromanns are just stupid.  I’m sorry.  I hate the Jersey shore show, and that “style”.  Zema Ion is their DJ?  Gunner and Storm can’t seem to be a team anymore…foreshadowing!!
  • Gail Kim faced Laura Dennis two weeks ago, and this time around faces a brawl with ODB and Madison Rayne.  Yes Madison Rayne.  She’s back and looks like it’ll be Teipa and Kim vs. Rayne and ODB in a tag team match-up to even the score and level the field.
  • Sabin loses the X Division title to Austin Aries.  Aries made big news when he won that belt and created Option C for Destination X.  Now the title is back where it belongs and for a guy like Sabin who gets the Hollywood treatment of not defending the title a lot, that is no longer the case.
  • Now that Aces & 8’s are gone, Bully Ray is going after Mr. Anderson.  This feud still goes strong, and the most recent transactions make it burn stronger.  Although I’m again not cool with the whole wife being pregnant being referenced and such….
  • The finals are announced for this week’s show.  Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus in a Dixie Land match.  Now I’ve heard and read some hatred for this creative match…yet you all still love TLC matches and beg for “hell in a cell”.  Hell in a cell is just a bigger cage than normal.  And buried alive?  Boiler room brawl?  The object of Dixie land is a cage match to start off, then to climb out of the cage and head for the belt hanging above the arena nearby.  The way to retrieve said title is to use a’s a Ladder and Cage match?  An LC match?  Nothing wrong with that.  It’d be just like having the cage around the ring and using a ladder to have retrieved the title like normal ladder matches.  It’s some unique twists and it’s nothing done before really.  So stop with the hate and just baah you self to sleep watching a man act like superhero and pretend to be a marine when he has no idea what it’s like to represent that branch of the military…
  • So the Feast or Fired match-up has returned! Thank god!  The idea of having the cases and each one having a title shot, and one a pink slip means the original “cashing in” is back in TNA.  Great idea that has been tweaked and  copied by many…Chavo Guerrero, Gunner, EC3 and Zema Ion all walk out with cases.  Gunner and Storm are officially no longer a team it seems since Gunner turned on Storm.  Shakes things up, I suppose.  The contents of cases are not known as of yet.


There you have it.  Past two shows wrapped up in a nice little bow for the holidays.  This coming Thursday should have some intrigue as we get 2/3 falls Rhoode vs. Angle.  Throw in the Dixieland match for the TNA World Title, and the continuation of the AJ Styles I have your belt saga, and Impact promises to be another solid show.  Remember thanksgiving night?  Well most shows won’t have a new episode on a holiday due to the family and holiday itself estimating low ratings.  So that night they taped a show with some matches and some comedy and such knowing it wouldn’t fair well…though they could’ve just not shown an episode…but whatever.  Now Impact is in the groove and looks strong heading into 2014.