My Top 10 Final Fantasy Party Members

What’s up y’all? PTVP’s finest here to talk some more Final Fantasy. Today’s article will be based on top 10 party members in the history of Final Fantasy. A few things I will abide by. One of those is that the classification of “party members” is someone who joins the main protagonist at some point in their quest. Secondly, someone who pretty much kicks ass as a team mate. Lastly, someone who was generally interesting and had a great story behind them. I have our top 10 and an honorable mention. Let’s get into it.

Honorable Mention – Cid FF7/FF4

Cid FF7


Cid. A character name synonymous with the Final Fantasy Franchise similar to Cactuar, Moogle and Terra. Two games have had Cid as a party member (I do not count FF12 as it really wasn’t a Cid) and they are FF4 and FF7. Cid from FF4 was an interesting character who pretty much personified the term “YOLO”. This was defined by his destruction of the Red Wings via a self detonated bomb in the underworld sky. His strong character, his good heart, and his bravery made Cid a great character in this game.

In my opinion, the better Cid was the rocket man in Final Fantasy 7. A pilot who dreams of making it into space, he has a short fuse and is a passionate individual who loves to curse. His dragoon like Jump and spear cause mass damage to many a foe. I wonder when the next time we will see a Cid as a playable character, I am looking forward to it.

10. Irvine Kinneas FF 8


The number 10 spot on this list was a bit of a fight, however I decided to give it to Irvine Kinneas. The last character to permanently join you in Final Fantasy 8, Irvine makes a big impact with the group, namely as a womanizer. His repeated shut downs and rejections make his character somewhat comical. However as the gunner of the team, his true persona comes out when he as the end of a scope. Irvine’s serious, yet human nature is exploited when he “freaks out” at killing Sorceress Edea and looses his cool. He overcomes his grief with Squall’s leadership and becomes a stronger person. Irvine also likes dirty magazines… *cough*

One thing that sets Irvine apart, is his ultimate move and Limit Break; Shot. Ranging from Demolition Ammo, to Armor Piercing, Fast Ammo, and the ultimate Ammo being Pulse, Irvine is virtually unbeatable with his Shot when it’s his turn to boogie. Ultimecia has fallen many a time to Squall’s Lionheart, mixed with Irvine’s shot. A character remembered mostly for hitting on Selphie, he is a solid team member in any line up.

9. Balthier FF 12


Another gun slinger. The red headed deep voiced warrior Balthier was always an interesting character from Final Fantasy 12. A sky pirate who roamed the skies for adventure and treasure, he is the envy of main protagonist Vaan. Balthier’s mystery past, his cocky though endearing attitude, his lovely assistant Fran who is loyal to all ends, and his airship “The Strahl”, make Balthier as smooth as they come, yet so very intriguing and interesting. Vaan encounters Balthier as they are both trying to rob the presidential castle in Rabanastre. From that point on they are a team though never on the same page. Balthier claims to be the leading man and captain, seemingly knowing everything that is to happen. In FF 12 Revenant Wings, you even fight Balthier and Fran based on a difference of opinion.

His strength, health and skills at long range are unmatched in battle. Mainly due to the fact he is the agility guy whom will shoot you down before you get a hold of him. The cool, calm collected sky pirate is number 9.

8. Zell Dincht FF 8


In a way this will be kind of awkward due to my nickname. Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy is a comical character, but still a very serious one. From a young age, Zell was picked on for being the “chicken wuss” and having a mild case of ADD. His obsession for hot dogs and “kicking ass” are unmatched in the FF universe. Originally an unwanted team mate of Squall’s on assignment, Zell becomes an integral part of the team with his general knowledge of history and machinery, battle prowess, and history with the party. The thing that defines Zell the most is his comic behavior and anger bursts. A good example of his comical antics is the hugging of Squall when he saves him in the prison, to the chagrin of Squall whom hits him with the butt of his gunblade to get him off. Zell’s anger being his downfall, he nearly was the reason Balamb Garden was destroyed by abusing Seifer in a fit of rage, leading the president of Galbadia to threaten the Garden with destruction by accidentally revealing their identities. His sad faces when not getting his hand shook, and missing out on a round of hot dogs is priceless.

Battle wise, he can be the strongest member of your party with definitive ease. Similar to Irvine, Duel is his Limit Break used to inflict much damage on an opponent. A well timed Duel can get up to near 100 hits of near 9999 damage if boosted by junctioned magic well. Squall, Zell and Irvine are a deadly combo. Zell’s interesting character got him up to number 8… Not favoritism :P

7. Sabin FF 6


I put him in front of Zell huh? I suppose Sabin was the originator of Martial Arts in the series. What sets him aside, is that he has an interesting story behind him. The son of the King, he knew he could not take the throne over his brother. Losing a bet on a same sided coin, Sabin takes his martial arts to a new level by training with his master. Exceeding the master’s son Vargas, Sabin is shocked to lose his mentor after Vargas kills him in cold blood. He kills Vargas and joins the party to save the world with his brother. After the events of Kefka’s apocalypse, Sabin is still seen helping people, including his monster feat of virtually holding up a house whilst Celes saves a resident from the fire inside. Sabin is a good hearted man with a long history.

Setting Sabin apart, his Blitz move is a finisher with every turn. Starting from Raging Fist, Sabin attains more attacks with the more experience he gains. He learns to use Elemental attacks, heals friends health and status, originates the Meteor Strike, and then learns his final attack Bum Rush after returning to master Duncan’s house, which causes massive ass whooping on all foes. Sabin is a man’s man in the FF world, perfect for number 7.

6. Kimahri FF 10


The odd ball of the team, Kimahri is a solid character from Final Fantasy 10. You meet with Kimahri when you interfere with Yuna’s trials at Besaid. Kimahri’s response to Tidus is basically to scare him, beat him up and not say a word while doing it. That was Kimahri; silent. Eventually Kimahri began to talk and open his wisdom to all. His words were always so wise and full of impact, especially to Tidus. You realize that this giant Ronso is one full of history. After having his horn broken off for being too weak and small, he was shamed from his tribe and banished from Mt. Gagazet. Meeting a dying Auron, he learns of a girl called Yuna and is asked to take care of her. Kimahri goes into Bevelle, takes Yuna away to Besaid, and becomes her life guardian. He earns the respect of the Ronsos in a duel against Biran and Yenke. From that point on, Kimahri is known to as the champion of the Ronsos.

In battle, Kimahri’s Lancet, similar to a Red Mage, would suck up the attacks of an enemy whilst restoring life points and mana. Kimahri could go on the offensive with a simple Jump, to healing with White Wind, to blowing himself up with Self destruct for huge damage, to Mighty Guard protecting the entire team, and Nova, his ultimate spell of destruction. Kimahri’s path on the sphere grid is also your choice. A flexible strong character, with a pride and great story makes for our number 6 on the list.

5. Amarant FF9


Amarant Coral. This dude was awesome. Originally in a team of two as a mercenary with Lani, he was sent to retrieve Princess Garnet’s body (alive or dead), on demand by Queen Brahne (for a price of course). Eventually catching up with Zidane’s party at Eiko’s home, Amarant challenges Zidane to a fight to see who should live. Zidane comes out on top with Amarant demanding Zidane to kill him. Zidane refuses to do so and Amarant leaves, albeit uncertain how such a soft individual beat him. From that point on, Amarant follows Zidane, wishing to learn how he did it. Amarant’s arrogance and misdemeanor cause him to but heads with Eiko and Freya, however his wisdom, intimidation and strength save the team on many an occasion. After leaving the team to do a mission solo, Amarant learns that as a team you can accomplish more and finds his spot. In the end, him and Lani pair back up, although only to see “I want to be your canary”.

Amarant’s general stikes are deadly. His throw and spare change cause many headaches. He is a combo of Monk and Ninja, using Flair and Elan from Trance to great effect. Throwing a Wing Edge, Pinwheel, or Rising Sun whilst in Elan does monster damage to all foes. Scarily enough, he can also heal party members and revive them. Amarant was always a mainstay character in my line up, mainly because enemies never lasted that long up against him. A fun character to live with, he is my number 5.

4. Rydia FF 4


Number 4 is the child summoner Rydia. Well was..

After Cecil’s dismissal from Baron, he was sent to Rydia’s village to deliver a package. Unbeknownst to Cecil, the package involved explosive Bombs that destroyed the city and killed all residents except Rydia. Cecil would attempt to take Rydia with him, in an action that Rydia could not forgive after her mother’s death. Rydia summons Titan and splits the land in two, knocking her out effectively. Cecil looks after Rydia and protects her after the previous incident’s accountability. Rydia gets taken by Leviathan at sea whilst Cecil ends up at Mysidia, taking her to the land of summons. Rydia is powered up in her arts and grows into an adult due to fast aging at the village. She saves Cecil and the team in a fight where she defeats Golbez with her Mist Dragon. She rejoins the team permanently, with summons and strong black magic to boot. One of the key members in destroying Zemus, Edge seemingly cannot keep his eyes off of the young lass.

Her attacks are simple and effective. She can cast Meteor to ultimate black magic effect, or choose from her many different Eidolons depending on whether or not you obtain them. Wielding Odin, Leviathan, Asura and Bahamut, means that Rydia herself is a one woman team.. As long as she has MP :P

3. Barret FF 7


When I think of Barret, I think of one thing; %$#^. For those of you who don’t know what I am on about, I am talking about the foul language Barret used to spray to all that crossed him. Explore the man and you find he is a devoted father, with the best intentions for his friends and hometown folk. Not the perfect leader, his errors have caused much agony to not only AVALANCHE members, but the townsfolk of North Corel. His return opened him up to his dark past. Dyne, the man who never forgave himself, nor Shin-Ra or Barret for that matter, after he assumed he had lost Marlene, spearheaded Barret’s change in attitude. Barret always fought for what was right though and that never changed. Eventually, he earns respect and takes down Shin-Ra once and for all, ending the quest of AVALANCHE.

In a party full of awesome characters, Barret is a standout next to Cloud. Barret’s Catastrophe is literally a catastrophe for all opponents. 20 hits of $%#^ you Shin-Ra, can be more so powerful than an Omnislash which only has 15 hits (albeit a higher critical hit rate). His interesting character, high damage, and #^$%##* attitude get Barret up to 3rd.

2. Auron FF 10


Auron was the best character story wise in Final Fantasy 10. A mysterious man at the beginning of the game, Auron’s true intentions do not come to light until near the end of the game. Another silent character, his actions speak much louder than words. The fact that Auron guarded Yuna’s father Braska to victory over Sin, makes him an extraordinary individual to repeat the same feat twice. He has the respect of Spira, even with the evil Maesters of Yevon whom want him gone. That is why he is Sir Auron to everyone but Tidus. His speech before the Yunalesca boss fight was the highlight of the game in my opinion and showed that even though he is a soft spoken man, he can motivate the player to feel his emotions. He also enjoys the occasional laugh. Auron’s journey to Zanarkand after death, his guarding of a young Tidus. and his life through death is extraordinary. Yuna was never going to say no to having Auron on her team.

Auron is always a strong character in FFX, with his sharp heavy blade doing the talking. His re-introduction at Luca showed the legend still lives and can still hurt. Auron’s final move of Tornado hurts a lot. A hard hitter, Auron is always your strongest physical member. He also loves to “break” your opponent down one step at a time.

So that was number 2.. Who was better than Auron?

1. Vivi FF 9


Our number one choice is Vivi!! The Black Mage from Final Fantasy 9, Vivi has a deep and compelling story about finding himself, much apart what he is. Vivi is shy, gullible, and very clumsy to say the least. He struggles to explain himself and is really the hidden character of the team. With meeting Steiner, Dagger and Zidane, Vivi’s confidence grows and his magic spells are shown for what they are; awesome. His magic puts Steiner in awe, calling him “Master Vivi”. You find that Vivi was created by Queen Brahne to be a mindless robot used for destruction, however he fell out of the cargo ship and into the swamp where “grandpa” Quan took care of him. Vivi finds out of his heritage and fights the urge not to lose touch with his sanity. He accepts his place in the world and helps the rest of the black mage clan acknowledge their heritage and future. His overwhelming personality is the greatest story from FF9 by far.

In battle, his black magic is second to none. His Trance allows him to cast 2 spells at once for more damage. The last thing you want is Vivi to cast Doomsday or Flare on you while in Trance. Not only that, he can also combo attack with Steiner for bigger damage via the Sword Magic attack. Talk about a flexible attacker.

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7 comments on “My Top 10 Final Fantasy Party Members

  1. Kimahri? Are you serious? He is in my opinion one of the worst characters in Final Fantasy ever. As a Blue Mage (not Red Mage) he is always a pale copy of whoevers Path you take him down. He is not even fit to act as a replacement for the character of his chosen path. I hardly ever felt the need to use him.

    • I respect that opinion. Kimahri is a character in which you decide his fate. Personally, I always put him on the Wakka path for speed, then switch him over at the Auron junction for mass strength upgrades on par. Having the option was the joy in my opinion. His character is underrated I feel, and his words are very empowering. In saying that, he is not for everyone I suppose. Thanks for the comment.

      • Sorry, if I came off as rude. I suppose of you take a lot of time with him you can make him pretty useful in battle. I agree that story-wise he is pretty badass. He was very protective of Yuna even to the extent of not initially trusting Tidus.

      • All good man. You have an opinion, that’s the most important thing :)

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