20 Things That Will Happen Before Pokemon Bank Is Released

What is happening my awesome peeps? I wrote a nicely successful article (thanks y’all) last week that talked about the 10 best things about Pokemon X and Y. This is the link:


Today, I am going to take a friendly light-hearted response to the situation most Pokemon gamers are suffering from. I am talking about the lack of Pokemon Bank. It feels as if nothing is happening and there is no word given about the expected release date. Looking at my Nintendo E-Store, I see TBA describing the Bank, as in To Be Announced. I am not a mean-spirited person, so I thought I would share 20 things that will happen before Pokemon Bank is let free for the public to download and crash Nintendo’s servers once more.

1. Shauna will stop waiting on your doorstep for you to come out. She will then move to the next region and become a gym leader there.

2. Your PC Boxes will be 100% full and you will have to one by one release certain Pokemon into the wild to make room for that new shiny.

3. Your rival Serena will have all level 100 Pokemon, same as Shauna, Tierno, Trevor, and every other trainer in Kalos.

4. Ash Ketchum will have finally caught them all. You read right. Yes and evolved his Pokemon too…


5. You will have to buy a new pair of skates as the ones you currently own will get worn out and potentially break your ankle in a disastrous accident due to over usage.

6. Magikarp’s Splash will do damage.

7. Klefki will become popular.. Yeah I went there.

8. Pokemon Z is released. Also so is 14 other Call of Duty games. In saying that, this actually may be true. Hmmm…

Poke battle

9. Giovanni fires Team Rocket for incompetency. Then, a tired newly re-formed Jessie, James and Meowth become Ash’s next travelling companions. That isn’t that bad of an idea… Who has the number for Pokemon Company?

10. A Nintendo 3DS and Wii U sequel to Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium, and a Hoenn remake will occur. Cause we all know there needs to be at least one of these come true :)

11. Zubats will never pester you ever again. Ever. Again. Shall we talk Tentacool? Them too.

12. Nintendo makes a console that has games with it on release. I am looking your way Wii U. Still waiting for a new Mario Party, Metroid, and Super Smash Bros. Who else?

13. Wonder Trade users stop sending over Bidoofs, Weedles, and any other weak Pokemon from the first patch of grass. I sent a Mewtwo (cause I already got two at level 100, pending on Pokemon Bank mind you), and got a Weedle back. Like damn man.


14. Brock will marry a female and they will live happily ever after. I really have high hopes for Bank don’t I?

15. The Celebi on offer with the Pokemon Bank becomes negated due to the September final date. I’d hate to be a Nintendo/Pokemon worker that day.

16. Youngster Joey will wear pants, own a Dragonite, and beat the Elite 4 with his other Pokemon; Raticate.


17. Tierno will stop dancing, change shirts, and cease making a fool out of himself in public.

18. Professor Oak comes to visit, knows your name, and what gender you are.

19. Ash will celebrate his 11th birthday with a big party after winning a Pokemon League.


And finally,

20. The imminent return of legendary Pokemon Missingno. It will also have a Mega Evolution.

Thank you for reading my article peeps.

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