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How Prepared Are You Really For A Zombie Outbreak?

Hey y’all.

Lets be quite honest, everyone loves a zombie outbreak. Safe to say some people actually want it to happen just because it’d be fun right? With the great Romero movies, and the popular TV show The Walking Dead, it seems a blast (I think). Statistics do indeed show that more people are prepared for a zombie outbreak than a natural disaster. Even governments are using exercises in tackling the potential threat. The question is, how prepared are you really?

OK, you are sitting at home watching the news and a zombie outbreak hits. Let me throw some questions at you.

Have long can you stay in your house with supplies?
Do you have an appropriate weapon inside of your house?
Will you leave? And if so, where will you go?
Will you be looking for family and friends? Are they a liability?
Are you going to do everything possible to survive?
Is there a meeting point for certain people you trust?

¬†There are a few basic questions you must ask yourself. Immediate questions that’ll determine where you will end up. Unless you are a genius and find a fantastic place to stay zombie free for the rest of you life (please share these places), you will be stuck on the road. When you are on the road, it all comes down to survival. Here are some more questions to throw out.

How easy can you kill a zombie? Will it tire you out?
Can you start a fire? Find water? Find food?
How well can you survive without luxuries?
Will you be looking for survivors to team with?
How badly can you stay awake in a bad predicament?
Will you go to a shopping center? (generic zombie question)

I mentioned looking for survivors. If you are someone who would join a group, your previous part of your life comes into focus here. Being in a group of survivors means making hard decisions and working as a unit. You know the drill.

Are you a people person?
Are you an absolute prick?
How fundamental to the group would you be?
Can you be a leader?
Would someone stab you in the back first chance they get?
Would you do the stabbing in the back?
Is there a chance to get laid? (just saying.. don’t look at me like that)

Now, you can escape your home, and you can survive the hard terrain. The thing is, life isn’t what it used to be. No more TV, no more entertainment, it is all just about living. This takes a toll on your mental state. Bad predicaments bring the worst out in mankind. Here are some thoughts for those used to talking to themselves in crazy land.

How psycho are you already?
Is this the life for you?
Will you lose who you are?
Would you kill a human to save yourself?
Would you be a bigger threat to the zombies or human
Can you live without your family? If not, will you snap?
Will you end the journey yourself?

Last of all, saving the best until last, weapon choices :)

Are you a melee or a ranged fighter?
Do you have a weapon of choice on hand?
Do you have enough ammo to spray zombies at will?
If so, do you have a silencer?
Melee wise, what weapon would you use best?
Gun wise, pistol, rifle, sniper rifle, machine gun, or shotgun? (Forgive me if I miss one)

There we go peeps. A few simple questions to ask yourself with the inevitable impending zombie outbreak. I have my plan set, and so should you.


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My name is Adam, also known to as Zell. I am a Pro Wrestling reviewer and avid gamer. I have opened this Blog to hopefully reach out to people and let them in on my opinions on different stuff. You might also like me as I am an Aussie. Hope you enjoy what you read.

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