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Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Review

Hey peeps. I have been wanting to play a game for the longest time, however unavailability led me to wait a very long time. The game was Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and I could not get a copy from anywhere here in Australia. That said, eBay and Amazon eventually got the job done (thank you to our UK friends). Once I finally got my hands on the game, I felt compelled to play it on my Nintendo 3DS ASAP. I did. What did I think of it though?

Best put, it didn’t suck. That was a relief. I feel that Square Enix has really been going down the cheap money making road for the longest time now. However FF Theatrhythm shined in amongst all of that rubbish. If anything, if all the iOS and Android games hadn’t spoiled the last five years, the game would’ve been a breath of fresh air. FF has a rich history that has been exploited at every turn. I cannot take it away from the game though.

The game revolves around the touch pad at the bottom. It presents music from the series and puts into a mini game where you must touch the screen in a certain according fashion with precise timing. Nothing wrong with that. It is kind to beginners and presents itself well. I feel that it lacks on finesse and polish. The game goes from nice and fun, to brutally harsh in a matter of moments. Unlocking characters is repetitive, long and tiresome, and there is no middle ground for difficulty. Once you have played a song once, it is only right you go to the next level. I struggle doing that. The casual gamer would be turned off really quick by this, so I feel this game is a fanboys journey (I am one so you cannot bash).

More into the game, the song choices are fairly good, and the cutscenes in the FMVs are great. I was questionable with a few choices, such as Home, Sweet Home, ¬†and Waltz to the moon, but that is just me. I felt there were better songs that were much more impacting. Then I see time after time when I turn on the game the DLC option. And it pisses me off a lot due to the fact in Australia it is $1.50 a song. There are great songs that you have to individually pay money for to play , including The Crystal Tower, Zeromus’ Battle, Fight on, Force Your Way, The Extreme, Challenge etc. There are too many great songs that are DLC that must be paid for and it is wrong. All up, it would cost me $80 to buy them all. In other words, a brand new game. All to typical of Square Enix. It hurts the replay ability a lot.

Not letting that negativity burn anyone, apart from series mode, there is a lack of depth in the game. Challenge mode is playing stages for fun, series is series really, and Dark Notes is random songs played to a boss battle. To unlock characters and get new songs, there is a lot of strain that is put into getting the “Rhythmia” for them. No real fun new ways, just playing the same songs all over again. The modes option is very poor. Do not get me wrong, the game is fun, however in ten hours you may rarely touch it ever again. The problem with the last five to ten years with Square Enix; no interest.

A musical journey that is fun, yet to simple and stubborn to go the extra mile. I enjoyed it, but I don’t really recommend it unless you are really keen and can’t download music off the net. Thanks for reading peeps.





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