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Newcastle Pro Wrestling Results 23/2/14

Hey peeps. Keeping on coverage from the NSW wrestling scene, I had the privilege of travelling to Newcastle to watch the Newcastle Pro Wrestling fed. After travelling many hours to get there and back, here are the results from last night’s show.

Hunter P.S Hayes Vs. Koala Man (Jack Bonza)

NPW champion Koala Man had a non title match to open the show against “Australian Freebird” Hunter P.S Hayes. Koala Man would take the win in a near fifteen minute bout leaving Hayes’ wings clipped. After the match, Chris “Dreamboat” Hermes would challenge Bonza to remove the mask, which he did to the crowd’s delight. Hermes would then challenge for the title before slapping Bonza and running off.

Winner – Koala Man/Jack Bonza

Mick Moretti Vs. Diego Retamales

“Green Dragon” Mick Moretti would be taking on the Latino Fandango himself, Retamales. Retamales held onto a lot of offence in this match with his speed and athleticism, however Green Dragon’s dirty handed tactics would reign supreme. A low blow followed by Moretti’s finisher ended the bout. Crowd was none too pleased with this loss.

Winner – Mick Moretti

Adam Hoffman Vs. Mad Man Rogers (Missed the name due to screaming, sorry if it is wrong)

Hoffman is the local man and the crowd love him. His opponent is “Australian Diesel”, Mad Man Rogers. A towering fellow, Rogers was suplexing and kneeing the life out of Hoffman. Though with some crowd support, Hoffman nailed a big slam followed by the Shooting Star for the win. Newcastle’s own 4 Nations man takes the win to make the Nations 2 from 2.

Winner – Adam Hoffman

Concrete Davidson Vs. Rob Matrix

A popular fellow from 1921, Concrete Davidson had the crowd on his side from the get go. Rob Matrix was heckled and could not take a trick. Davidson overpowered Matrix with “strongman tactics”, and had Matrix beat via the claw. However a blinded ref missed a low blow into a pin for the win (Moretti and Matrix showing how heels do it best).

Winner – Rob Matrix

Shazza Mackenzie Vs. Rachel Rose

Female action to the crowd riled up some more before the main event. Shazza taking on local heroine Rachel Rose. A back and forth exchange seen both ladies beat each other up a lot. In the end it was a face crusher from Rose that decided the outcome with Newcastle getting another winner up.

Winner – Rachel Rose

Main Event for the Middleweight title

Sean Kustom Vs. Chris “Dreamboat” Hermes (c)

The start of this match did not go well for Chris Hermes. He  brought Rob Matrix out for backup and it cursed him. He was abused and hit by fans, missed his turnbuckle jump up, and could not focus. Newcastle’s crowd took him out of the game early. He did punish Sean Kustom with these frustrations. A near 20 minute match, Sean Kustom after taking a hiding “Hulk’s up” and unleashes a top rope back drop for the win. I would have said that, if it wasn’t for Rob Matrix whom pulls out Hermes and escapes with a count out loss. After the match, Kustom promises revenge at the tournament next month for the title. An after match assault from Hermes and Matrix is broken up by Hoffman as the pair celebrate as the Nation goes 3 from 3.

Winner via Count out – Sean Kustom

Retaining the title – Chris Hermes

A sold out Newcastle crowd was on hand to watch the event. With the Middleweight title tournament coming up, Newcastle’s next event should be a cracker.

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