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Batman ’89: The beginning of something grand in Gotham, our hearts, and our minds


With yesterday (June 23rd) being the 25th anniversary of the original premiere for the movie known as “Batman”, I figured now would be the perfect time to reflect on the importance of such a movie that came out on a summer day way back in 1989.

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TNA Impact “Final Resolution” NY Minute Round Up



Well, the 12/19 episode of Impact was the “Final Resolution” On TV Pay per View.  And while I heard some complaints about it being ONLY three matches, there have been On TV Pay per views as well as normal episodes of Impact wrestling that have had three matches total.  Sometimes there’s a lot, sometimes there’s a few.  It’s a two hour slot every week, so you’re limited to a certain amount of matches and promos/segments.  But the show did its job to set everything up going into the holidays and the super amount of tapings to accommodate shows, One Night Only’s, etc.


  • The Feast or Fired segment being backstage in a conference room was rather interesting.  Jeremy Borash doing his announcing backstage and even acting like it’s still in the ring in front of the audience was rather weird.  I mean we know that it was the Feast or fired segment…anyway Gunner getting a World Title shot?  Eh.  I mean he was Immortal’s bodyguard and had more understanding than he does now.  He’s not a modern day Viking.  The only thing that shows that is the wicked beard.  Watch the History Channel and their awesome show Vikings to get a better understanding of what a Viking, especially a modern day Viking would be.  All Gunner does is act angry, forget to shave, and gets a World Title shot over Storm.  Storm’s Beer gets over more than Gunner.  Chao getting fired was something we all saw coming.  He hasn’t had the same push and momentum when he first came into Impact.  He was packaged as a Guerrero, the proud wrestling family.  He won tag team belts with Hernandez, even acted heel.  But lately he’s just background noise and it’s a shame to see that.  The man can definitely wrestle, but he sometimes has a stale gimmick. Zema Ion…next.  No seriously, I thought he was OK as the hair spray guru but now I want to punch a TV screen when he talks and shows up.  Annoying DJ gets a X Title shot…AJ Styles’ hat and Daniels’ jacket should get a title shot over this guy…and EC3 getting a Tag Team title shot.  I guess the next step is being made with him.  From beating random jobbers to officials and now getting title shots.  He FINALLY is doing something.  I guess I can start following him closer again.  Before I was being put to sleep over the same thing over and over.  I love how Sting is being used in this to help elevate EC3, I hope these two get the match, and they deliver.  I hear all the time how EC3 in NXT was solid as a wrestler.  Give me a great match with a veteran and lose, win or draw I’ll be more in his corner.


  • The Knockouts Tag Match was a solid match.  Great seeing Madison Rayne back.  She and ODB taking on the champ and her bodyguard.  The obvious happened with Rayne beating Kim.  That means she gets a title shot down the line since she technically isn’t in the company anymore but responded to the open challenge and beat the champion.  So Rayne vs. Kim?  New Champ, or the dominance continues?


  • Angle vs. Rhoode should’ve been done totally different.  Instead of having 3 falls taking place within 20 minutes, they should’ve borrowed a plot from an old WWE Pay per View.  Orton lost the WWE title to Triple H opening a Pay per View.  Triple H wrestled another person, and closed the pay per view wrestling Randy Orton AGAIN.  Orton won the title back, but Orton was in 2 matches and Triple H was in three.  In essence, Triple H won two matches and lost one on an actual Pay Per View (not the best PPV in recent years by a long shot).  But since this is the TV PPV, they could’ve had three different and separate matches throughout the night.  Have one open the show like this entire 3 falls did, have one towards the middle, say after feast or fired.  Have the Knockouts match, and then BOOM the final of three matches.  Rhoode could win the first and third, and Angle the second like what actually happened.  But it would give more matches, take up more time, and make the show come off at least closer to a regular impact than a slim show.  Imagine Rhoode/Angle, Feast or Fired, Rhoode/Angle, KO match, Rhoode/Angle, Main Event.  That’s five matches, instead of three.  Don’t get me wrong, the match itself was good and back and forth, but it felt totally rushed and felt like it could’ve been thought out better.  Supposedly it was the big time for Angle to show he can beat Rhoode.  He lost twice to him in a span of 15 minutes…not the best writing for creative I must admit.


  • The Main Event Dixie Land match led off with a lot of talk/air time AGAIN.  God why is this Blah blah blah show and not Impact wrestling?!?!?  My only quip about this match is the amount of time allotted to it.  A little over 15 minutes or so for the main event that features a cage AND a ladder?  Maybe all that promo time earlier is costing you a better main event?  Anyway, Hardy can still wrestle, but I can’t help but feel someone else from the Tourney could’ve helped Magnus get over.  Aries, Storm, etc.  I get Rhoode and Angle has to extend and work on their rivalry, and guys like Storm are brewing (see what I did there?) up feuds based on the actions of guys like Gunner.  But we were left with Hardy vs Magnus and I must say the match did not disappoint.  Back and forth moments where you had to figure Hardy was going to walk away the Champion again.  But leave it to the wildcard to help level the playing field.  Rockstar Spud allows the win for Magnus…and at first it seems like Magnus was jumping at the chance to just win and be champion, but the show ends with all four people (Magnus, EC3, Spud and Dixie) celebrating together.  What we have here is a little stable action with Dixie being the heel boss and her fellow supporters.  She’s now got the World champion on HER side, after what happened last October….



So we had a lot of segment/air time for the lead up to Feast or Fired, the Main Event Title match, and even a stupid ring segment with Abyss/Parks and Eric Young.  The Rhoode/Angle 2/3 falls match could’ve been three separate matches and spread out throughout the show, thus eliminating a lot of the talk time. But alas it did not happen, and Final Resolution was a solid show instead of a fantastic show.  Where do we go from here?  Does Gunner take on Magnus soon?  Or do we have other plans before that?  Austin Aries has a future match with Zema ion, so let’s see some awesome X wrestling.  EC3 and TBA partner gets a tag team shot against Bromans.  Wait, Bromans are still champs?  Ok, Maybe EC3 winning Tag Team Gold Really is BEST FOR BUSINESS.  Where does AJ Styles play into this?  Where does the REAL World champion come into play against the “World Champion”?  So someone said TNA has rare awesome moments and it’s just dead time?  Well, apparently, they don’t watch and follow the promotion since the upcoming storylines and angles that could be thought of/used makes even the most casual wrestling fan excited to see what’s going to happen.  I mean, who wants to see the same boring people hold the same title 12 times and unify them for the 34th time?



JB’s “NY Minute” TNA Impact Round up


Hey ya’all!  JB here and it’s time for a quick update in the things that is Total NonStop Action Wrestling.  The Impact wrap up this week will be quick and will be combining the events and news that took place over the past two shows.  Due to the conflict of schedules the guys at PTVP currently endures, I’ll be posting some stuff for TNA Impact.  Hopefully we get a podcast up soon.

Either way, the NY Minute is here and ready to go.  Fire it up!!!!


  • The AJ Styles storyline has been absolutely entertaining.  Dixie Carter playing the heel boss wanting her precious title back before the finals of the tournament is classic.  She now has Rockstar Spud as her assistant and he is absolutely entertaining in this role.  I mean the guy can wrestle from what I’ve seen and heard (although it’s bits and pieces), but he seems so confident on camera.  He organizes a heel thanksgiving dinner?  He has to track down AJ Styles at his home?  He makes the stupid and somewhat generic entertaining.  This past show he is shown driving around Georgia looking for Styles.  Bars, clubs, gas stations, until finally finding AJ Styles in his home.  Styles’ playing the upper hand every moment is genius.  He still has the belt and is making things so difficult for Dixie.  In response?  She’s getting super pissed and you can see her acting more natural and confident in her role.  At first it felt forced…now she’s just pissed off and I guess the old trick of using personal experience in performing helps.  I feel Dixie has had moments of anger as a boss and is just channeling it all.  The winner of the tournament might be BLANK (I won’t ruin it…spoilers are good results though).  But the confrontation we are promised to see after a new champ is crowned with the “real” champ can and will be something to see.
  • The Semi-final match-ups in the tourney weren’t that strong.  Hardy beat Rhoode by having him slip and fall through a table?  At least it wasn’t the finals…Rhoode is right when he says as a wrestler he’d rather win and lose in a wrestling match.  But it seems every Hardy match is something he’s good at: Backyard wrestling.  Could you imagine Hardy facing Bryan or Punk up north?  It’d have to be some crazy gimmick like running in circles and jumping chairs as opposed to an actual match.  Rhoode costing Angle his match against Magnus sets up that rivalry even more so.  It takes full affect the following week as we now have these two going at it this coming week on Impact.  2/3 falls match.  Me gusta!!!
  • EC3 calls out and “beats” Earl Hebner one week, then tries again to face Jeremy Borash…but only to face Sting.  Sting offers him to step up and face a legend or to join Feast or Fired.  EC3, not wanting to lose takes the feast or fired.  I’d love to see Sting vs. anybody since he’s not used EVERY WEEK.  Seldom used works great.  EC3 has bigger and better goals though….you’ll see in a bit.
  • Bad Influence exposes Joseph Parks’ gimmick as a washed up lawyer who’s been gone for almost 20 years.  They’re trying to expose Park as Abyss but TNA writing keeps having Eric Young and Park act super human almost.  So finally we get a tag team match-up between both parties and Abyss is released from Joseph.  But now he’s denying it again….It’s like what the fahk?  Just bring back Abyss!!!  But speaking on Bad Influence…this storyline with Park is WAY better than Claire Lynch and AJ Styles…give these guys a belt or something.  I’d love to see their Sherlock like skills more so than the opening 34 minutes…
  • The Bromanns are just stupid.  I’m sorry.  I hate the Jersey shore show, and that “style”.  Zema Ion is their DJ?  Gunner and Storm can’t seem to be a team anymore…foreshadowing!!
  • Gail Kim faced Laura Dennis two weeks ago, and this time around faces a brawl with ODB and Madison Rayne.  Yes Madison Rayne.  She’s back and looks like it’ll be Teipa and Kim vs. Rayne and ODB in a tag team match-up to even the score and level the field.
  • Sabin loses the X Division title to Austin Aries.  Aries made big news when he won that belt and created Option C for Destination X.  Now the title is back where it belongs and for a guy like Sabin who gets the Hollywood treatment of not defending the title a lot, that is no longer the case.
  • Now that Aces & 8’s are gone, Bully Ray is going after Mr. Anderson.  This feud still goes strong, and the most recent transactions make it burn stronger.  Although I’m again not cool with the whole wife being pregnant being referenced and such….
  • The finals are announced for this week’s show.  Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus in a Dixie Land match.  Now I’ve heard and read some hatred for this creative match…yet you all still love TLC matches and beg for “hell in a cell”.  Hell in a cell is just a bigger cage than normal.  And buried alive?  Boiler room brawl?  The object of Dixie land is a cage match to start off, then to climb out of the cage and head for the belt hanging above the arena nearby.  The way to retrieve said title is to use a’s a Ladder and Cage match?  An LC match?  Nothing wrong with that.  It’d be just like having the cage around the ring and using a ladder to have retrieved the title like normal ladder matches.  It’s some unique twists and it’s nothing done before really.  So stop with the hate and just baah you self to sleep watching a man act like superhero and pretend to be a marine when he has no idea what it’s like to represent that branch of the military…
  • So the Feast or Fired match-up has returned! Thank god!  The idea of having the cases and each one having a title shot, and one a pink slip means the original “cashing in” is back in TNA.  Great idea that has been tweaked and  copied by many…Chavo Guerrero, Gunner, EC3 and Zema Ion all walk out with cases.  Gunner and Storm are officially no longer a team it seems since Gunner turned on Storm.  Shakes things up, I suppose.  The contents of cases are not known as of yet.


There you have it.  Past two shows wrapped up in a nice little bow for the holidays.  This coming Thursday should have some intrigue as we get 2/3 falls Rhoode vs. Angle.  Throw in the Dixieland match for the TNA World Title, and the continuation of the AJ Styles I have your belt saga, and Impact promises to be another solid show.  Remember thanksgiving night?  Well most shows won’t have a new episode on a holiday due to the family and holiday itself estimating low ratings.  So that night they taped a show with some matches and some comedy and such knowing it wouldn’t fair well…though they could’ve just not shown an episode…but whatever.  Now Impact is in the groove and looks strong heading into 2014.


JB’s “NY Minute” TNA Impact Round up 11/7/13


Well, since the boys couldn’t figure out a day and time to do a full roundtable, we’ll have to split things up for you all this week.  A few on the table, while you get to witness the return of the New York Minute.  This week’s episode of Impact was a solid one, yet again.  The more and more I do these reviews, and the more and more I watch various wrestling programs, I’m starting to see Eric Bischoff’s point more and more and more.  It’s a lot harder to write and plan for more than one show a week.  This causes a lot of headaches, especially since every promotion has decided to do away with split shows and each show follows the same brand and storylines.  One two-hour show a week and you get great results.  Stretching the product out over 4 days/nights and totaling up to almost 7 hours will make for hard times.  Anyway, let’s get things going shall we?


  • The Aces & 8’s break up:  Say what you will, but for the most part this is the end of the MEM.  Sting started it off, and it ended with Angle in the ring.  Each guy has their own agenda, and the main goal of the Mafia was finally reached.  Bully Ray isn’t champion, and Aces & 8’s is a mere 3 man group of jobbers and one former ECW tag team champion.  Oh, and of course, Taz on the mic.  But Taz at 23% could actually kick Knux and Bischoff’s asses all around the planet (just ask Sabu and his neck).  Anyway, the mob breaking up is a good thing.  The three guys in their prime are set to take part of this special 8 man tournament to crown a “new” World Champion.  Sting now has a goal and motive to go around and teach some manner and respect into the guys in the back locker room.  This allows Magnus to go all heel and team up with Dixie if he wants, or whatever.  Joe and Angle can once again be champions, or at least compete for the World Title.  I still think putting all these guys in a KOTM match would equal superb ratings for TNA….Roode comes down and interrupts Angle after Angle gets his piece of promo time in.  These two, if given a dam actual match, can be something special.  But no, we get this whole injury storyline and no one really knows what the hell is going on.  And speaking of random what’s going on, Adam “Pacman” Jones and his teammate Evans body slam Bad Influence for no apparent reason.  I miss Pacman Jones the tag team champion with Killings; those were some good times in TNA…


  • Velvet Sky vs. Brooke vs. ODB-No winner.  So our first match of the night will be the lovely Knockouts in a triple threat match to determine the new #1 contender to face Champion Gail Kim.  Not a bad way to start it off.  Still a solid division BUT they need more wrestlers in it.  5 ladies or so is rather small and makes repetitive matches common.  Granted all five or however number there is (6?) can wrestle, it makes them more like a side show than a realistic piece of the program (remember when they had their own tag team titles?  Exactly).  Some good moments in the matchup, especially the double team Boston crab on Brooke by both Velvet and ODB.  So Gail Kim and Lei D’Tapa come down and take out all three ladies once again.  So there is no contender.  Gail then goes onto mention how she’s the first ever, longest reigning and one of the greatest Knockouts in the history of the division.  She issues an open challenge to any female from outside the company to face her.  That person wins, they get a title shot.  So this is the Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde storyline all over again.  Wilde won, got a shot, and won again.  I guess instead of having the monster champion, we have the dominant champion that has a monster ally to mix it up a little.  I wonder who will respond to the challenge.  I know the guys at PTVP have their own choices and predictions.  I’d have to check to see who’s out there that’s not under a “no compete” clause or tied to other promotions before I make a choice.  I’d love a return by Wilde, or at least any former TNA knockout that is no longer under contract.


  • Aces & 8’s segment in the ring: So Taz joins the jobbers and Bully Ray for a “vote” about the fate of Aces & 8’s.  Mr. Anderson joins the ringside area to hear this out first hand.  Knux, Bischoff and Taz throw down the colors and make like they will be leaving the group.  But instead, as they all walk out, Bully drops a little promo on Anderson telling him about Stone Cold Steve Austin and how his top rule was broken by Anderson.  DTA-Don’t Trust Anybody.  The others return and attack Anderson.  The group beat down on former member makes things complicated but it looks like this clan will stick around a little while longer.  With the Mafia gone, and the World Title being defended in Japan and Mexico, it makes you wonder just how much damage the bikers turned village people will do in TNA now that Hell Dixie has taken control.  But the part that sold this moment?  Taz’s mic time.  He STILL HAS IT.  Every time he grabs a live mic and interacts with the match/segment/etc. instead of sitting there as a color commentator he steals the moment.  When he addressed Team 3D about a feud, when he stood up to Jeff Jarrett while saving an injured Angle, Taz just demands respect.  He needs to be a character on tv aside from doing the announcing.  Taz as a heel GM would be just awesome.  “Make me, I will destroy you!”  Goosebumps.  Just Goosebumps.


  • Ethan Carter vs. Dewey Barnes-Ethan Carter wins.  What?  Huh?  Yeah.  I’m honestly getting tired of this crap.  It’s more or less a wwe thing now a days.  New guy beating up jobbers week after week.  Maybe EC3 could be called Ethanberg!  Or EthanBack.  Shame they didn’t have AJ Styles pipe in around the world.  I could picture him appearing on the screen saying “it’s crap like this that makes me glad I left with YOUR title Dixie and currently defend it in AAA and Wrestle-1!!!!”  That would be an epic segment.  Although, I guess since Ethan is Dixie’s “family” it allows further along a heel group of Dixie and company that could make things more interesting when a “new” champ is crowned.  Start taking the opening bets on who teams and aligns with the heel boss in a few weeks, folks!!!


  • Bad Influence vs. Joseph Parks & Eric Young-Bad Influence wins.  Bad Influence is the hot topic of things right now in TNA land.  As Heels you just can’t hate the guys.  They remind me of Edge & Christian from the attitude Era.  Throw in the fact they can actually wrestle and not botch fest is a major bonus.  Also have ot admit Eric Young, despite being an oddball character, hasn’t forgotten how to wrestle despite his various hiatuses he takes.  Just turn Parks into Abyss, allow Abyss to wrestle like he has since day one (the former Grand slam champion for sake!!) and this would be a more interesting feud and matchup.  Not a fan of the ending, but I guess it fits given the fact Parks was the one getting pinned.


  • Angle and Austin Aries segment:  Since Rhoode kept coming down at random times during this show and begging Angle ot fight him, Angle comes out and attempts to deal with him.  Aries comes down and points out their match next week.  Dixie makes it official and spins her wheel for a submission match.  I can’t wait to see these two lock up for a submission match.  That’s a main event worth watching and paying for.  Of course Rhoode joins in and the three actually beat each other up around the ring area.  I say throw Rhoode in despite him having his own match in the tournament.


  • Full Metal Mayhem: Jeff Hardy defeats Chris Sabin.  The main event of the evening was the first match in the 8 man tournament for the Vacant World Title.  Despite Styles being champ, we are forced to believe AJ left for good and a new champion must be crowned.  This match is basically a hardcore/weapons/TLC match that you’d see up north.  Sabin is X champion still, so you had ot figure he would lose early in the tournament to go back to his division.  Hardy, being the former world champion of two promotions and former main eventer, is a better choice to be in the later stages of this tournament.  Makes you wonder why Sabin was a super short interim champion; he even lost the title back to the man he beat!!!  At least Storm’s reign allowed a heel to take it from a heel and allowed a face to turn heel.  Makes you wonder if someone turns that’s a face in this tournament in the later stages…


Side Notes:

So Anderson backstage tries to convince Bischoff and Knux to give up the colors and leave Aces & 8’s….interesting…and later Bully tries to peace things over with them, but the two will not hear it out…intriguing…Dixie allows her “nephew” EC3 the chance for him to pick his own opponent tonight…Bad Influence smack talking Joseph Parks and hinting that Abyss is Joseph Parks is awesome.  They NEED to get rid of Parks and bring back the monster.  Eric Young is just so far gone….it’s quite sad, honestly.


So, as I’ve also read/seen over the weekend,  the upcoming One Night Only PPV #OldSchool should be a real good one.  Turns Out Bully Ray ran out and interfered with the most recent House of Hardcore (HOH) show up in Poughkeepsie, NY over the weekend.  The Promotion is the child of the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer.  Bully challenged Dreamer to a match on the One Night Only show.  I think it’s awesome.  I love the collaboration.  HOH has an awesome roster, the type of guys you do want to see on network TV again.  I’d love a few HOH guys to show up on Impact and return the favor.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what goes down.  If you have any doubts or questions as to why that little teaser and challenge is big well then go to a video site and search for the original ECW.  Dudleyz vs. Dreamer happened quite a bit.


-I’m outta here like the NY Jets in a playoff game.  Cya!


JB’s “NY Minute” TNA Impact Round up 10/17/13



With the round-table for TNA Wrestling being a new instalment here on the website, there will be times where I won’t get this column published.  Case in point, last week.  However, whether it be on the round-table pod-cast, or in print, my thoughts stay the same throughout.  Another strong show leading into the biggest PPV in TNA Wrestling, Bound for Glory.  So let’s get right into things on Impact…

  • Dixie Carter Promo:  I have to admit it, and it’s the logical truth if you ask a lot of people around PTVP, that Dixie’s heel gimmick has slowly improved and is one of the hottest things going right now.  Dixie cuts no corners in her bashing of AJ Styles.  She’s the bad boss, but she’s not doing it the way you’d expect to see it (looking at your up in New England).  The southern business woman turned evil boss is working fantastic.  She’s even laying out bounties for AJ Styles!!  She’s behind the heel champion but not directly behind him.  The question I have for this segment is “Atlas Security has business outside of Philly?” hahaha.  Bully Ray sounds like he’s an old man with a hoarse voice here after coming to the ring.  Magnus comes out and super saves this segment.  Magnus can clearly talk on the mic, and his wrestling is superb.  It’s a NO DUH that he’s the bright future this company needs.  I mean, heel Dixie is great and all, and Bully Ray is a dominant heel champ and all, but someone of Magnus’ caliber was needed to keep the fans from muting their tvs.
  •  Hernandez vs. Daniels vs. Eric Young vs. Robbie E-Robbie E wins.  So this is a four-way to determine which tag team has a one up and advantage in the tag team turmoil pre show match this coming Sunday.  Not a bad match to kick things off on the show, though a tag team match with them all, perhaps an 8 man tag match would’ve been better.  Robbie E gets the win, allowing his team Bro-Mans to get the advantage on Sunday.  Shocking.  Robbie E gets a win on Impact.  Tenay pointed it out; this guy hasn’t’ won on tv in ages.  I guess Robbie and Jesse could win, but come on.  They win the turmoil, then face the champs on the pay per view.  It’s no easy challenge.  We shall see this Sunday.
  • AJ Styles promo:  AJ plays this bounty thing off like a pro.  I’ve always been a Styles fan, but the recent change again back into a talkative, motivated man really makes this interesting.  The whole silent, random guy that wore black just wasn’t cutting it.  He shows in this segment exactly why he’s the man that’s carried the promotion for 10+ years.  Calls out anyone to take him on for the bounty, and deals with Knux and Bischoff.  The aces beat down on AJ, but Storm and Gunner make the save.  Love the respectful nod AJ gives to each champ, and the return nod.  This little altercation rolls into the next match…
  • Gunner vs. Knux- Gunner wins.  So the fallout of the promo rolls into the match.  Gunner and Knux actually put on a great match.  Like I was actually watching this one.  Bischoff and Storm show remind us all of their presence at ringside.  However, this match ended somewhat poorly and rather quickly.  It was back and forth fighting; a distracted Knux and a pin fall by Gunner.  I guess this further drives the wedge between the remaining three guys in Aces & 8’s.
  • Samoa Joe vs. Sabin- Joe wins.  Now this is a great match to see; two former X Division Champions and former World Champions.  Wait, they’re also both former Tag Team Champions…we have TWO Triple Crown Winners in the ring at the same time for a match.  Entertaining match between the two with Sabin showing off some of his wrestling abilities despite being the cowardly heel.  All the Ult X competitors running down to the ring after the match and brawling was entertaining as well.  Except Hardy had a ladder….there are no ladders in Ultimate X!!!!
  • Magnus vs. Bully Ray- Bully wins.  So the challenger gets beaten down by everyone three days before the pay per view, the champion gets a one on one sanctioned match…what?  I mean, if there was a few weeks leading up to the PPV, the bounty idea would be interesting to see everyone and anyone trying to cash in on AJ before Bound for Glory.  But the show right before?  At least they’re not doing the WCW failure and adding matches and promoting half the show at the last possible moment.  But anyway, onto this match.  Magnus has come into his own since the BFG series has started.  A few years ago, as a TNA fan, seeing Bully Ray and Magnus in a match you’d have to be watching Team 3D taking on the British Invasion or something along those lines.  But in 2013 we have these two as singles stars going at it in the shadows of the biggest TNA pay per view of the year.  Had Magnus won BFG, this match wouldn’t be happening.  But either way, we get a good showing here, and we get a great one on Sunday.  But, the ending of course, was not the one we wanted.  Knocked out ref, Sting comes down, distracts everyone, Bully cheats and wins.  So Magnus loses AGAIN.
  • Kurt Angle Promo:  He’s back!  The hall of famer has returned.  He addresses Rhoode and there standoff this coming Sunday.  But man…Rhoode…his piece in this segment was just awesome.  He brings up the past, how he’s idolized the man for many years, the BFG series that Angle beat Rhoode for, the creation of the “it” factor, etc.  Man I cannot wait for this match come Sunday.  No title, no gimmicks, just two men that can straight up deliver.  Rhoode could probably come to my house and punch me in the face, but with his heel gimmick so over, I’d probably pay the man afterwards.  It’s amazing how he’s just one of many guys that could easily be in the main event for the World Title, yet he’s not.  There’s no sudden drop off from the Main event Scene to the mid card scene….
  • AJ Styles/Bully Ray Promo:  The contract signing is official.  Each man drops some bombshells on each other via the microphone.  I love the references of Flair and Rhodes that Bully brings up.  The back and forth exchange between each man was pretty entertaining.  AJ calls Bully a bitch, then references Dixie.  And this time, AJ isn’t beaten with a belt.  Instead, he’s arguing and calling out Bully as Bully leaves the ring as Impact ends.  It’s all set up for Sunday!!!


Side Notes:  So the three-man band (wait, what?!!??) are backstage and planning on their takeover of TNA still despite being three bikers that have no gang.  Laugh out loud at “Bisch”….AJ Styles gets jumped by Jesse backstage but AJ takes him out in about 9 seconds.  So far one bounty cash in = failed…Sabin looks to cash in next on the bounty…and Bischoff and Knux are super pissed at Bully Ray now…Brooke Tessmacher taking pictures of her ass for instagram…bah gawd…Epic Joe confrontation with Sabin while Sabin is searching for AJ Styles.  Joe reminds everyone for his match with Sabin tonight, and the Ultimate X match this Sunday.  I think Joe might’ve caused Sabin to piss himself…Bad Influence tries to take out AJ for the bounty backstage, but AJ fights them both off…sooo close guys!  Apparently Ethan is coming to TNA at Bound For Glory…I still have no idea who this guy is or was up North…Magnus vents to Sting backstage after the match.  He’s coming off rather heelish.  I hope we get a good showing on Sunday no matter what…


I’m psyched to see  Bound for Glory on Sunday.  One reason:  It’s an ACTUAL pay per view, been a while since this has happened.  And it’s not one of those free shows on Thursday Impact.  Second reason:  The card looks solid.  Every match could be awesome and be a quality match.  We shall see.


I’m out like the Texas Rangers in the post season.  Cya!!!


JB’s “NY Minute” TNA Impact Round up 10/3/13


Let’s get right into things this week, shall we?  Another solid show.  BFG is shaping up later this month.  Hogan’s decision 2013.  Not alot of matches, per say.  But alot of wrestling.

  • AJ Styles Promo: Epic promo to kick things off.  AJ Styles is once again the face of the promotion.  He’s back on top, and gunning for the TNA World Title.  I love how he backed up Hogan, and even made a burying reference with shovels towards his “boss”, Dixie Carter.  But he’s not under contract?  How is the man in the ring giving promos?  Either way, we’re all pulling for Styles to reclaim a title he hasn’t held in well over a year.  Of course Bully Ray needs to be in the opening segment ONCE AGAIN so his appearance makes all the sense.  His list of kicking members to the curb seems to be growing by the week.  Is it October 20th yet?  These two are going to bring the house down in the main event of Bound For Glory.  If it’s not a clean match, or a clean finish, I’m going to be super pissed.  Like beyond the average level of pissed.  I also love how AJ informs Bully Ray of his opponent by chanting “Joe’s gonna kill you.”  The good old days of TNA are coming back!!  Well, maybe not, but whatever.


  • Kenny King & Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy & Manik – Hardy and Manik win.  Austin Aries guest commentating on this match?  Awesome.  Taz, Tenay and Aries on the mics means actual insight to wrestling, not some random mumbo jumbo you hear on other shows.  But not an overall bad match to start off the wrestling portion of the show.  I guess Aries is a face now, since he went form hating on Hardy to basically praising him.  Either way, the dude is awesome at what he does.  Remember-if you wear a cape you must be pretty damn good at what you do.  I wonder how/why Velvet Sky is still “dating” Sabin if he’s such a heel and she’s still technically a face.  Like its plain as day.  If you’re with someone and they’re the total douche and pulling off the heel tactics, most would move on or something.  But not Velvet.  One awesome upside ot this match?  All X type guys that deliver in the ring on the actual ring psychology portion of the match.  Aries’ commentating was just a bonus to the solid wrestling that was put on before our own eyes.  Aries with the sick save on Manik and Hardy after Sabin does the douche-tack on the winners brings us to the big news of the evening so far:  Hardy, Manik, Sabin and Aries in a four way at BFG!!  Oh, and it’s ULTIMATE X.  FOR THE X DIVISION TITLE.


  • Magnus vs. Daniels/Kazarian/Rhoode – Rhoode wins.  What an awesome match.  The Gauntlet was a great idea nad all three guys delivered in the matchup.  Daniels and Kaz put up solid performances against Magnus, but in the end it came down to Rhoode vs. Magnus.  Magnus was SO CLOSE to pulling off the win.  The pinfall over Daniels, the submission win over Kaz, and a near fall over Rhoode put Magnus on the map.  Despite not winning the entire thing, 2/3 ain’t bad at all.  What was, in essence, three matches doesn’t take long, yet there wasn’t a lot of dead time in the gauntlet.  One by one by one a solid showing shows everyone how not only is Ego a solid heel group.  But also, all three can wrestle, and most importantly, that Magnus has arrived big time.  The after match conversation between Sting was pretty intense.  It gave some Goosebumps.  Magnus calling out how Sting was given his chance, as was Angle and Joe.  Their chances and they rose to the occasion and took it to get to where they are today-the MEM.  Magnus wants his moment, his time to shine.  And Sting eagerly offers him the chance.  You read that right.  October 20th.  Sting vs. Magnus.  Magnus will most likely win, so we’ll know who gets the win, but expect that type of match that passes the torch between past and future.  The match that gives someone a spot and they “make it”.  Perhaps it was Magnus saying how Sting vs. Flair was something he watched for years, and looked up to them for so many years.  So I guess Sting feels the need to do this for his fellow MEM member.  Also, in case you were wondering, Magnus lost via submission to Rhoode.  Not that it matters.  The way this was booked could’ve had Rhoode win clean via pin fall and it wouldn’t change anything.


  • Brooke Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky – NO match.  Umm…I don’t know what the hell just happened.  Lei’d Tapa just shows up and beats the almighty hell out of Velvet Sky.  She’s the niece of the Barbarian…and she’s trying to have a savage islander gimmick as well.  It was…odd…I guess it makes sense as to why Velvet Sky came out in generic clothes and not an outfit that she usually does.  So this was a squash match…of sorts…dammit TNA.  It’s been too long since one like this happened.  You promised!!


  • Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray-Joe wins.  The main event of the evening.  We see Brooke, who did no wrestling a few minutes ago, accompanying Bully to the ring to take on TNA main stay and former Grand Slam Champion in Joe.  I love the reference of Hogan hating Bully so much that he does AJ a favor by booking Bully against Joe.  The Mafia seems to be scattered now, each with their own agenda.  Aces & 8’s looks ot be all but dead since Knux and Bischoff haven’t been seen at all tonight.  Just Taz and Bully.  What a small group.  Can’t do much with just those two.  Joe and Bully really take a beating to each other.  And this match, despite being the main event, sucked.  Bully Ray cheats with a chain and Joe gets the DQ win.  Earl Hebner is now Mr. Right and correct.  Then he gets the usual push of doom! To get knocked out and Bully tries to crush Joe’s skull on the cement flooring.  Typical heel madness!!  But AJ Styles from the crowd makes the save and then runs back into the crowd to celebrate.  There was more action in that 2 minute moment than the entire match that occurred right before it!!


  • Dixie Carter segment/Hulk Hogan Decision:   Dixie Carter shows up and is much better in the heel portrayal.  She seems more comfortable on the microphone, and delivers some more hatred towards the fans.  But it’s funny as she feels Hogan is on her side and will team up and ride the “Dixie Train” (wow).  But the jokes on her!!  He quits!!  Despite praising Dixie, and explains how he enjoys his time in TNA, but the offer to team with Dixie is for “someone else”.  I love how Dixie begs him to stay, but it apeprs that Hulk Hogan has indeed left TNA Wrestling.  May the Internet explode and go crazy with potential WWE reunions, Wrestlemania matches, etc etc etc.  So now there is no good sheriff to combat evil Dixie.  Makes you want to stick around to find out what happens next week.  THAT’S HOW YOU END A WRESTLING SHOW.


Side Notes:  Dixie Carter throwing AJ out of the building after an awesome promo?  Geez that sounds like something up north…Hogan and Sting having a backstage conversation about Bischoff and Dixie.  Seems these two hate their bosses (hahaha).  They make it sound sooo bad to be there right now….and then we see Sting with Magnus last week backstage talking about how Magnus challenges Ego to a gauntlet match.  The young gun is stepping up!!  Aries’ backstage segment with Hogan was pretty funny; Giving Hogan Vegan vitamins, talking about saying an extra prayer and referencing the red and yellow Hulkamania as well as the “Hollywood” side of black and white….Sabin won’t be out at ringside for his girlfriend, Velvet Sky.  Talk about boyfriend of the year material…Ego’s celebration in the locker room after their gauntlet match was hysterical.  Kaz and Daniels singing Rhoode’s theme was just awesome to see/hear.  These three guys = awesome.  The heels you have to love…The Ethan promos are just stupid.  So apparently we follow the guy around from the back of his head as he shows up to places similar to the Miz does up north…yet he looks like Bruce Pritchard and comes off as Joey Ryan…so umm what?  The segment on Gunner and Storm was interesting.  Storm is on the verge of being part of THREE successful TNA tag teams.  Yet his singles career is still untapped and the potential is oozing out…


And that’s all for this week.  As I’m writing this up, I’m currently in the TNA Roundtable that will soon be posted here, on PTVP.   What will happen with Dixie now that Hogan is apparently gone?  We shall see.  Same time next week.

And just remember….Hey! I’m Wallkin heare!!