Why Ash Ketchum is Awesome

Hey peeps. Now I know the majority of people whom read this article are already standing there with their pitchforks out ready to stab me in the eyes. You see, a lot of people on the “interwebz” dislike Ash Ketchum. Whether it be my colleagues here at PTVP, gen “wunners”, or simply people who love to complain about everything, Ash Ketchum is an easy target. The amount of rubbish I hear in relation to his character and his failures is unbelievably stupid. Here is one example:


Maybe people really enjoy bashing “failure”.  Or maybe they just do not understand the Pokemon Anime. Either way, I will dispel folklore and talk about why Ash is pretty cool.

Now that the intro is out of the way, let me beat down some typical Ash stories.

“Ash has never won a Pokemon league hahaha, that loser he is”
He hasn’t and I am not denying that. He hasn’t won the “big one” yet and has proven even a person who loses can still be great. What he has done however is place and rank in every Pokemon league to date above the first 4 elimination rounds. With several differing line ups, Ash has constantly and consistently finished high up in every tournament. Not bad for a ten year old huh? That said, he has beaten legendaries and won plenty of little tournaments. This statement will become irrelevant when he does win the big one.

“Ash never evolves his Pokemon, he sucks that way”
Where have you been? Charizard, Donphan, Sceptile, Glalie, Staraptor, Torterra, Infernape, Pidgeot, Butterfree, Gliscor, Unfezant, Leavenny and Krookadile are examples of Pokemon that are completely fully evolved. Also Ash has lots of Pokemon that don’t evolve anyway, such as Heracross, Muk and Snorlax. The only Pokemon he really hasn’t evolved are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, a couple of others, and Pikachu. That statement is not even a thing, stop using it.

“Ash is so stupid, he still cannot tell Team Rocket apart”
Urghh. He is ten years old. As a pre-pubescent kid, his mind hasn’t developed to it’s full potential. I find it weird how many people bash Ash for being stupid, and blame it on other things. He is 10..

“Ash will never be as good as Red. Red iz Godz”
No shit. Red in the mangas was made to look like the greatest trainer ever. You know the sort of guy who spins Pokeballs on his finger while whistling the Globetrotters tune. Then the Red in the video game franchise is a direct representation of every single Pokemon player out there (except Twitch), whom has conquered Kanto and became Pokemon Champion. Ash is a character from a TV show designed for kids. There is no comparison to be made. . But I must ask you, the first time you ever played Pokemon, did you not get messed up by Brock’s Onix? Or Misty’s Starmie? This here leads to my next point..

“Ash always just gets given badges. He never wins them fair”
Pfft. That is so generation one talk. Ash got given like 3 or 4 badges for the right reasons, mind you he was days into become a Pokemon trainer. When Brock’s Onix messed Pikachu up, Ash was still fresh and in a world he never knew. When Ash was “given” the Cerulean Badge, he was winning that match regardless. Team Rocket ended that pre-maturely and he deserved the win for saving the gym. It’s not all about wins and losses. Geez.. He saves people’s lives and still gets ripped on,

“Pikachu is like level 3529 at the moment. He STILL lost to a new Snivy LOLOL”
These arguments are getting silly by this point. In Unova on arrival, Pikachu was attacked by Team Rocket, then Teravolted by Zekrom. As a result, Pikachu was unable to use Electirc attacks and was heavily fatigued. Snivy used Leaf Storm which is a move common in Unova, but not Hoenn, Kanto or Johto, and was defeated. Pikachu never lost a fair fight, and in the rematch, it won with ease. People who don’t watch the show *tsk tsk tsk*.

“The show should end and stop showing Ash. It’s like so 1996″
This one ticks me off the most. Pokemon the show is nearing 900 episodes. The games are stronger than ever. Why would you end or reboot it? Why? Ash goes on a new journey parallel to the gaming franchise and brings the younger generation into the show. The show looks crisper than ever, we are in beautiful Kalos now, and Ash I feel will go all out in the next Pokemon league. Why you ask? The same guys who wrote the Red movie now write the show. That said, the show still makes me feel good watching. I still go back and watch the older series. The show should not end until Ash is a Pokemon master and on Pokemon Company’s own terms.

Last but not least,

“Ash is a moron, a failure, a nobody, I love Digimon, I love Anime, I hate the Pokemon show, Ash’s character sucks, etc etc”

OK, if I can’t still win you over. I will end it this way. Ash is imperfect. He is great for comic relief, and he is a stereotypical child who finds himself on the greatest journey ever (you’d kill to be a Pokemon trainer). His trials and tribulations build to the Ash we see today, with many friends and partners who have shared his journey. Ash in the show has had some major moments that are historic, such as releasing Charizard, fighting Drake in a two show war, the Kanto league, beating legendaries such as Articuno and Darkrai,  getting paired up with chicks frequently, and doing something Red never accomplished, get all badges in every region. It’s not all about wins and losses, hell, Ash wins 95% of battles.

It’s the journey and everyone always forgets that. Ash is a kid who has grown (not age wise) in ability, skill , and confidence. He will be a Pokemon Master mark my words, and finally become the best “like no one ever was”. Until then, enjoy the Kalos story unfold.

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About zell2626

My name is Adam, also known to as Zell. I am a Pro Wrestling reviewer and avid gamer. I have opened this Blog to hopefully reach out to people and let them in on my opinions on different stuff. You might also like me as I am an Aussie. Hope you enjoy what you read.

12 comments on “Why Ash Ketchum is Awesome

  1. Despite being the example of “unbelievably stupid,” I’ll bite.

    Granted, I was going a little over the top in that article for satire, but here’s the biggest problem I have with Ash’s portrayal: he’s not progressing anymore. He hasn’t done better than top 4 at the Pokemon League. That means he hasn’t made it to the final, let alone won the final, let alone made the Elite Four, let alone BEAT the Elite Four, let alone become the champion. That’s a long way to go still.

    The anime could have kept that slow burn going and I would have been okay with it. As it stands, the show’s ratings are stagnant, and I can’t help but wonder if the anime might be canceled before we ever get a proper ending. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Trust me, I am aware that your article was written in satire. The same as my article was written minus anger or malice. I wanted to just make some points considering you would be surprised how serious people are over this, repeating your article, yet for real.

      With your point about the show being
      stagnant, and Ash lacking in progression, I feel that it is the hundred episodes before the Pokemon League that make Pokemon great. I would love to see Ash take out the Kalos League as much as the next person, i don’t know how ratings are, but as a kids show I am sure it is fine. I do respect your point however.

  2. You are 100 % ..Some stupid viewers don’t realize that if Ash haccomplished things as fast as Red then this amazingly popular anime should’ve stopped and finished since 1999!There are no limits for Red cause simply he’s not the star of the long living anime and if his story ends then it ends..No big deal here ..But if Ash’s story ends then what happrns to the anime?


    Also in regards to Team Rocket, I’d like to think that Ash can’t just assume that every red and blue haired couple is Team Rocket because twins are a common thing in the Pokemon world (Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny).

    Ash gets way too much hate and make all of his haters look like just a bunch of bullies. Ash Ketchum is an awesome 10 year old and trainer.

  4. Valid points, however:

    Usually when people say “Ash sucks, Red is awesome,” they’re referring to Red of Pokemon Special (localized as Pokemon Adventures), not Red, the character they played as in the games. Red is a resourceful, competent trainer who outshines Ash in every way.

    • I did address that a bit poorly. Mainly due to the fact that most people only know Red from the game and not Adventures or the Manga. Red is the perfect trainer in every regard it seems no matter what though.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this perspective because it is so true. I am always shocked by the Ash beating on the web. He’s just a damn kid, 10 years old. I remember being 10 years old, and hell my mom would NEVER let me leave my house and travel up and down 8 mile in Michigan. I probably would’ve froze to death. Being 23 and sure watching him mess up for the last 15 years can be frustrating at times, bu you simply learn no one is perfect, but on the journey of life you gotta be the best that you can be. Just yesterday, I watched Ash and Pikachu get defeated by a Surskit using Icebeam. I never knew Surskit could use Icebeam, but it can and it smoked Pikachu. And it made me realize I need to get one to complete my pokedex, and I am going to teach it TM13.

  6. I don’t have anything against Ash directly. I hold the Pokemon Company responsible for refusing to Age Ash at all. I understand it’s an anime; it doesn’t have to be realistic, but when you’ve had at LEAST two Christmas episodes and two new years episodes, it doesn’t add up.

    Second of all, he’s been on all of these journeys thus far, yet everytime he goes to another region (granted Johto) he completely forgets 95% or so of what he’s learned. It’s a little ridiculous. I can understand if Pokemon are stronger in another region, but not even knowing type advantages? Even though it’s the same every season? (granted Fairy type).

    Finally, he never even attempts to catch even a semi-rare Pokemon. I understand how you feel, Ash, but if I see a legendary Pokemon, I would at least have a statement along the lines of “I like you, and I’d like to battle you. If I defeat you, will you allow me to be your trainer?” I mean, get real. Even if you lost, you at least tried.

    I will grant Ash one more thing than you did. If you actually watch the Anime, Ash battles less wild Pokemon and FAR less trainers than we do. I will say when he loses, it’s because of his Pokemon’s levels.

    That’s all I have, and that’s how I see it and where I stand.

    • You are right. Ash doesn’t really grind or train at all really. Ash fights with his Pokemon team’s friendship and it costs him on occasions. With an underpowered team, he still wins more way than he should. Nice comments.

  7. I think the thing that annoyed me the most about Ash-bashers is their failure to take Ash’s friendship with his Pokemon into consideration. Fact-check: Some Pokemon DO require ‘friendship’ and ‘affection’ in order to evolve, so the fact that Ash’s greatest trait is his love for his Pokemon would make him at least above average as a trainer at worst!

    Seriously, there are some really ridiculously immature so-called ‘Pokemon fans’ out there who made such tasteless comments as “Ash is a faggot for wanting to focus on his friendship with his Pokemon.” Well, an abusive highly skilled trainer wouldn’t exactly be a ‘good trainer’ in my book as well, just so you know.

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