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The Top 10 Most Annoying Moves In Pokemon

Hey peeps. You know when you’re the best like no one ever was? When there is nothing stopping you and you are on your way to being a Pokemon champion? Then out of nowhere comes a move that stops your progress and delays the inevitable? That is what I am here to talk about today. There are moves in the Pokemon series that are just meant to annoy. Already thinking of some? I bet you are. I will not rank these numerically, as I believe they all suck in their own unique way. The top 10 most annoying moves are:


As given by the picture above, Protect has got to be one of the most annoying moves in Pokemon history. It delays the inevitable if anything, and apart from giving you one turn of invulnerability, you don’t give out any damage either. Unless your opponent has been previously burned or poisoned, the move gives you nothing but a headache. Nothing like a level 10 Pokemon surviving one attack longer against a level 100 Pokemon right? In Pokemon X and Y, I do the Triple Battles at Restaurant Le Wow to boost my Pokemon’s levels. In one match against a waiter, all three of his Pokemon cast Protect, mainly right at the very start of the match. No tips for them today.


The original move that caused anguish and pain to many a young Pokemon trainer. After starting your journey from Pallet Town, you cruise through the road to Viridian City. After the city is the Viridian Forest, the home to the dreaded Metapod. Not leveling up your Pokemon will have you struggling to defeat Metapod, who can cast Harden multiple times to the point you are doing absolutely no damage. After the match and lacking of PP, it is only ever more fun to run into another. Harden is the Pokemon Company having a troll moment in Kanto. Charmander says hello by the way, the one true counter to Harden :)

Poison Sting

Speaking of the Viridian Forest *cough*. Metapod wasn’t a pain enough? Meet Weedle, the caterpillar with a huge horn on it’s head. If you aren’t wise enough to buy an antidote at the Pokemon Mart, you will pay for it. More than likely with your Pokemon passing out far from the Viridian City Pokemon Center, Poison Sting has been a part of the series since the beginning, and it makes sure that we don’t skip on antidotes ever again. Damn Bug types.. Burn ‘em all!!

Self Destruct/Explosion

Both these moves cause nightmares. Voltorb, Electrode, Graveler, Golem, Exeggcutor etc have the move. In an instant, without even reacting, the Pokemon can explode and kill off a Pokemon, nullifying all experience points to be given. That and wasting a darn Pokemon revive. It is a cheap move that is not fun for the recipient. Seriously, why isn’t there a troll face on the screen when the Pokemon uses it? On the other hand, it is fun to use.

Mud Slap

Simply put “gugewkgfhwlghwoguw!!!!”

Mud Slap is a move first learned in Johto that attacks not only your HP, but your accuracy. Enough Mud Slap attacks, and you will be hanging on for dear life and not able to hit a thing. To make it worse, it is a ground type attack so if you are an Electric type or Rock Type, goodnight Irene. I recall playing as Swampert in Pokemon Emerald and learning Mud Slap. The agony I inflicted on the poor NPCs must of been unbearable. Feels good to give sometimes.

Fake Out

“Ahh, a Fighting type. I will just use a Psychic attack and..”

Generic Fighter Trainer Used Fake Out. Your Pokemon cannot move.

“You have to be kidding me?”

That pretty much is it right there.

Roost/Softboiled/Rest/Moonlight/HP Regen anything

Anyway you call it, any move that gets an enemies Pokemon back to full hp is terrible. The worse thing is that when you are fighting a high HP Pokemon such as a Blissey, Snorlax, or Slaking, it makes the match go on and on. Why can’t you guys just lose already!! Damn I hate it when they cast Rest and have the Chesto berry that wakes them up.. Why?!


These moves are getting cheaper and cheaper as we go along. Endure enables the Pokemon getting hit to survive an extra attack on 1 HP. Cause we all know it would be unconscious otherwise. There is no need to cast Endure if you can’t win. I know some people use it for underhanded strategies, but it is so cheap. Cheaper than a Potion in fact. If I hit you hard enough, why you no fall?!


This is on the list for one reason and one reason only; Abra. I love getting myself an Alakazam, as it is fast and hits hard (despite it’s shortcomings in defense). However to get an Alakazam, you need to catch an Abra. You only really have one chance to catch one of these by throwing a Pokeball at one with full HP and hoping for the best. Sometimes you are lucky, most often you are not. Mind you, they are not only rare, but Pokeballs aren’t cheap either. In saying this, the satisfaction from Mean Look is rewarding enough.


An annoying list wouldn’t be complete without Rollout. Introduced in the Johto series via Whitney and her Miltank, many a Pokemon trainer walked into her gym expecting another easy win. Then Rollout occurs. Nightmares!!! Rollout is a Rock type move with 30 damage, doubling per turn. In theory after 5 turns, Rollout does 480 damage to any Pokemon coming out on the last shot. Do we want to talk about adding Defense Curl to that? This move will kill pretty much anyone. It is annoying cause how do you counter it? Hit hard and fast, then pray for your life :P

Thank you for reading peeps.

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