My Top 10 Favorite Pokemon Cities

What is happening out there peeps? Final Fantasy, Arrow, it is now time to talk some POKEMON!!! One thing I adore about Pokemon is the feel of a new city. Going into the unexpected and being really surprised with a new atmosphere and locale. With all my Pokemon experiences, I have picked my Top 10 favorite Pokemon cities. If I have not picked yours, I am sorry but it is my list. Let me know what I have missed in the comments y’all. Mind you the list is in random order cause that’s what floats my boat.

Sunyshore City (Sinnoh)



The solar-powered city, it was a nice place that was met by the sea and by the mountains. It is nice to see a city that could be somewhat futuristic in a sense that in the real world it would be phenomenal. A solar-powered path used for bike riding, you can only dream. Also with a market, lighthouse, and gym leader Volkner, this is one of my favorite cities in the Poke universe.

Virbank City (Unova)


A very different city, I liked Virbank because it reminds me of home (a reference to living in pollution and smoke, though not a great thing). Virbank is a city that has hangars, docks, and a complex for catching good new Pokemon. That said, Poke Studios was close by as well (that place was so weird but fun).  The top reason for enjoying Virbank, was the gym leader Roxie. A gym that is a rock concert? Sign me up and wipe me down. Roxie was awesome and got Virbank on the list, even if it looks like an industrial Italy.

Vaniville Town (Kalos)


Vaniville Town. Not the most exciting Town in the universe, nor is it the most attractive. However it is the first place I saw in Pokemon X and Y and it blew my mind. Sure other cities were more beautiful in the same game, but setting down here I spent 20 minutes riding Rhyhorn and going up and down Route 1. Vaniville for the first time in a Pokemon game felt exactly as it was; a  new adventure. This truly was “Welcome to Pokemon all”.

Lavender Town (Kanto)


Lavender Town, everybody’s favorite place and mine. Lavender Town was the Silent Hill of the Pokemon series and what an eye opener for my childhood it was. The music, the dead atmosphere, the feel, this place was evil in every sense. The Cubone/Marowak story, the ghosts, and the trainers baying for your blood. What is there not to love about Lavender Town? I sound awkward right? It’s true though, Lavender Town was thoroughly enjoyable, and in Twitch Plays Pokemon, Lavender Town lived up to its name. “Never Escape”.

Nimbasa City (Unova)


On the other end of the spectrum, THEME PARKS AND FUN!!!!! Elesa the model run the gym. Beautiful was a thing here in every sense of the word. It had the musical theater, gear station HQ, sports stadiums, ferris wheel and theme park. This city had it all. Literally. Had. It. All. Side note, if you ride the wheel with Hiker Andy, the tune in the background is from Mario. The more you know!
Lumiose City (Kalos)


The grandest city in Pokemon history, Paris, err Lumiose City was humongous. That much, that you could book a taxi to find your way. This city was magnificent in beauty. Cafes, Professor Sycamore, Back Alley battles over drug deals.. kind of, and a girl who is in an elevator that scares the crap out of you. Lavender wants you back toots. What more can you say about Lumiose? Oh yeah, gym trivia makes me feel smart as well. Ego +1 :P


Saffron City (Kanto)


Saffron City. In Pokemon Blue/Red, a huge city was some what unheard of. Welcome to Saffron friends. Saffron is the Tokyo of the Kanto region, connecting all of the cities from all corners. Eventually, a train was made to connect with Johto even. Inside Saffron you have a fighting Dojo and former gym, Silph Co, Pokemon Fan Club, and most importantly, the ever gorgeous and twisted, Sabrina. The city is translated to “shining big city”. Indeed it was.


Goldenrod City (Johto)


Goldenrod City. Johto in my opinion never had many stand out cities, yet this one easily tops the list there. Goldenrod held home to such things as the Radio Tower, Department Store, Game Corner (addicting us from a young age still), and train to Kanto. Then there is the bike shop, Bill, and the Goldenrod Tunnel for more shops and a flower shop, this city had everything, now all it needed was a gym leader to boot. Insert Whitney here. Do I talk about Miltank? Do I? My nightmares!!!!! Jokes, I liked Whitney and Miltank was a good challenge. As a grinder, I often times whooped her ass :-)

Pacifidlog Town (Hoenn)


Pacifidlog Town. Let’s be honest, what is this place really? You have Mirage Island man, the fan club, and a lot of water. Similar to how I view Sunyshore, it would be cool to live here full stop. In Final Fantasy 10, there was a tale of a failed city that sunk after being built on water. Pacifidlog is cool in the regards that you can live on water. No worries, no problems, and if anyone ever annoys you, you can dump the body in the water and no one will ever find it.. Umm pretend I never said that. It would be awesome to watch the world go by while you are swimming and fishing all day.

Fortree City (Hoenn)


Hoenn confirmed.. damn I missed the boat by roughly two weeks. Another one of those cities that would be ideal to live in, Fortree City is a jungle where tree houses are a normal thing. A good place to set up a cubbyhouse, there is nothing else here bar the gym that is run by Winona. Seems so weird, but pretty much the majority of cities I have picked have female gym leaders. Not a misogynist by the way. I look forward to the reincarnated version of this city.

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4 comments on “My Top 10 Favorite Pokemon Cities

  1. I don’t think it really qualifies, but I really like Join Avenue in BW2. It’s basically as close to a living city as Pokémon has had.

  2. Pacifidlog town is in Hoenn, not Sinnoh. Great list though :)

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