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Anime Review: Another

Hello readers, its been about a month or so since I’ve done an Anime Review, much to my dismay, I love doing these but unfortunately, circumstances in life got in the way. But now I’m back to do a review on an anime that both Jeff (S Bomb) and myself watched a few weeks back. Let’s take a look at Another.


Title: Another

Year: 2012
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural
Format: TV Anime
Length: 12 episodes

Another is an anime that is based off a 2009 horror novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji. The anime was released in 2012. This one in particular was one that I had wanted to watch from some time now due to reading overwhelmingly positive opinions on it. When I got my paycheck, one of the first things I did was hit Amazon and pick this little gem up. I do not regret that decision at all. In fact I may go far as to say that Another is one of the better anime put out in recent years.


Another centers around the lives of two characters. Koichi Sakakibara and Mei Misaki,  Sakakibara is a new student to Yomiyama North Middle’s class 3-3. He came down to stay with his grandparents and aunt while his father was out of town on business. However, as soon as he starts school, he notices something is going wrong. He can see this girl sitting at the corner of the classroom that no one else seems to acknowledge, and to add to that, he finds out that a girl named Misaki died as a part this class 24 years prior to his arrival. The class is soon caught up in a strange phenomenon, which somehow leads the students and their relatives die in mysterious, gruesome ways. It’s now up to Sakakibara and Misaki to find out how to stop this phenomenon and save the class.

Another anime 09 - 2 Umbrella

From the very start of the anime, Another has a creepy atmosphere. There is not a moment where this anime lets up and gives us a reason to be calm. That is one the the biggest strengths of Another. It keeps you on the edge of your seat for all 12 episodes; wondering how everything is going to turn out in the end. The animation is great as well and shows that the studio didn’t half-ass this series. I have to praise the music for this anime as well. It’s just creepy and adds to the atmosphere of the show. It’s good to the point where I actually want to get a copy of the soundtrack for my collection. The death scenes are gruesome and disturbing, which only adds to the horror aspect of Another a whole. I’ve seen bloody/gory anime before that was worse than this, but it didn’t have nearly the same effect. Another is just ingeniously crafted together  to make the entire show an experience.



Story 10/10 – The story of Another is a work of genius. The entire story keeps you wondering what is going to happen next and how it’s going to end.The genius part is that the clues to the ending are actually placed throughout the entire 12 episodes but it’s still hard to see it coming.

Voice Acting 10/10 – I watched this one in English and I have no complaints about the voice acting at all. The right people were chosen to play these parts.

Dialogue 10/10 – Every bit of dialogue in the anime plays a purpose in the overall story. There is little to no senseless dialogue in Another.

Appeal 9/10 – This is a great anime. I normally sit through an anime once and then don’t necessarily go back unless I’m bored. This is one of the few anime that I can say I would watch over and over and not be bored. But is may not appeal to those who are easily disturbed.

Overall 10/10 –  Another should set the standard of how Horror anime should be done. I can honestly say that Another is going into my list of all time favorite anime. I strongly recommend any anime fan to watch this masterpiece.

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