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How Prepared Are You Really For A Zombie Outbreak?

Hey y’all.

Lets be quite honest, everyone loves a zombie outbreak. Safe to say some people actually want it to happen just because it’d be fun right? With the great Romero movies, and the popular TV show The Walking Dead, it seems a blast (I think). Statistics do indeed show that more people are prepared for a zombie outbreak than a natural disaster. Even governments are using exercises in tackling the potential threat. The question is, how prepared are you really?

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Batman ’89: The beginning of something grand in Gotham, our hearts, and our minds


With yesterday (June 23rd) being the 25th anniversary of the original premiere for the movie known as “Batman”, I figured now would be the perfect time to reflect on the importance of such a movie that came out on a summer day way back in 1989.

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Humanity’s Breath

This is a fictional short story. If it goes well I would love to continue on it.

A scientist is combing the walls of a sewer looking for something very important. Holding an ultraviolet light, he is frantically searching every centimeter of the cobwebbed surface. A machine in the scientist’s pocket starts to vibrate. A drop of old dry blood lays powdered on a wall in a small crack. Excitedly and anxiously, he pulls out a portable radio and begins to talk.

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The 700 Year War – A Short Story Part 1 – 2


Hey peeps. I have always felt compelled to write up a fiction tale. With my own personal blog site, I now can do as such. As a result, I hopefully will be writing more in the future as well. This short story will be called “The 700 Year War”.


Chapter 1

8400 A.G.

The land of Rednu. A once peaceful mass of earth, torn asunder under the leadership of King Gannath.

Every 700 years, the gods above Rednu crown a leader of their land with a battle for the throne. In this battle, people from all walks of life make a journey to the promise land of Yholl, to remove the previous ruler by force to become a god. A throne built from blood, sweat, and tears, it possesses immortality and agelessness until the following tournament. In the mean time, whatever the ruler says goes as enforced by above. 700 years ago, Gannath won the last tournament and became ruler of his land. It was not without sacrifice however. Gannath lost the woman who would be queen. With an empty chair presiding beside him, Gannath turned on the people who willed him forth, and cast misery on all beneath him.

Gannath for 699 years had made sure the land of Rednu would never advance. A still ancient civilization with all the ability in the world, Rednu has never evolved. 5 years ago, Gannath sent an army of soldiers into the city of Awo to slay their citizens for not following these orders. One by one, Awo’s people fell, leaving orphaned children and the elderly. A young teen would survive the attack. That teen six years on would make the journey to Yholl and challenge Gannath to the throne.

This is his journey.

Chapter 2

“Fire attack!!”

Burning flames fly around Adokus, before launching wayward into a crowd of people.

“Sorry” Adokus yells out, as the people of Awo laugh with the young warrior to be.

“Adokus… You will never defeat Gannath if you cannot aim a fireball”

“Sorry Carter” Adokus replied, “I am better than I was though”

The elderly Carter walked over and patted the kid on the back. The frail yet wise old man dressed in a brown magician’s gown shakes his head. Carter responds with some dry humor.

‘You are right kiddo. You are much better than before. Remember that time  you flooded your house in an attempt to cast water? Much better”

“Oh god, don’t remind me of that..”

Carter was a mentor and parent figure to Adokus after his real family was killed off in a vicious attack. Adokus was hidden under his parent’s bed as the events occurred and was spared by a nonchalant soldier laughing at the coward teen. As Adokus ran to his fallen family, it was Carter the Magic User that comforted the grieving teen. Adokus disappeared for two weeks after, however returned with a newly found goal of attaining the throne to save the land from such events ever happening again. That is how the young man decided to spend his days training with the mage Carter until he was strong enough to make the journey.

“Carter, do you think I am able to defeat Gannath?”

“That depends Adokus, can you?” Carter asks.

“I don’t know..” Adokus mumbled questioning himself, “I want to, for everyone, though I am not certain if I am able yet. I only have one shot so I will give it my best!”

Carter responds in wise words.

“Abilities can be channeled and refined, battles can be won and lost, the only thing that can determine your fate is your heart. You have that heart. If you really want it, follow your dreams and grab it”

Adokus with adulation and joy re-focuses and summons a fire-ball that flies under his control. He shoots it into the distance and laughs. Carter nods and leaves the young man to his toys. The townsfolk of Awo watch as their only hope for redemption and a brighter future trains away into the sunset.

It would not be too much longer before Adokus leaves Awo to fulfill his destiny. With the training, guidance and abilities he has learned, he now must follow his heart to victory. Although he must follow his heart, clouds will make it so the light won’t always shine. 




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WD Comic

Walking Dead Comic 114 Review

WD Comic

Hey peeps. Another article from Zell today. I have now decided to make a once in a month article based on my favorite comic book, The Walking Dead. We all know about the T.V show, and I may review that too, however the comic is a little side interest of mine. I first started reading it after I was exposed to the television show. I then realized that all the good juicy bits are in the comic and that the show is a side venture that is sort of similar. I have read 113 issues and I sure am not reviewing them all. So I am going to start with the current issue; 114.

In the last comic, Negan and his army were at Rick’s Alexandria Safe Zone. Rick tried to take out Negan and was unsuccessful. As a result, Negan was going to kill Rick. Whilst this was occuring, Andrea in the Clock Tower was bashed and left for dead. However she managed to kill her captor by launching him off the edge to his doom. To a shocked Rick, it looked like Andrea and he thought he lost his only love. Carl shot Lucille and Negan is angrier than normal. Comic 114 starts off from there. My review followed by my thoughts on 114 are as follows.

*Negan is the ultimate bad guy. He possesses great ferocity, solid hateful leadership, and manages to escape in tack when he shouldn’t. In this comic, Negan’s attitude and ego get the better of him and he attempts to punish Rick by making a choice of who dies from Alexandria. A surprise attack from Jesus and his clan catch Negan and troops off guard. Jesus belts Negan up and holds him hostage to Negan’s shock. As Negan gets away with some of the crew, Ezekiel comes in with his men and Shiva the Tiger. Our first chance at seeing the tiger in action shows us it is a true weapon in this apocalypse. Between Jesus and Ezekiel, the two are the most dominant pair in the comics. Negan escapes with his army in tatters.

Thoughts – I believe that this fight right here will set up for an all out war shortly. Negan has been around for a fair while now and it is a matter of time before he is challenged. Hill Top and the Kingdom will work with Alexandria for the greater good. I have no idea though how this will go down. I will gather the epicness in advance.

*Rick finds Andrea at the Clock Tower injured but still alive. Back at the infirmary, Rick is getting attention while the group discuss Negan’s response to the conflict. Rick is making sure to assure the group of their future success in a battle with Negan. Michonne thinks Rick has screwed it up, and Andrea is begging the hard questions. Rick walks with Carl and is telling Carl he may of saved his life. When Carl asks Rick about going to fight Negan, Rick tells him he cannot come. Carl is displeased by this, yet is reassured that staying behind will help defend the place while they are gone. Carl tells Rick he must be the one who kills him.

Thoughts – The Alexandria people and Rick’s posse are always questioning Rick and his methods. Rick is in control and will lead the charge without question. Carl’s dark side is a very interesting character. Losing an eye, his mother, and part of his sanity makes for an interesting tale. I enjoy the father/son relationship they have.

*Jesus catches up with Rick and tells him his attack on Negan was silly. In an abrupt way, he tells Rick not to screw it up when the real showdown begins. Rick announces he won’t, yet Jesus reminds him of the stakes and how much Alexandria is needed to pull off the win. Jesus pushes Rick and his courage by stating that Rick has made change in their lives and given them the courage to unite as a team. Rick is told he will be the leader they follow. Back at Negan’s base, the wounded soldiers are getting aided from the injuries suffered by the last fight. Negan is visibly upset with the events that transpired earlier. Negan attempts to rally the troops and fails dismally. He announces at the end that they are going to war now.

Thoughts – I expected this comic to go this way as the big build up to the massive encounter will be similar to the war with The Governor. Rick as been affirmed leader of all the “good guys” against Negan who has lost his confidence and potentially his force. Negan has been pushed into a corner. This is where we will see the true strength of the man. Within the next two issues, I expect the battle to commence. Next issue will be final preparations for both sides, followed by the war.

Walking Dead 114 was a massive Rick tale. It continues on well and shows us that Rick is now leading the charge in his personal life and in battle with the Saviors. Andrea is alive and kicking, but the rest of the crew really never got touched in this comic at all. It is telling me that it is now Negan Vs. Rick at the end of it all. A solid build up for a fight that cannot disappoint. Next month, I feel the characters of all sides will be explored before it all ends.

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