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Top 10 Silent Hill characters

Welcome all to PTVP. I am Zell and I am here to talk Silent Hill. As you may be already aware, I am a Silent Hill fan, most easily identified via my Youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/zell2626 (cheap plug). Now I wanted a little bit of time to talk about my favorite Top 10 characters of the series. I would like to think I am going to try to give the whole series a chance, albeit my dislike for the later games. I wanted to bring forth certain characters that made Silent Hill as enjoyable as it is. Could you imagine ending up in Silent Hill? I think it would be fun. Off topic, let’s get down to the list.

10. Alex Shepherd

SH Alex

An interesting character to say the least, although his game really gave him nothing to go with. A former soldier coming home from a tour is greeted by a nightmarish existence within Shepherd’s Glen. Alex’s relations with other characters, show he even though he is a fighter, he is also a well liked and enjoyable character. The more Alex is revealed, the more you see how messed up he is. He accidentally killed his brother, causing him to lose sanity and be tormented for his actions. Also his realization of his intended birth for sacrifice purposes also creates another layer to his already mixed being. Alex is a strong protagonist who lives with torment, and in Silent Hill fights it.

9. Travis Grady

SH TravisG

Another protagonist, Travis is the original victim of Silent Hill’s wrath. He is also the last person on this list from any game after the main four. Travis was summoned to this town by Alessa Gillespie after being set alight and needing help to survive. Travis seemed an ordinary individual who simply got caught up in this mess, however his past, as all of Silent Hill’s friends, was tainted. His mother tried to kill him, his father committed suicide due to the insanity caused by the attempted homicide, and his past was set to repeat. He saves Cheryl and sets her free for Harry to find, setting out on his truck for another shift. A big hearted truckie that was loaded with charisma and ability gets my number 9 spot.

8. Doctor Kaufmann

SH Kaufmann

Doctor Michael Kaufmann. In the original Silent Hill, Dr. Kaufmann is a doctor you run into at the hospital. He is seeing these odd events as Harry is, making him seemingly normal. The further the game unravels, you see that Kaufmann is as much to blame for the mess as any other. He is a part of the Order and disperses drugs to the residents and hospital staff to keep them subdued. Later in the game, Kaufmann steals a potion off of you before showing you how much of a not so nice fellow he is. He always has a mission on his mind. In the end, he turns on the order’s god before being brought to hell by Lisa.

With Silent Hill Origins, we learn that little extra about Kaufmann. You see how much he caused grief for several people; mainly Lisa. Kaufmann is a mystery man who’s real purpose is never to be known.

7. Angela Orosco


A character that you cannot help but love. Angela is a tormented soul, brought to Silent Hill the same as the rest. Angela’s childish personality shows her real issues growing up and suffering to become an adult. She goes from a worried individual, to contemplating suicide, to assaulting her monster molesting father in quick succession. Her speech before saying farewell to James and the world was a highlight of Silent Hill 2. “You see those flames too? I see this all the time”. Angela is a solid number 7.

6. Walter Sullivan


A name on a crappy newspaper in Silent Hill 2, is the name of the evil heinous villain of Silent Hill 4 (the irony). Walter Sullivan, known to as the mass murderer of Silent Hill, was a character that gave me chills. After killing 10 people, he was caught, tried and he committed suicide whilst in prison. You think death could hold him? Not on your life. Made an orphan at an early age, he was hell bent on getting to 21 murders to fulfill an ancient prophecy, leading him back to his “mother”. The brutal murders of Cynthia, Jasper, Richard and Andrew, are a testament to his past and violence. Walter kills people from his life without compassion or remorse. Then he comes after you.. That there makes him a worthy number 6.

5. Eddie Dombrowski

SH Eddie

Eddie. Similar to Angela, he was brought to Silent Hill due to past events and destined to meet James Sunderland. Eddie is seemingly a normal obese gentleman who is suffering due to an accidental misfire. The further the game goes along, the darker Eddie becomes. You become aware of his attitude change within the jail, however once you see him in the meat locker, that is when the truth is revealed. Eddie intentionally shot a man and his dog before fleeing into Silent Hill. He also becomes sadistic and tells us his love for the feeling of death. James proceeds to kill off the previously hilarious character gone dark. This gun wielding fellow gets number 5.

4. Cheryl Mason


The lady that Silent Hill revolves around. Originally Alessa Gillespie’s good half, she was split into Cheryl to save herself from doom. Harry Mason claimed her as his own and she lived a normal life. During the car crash, Cheryl goes missing and is found to have once again rejoined Alessa. Harry saves her and gets his Cheryl back.

Fast forward a few years, and Cheryl is now under the guise of Heather. Unfortunately for her, people aren’t falling for it. Claudia Wolf is after Cheryl and her womb of god. Cheryl is a badass without a care in the world and takes care of the problem. However when Claudia kills harry, the rage forces Cheryl to help the god grow. Eventually, Cheryl kills a half born god and saves the world in a less then enthused way. Her attitude towards Douglas, her teen attitude, and her history make Cheryl a great character. “You seen a little girl? Short Black Hair?” Well she is number 4 :P

3. Lisa Garland

SH Lisa

I have a soft spot for Miss Lisa Garland. Our resident nurse of Silent Hill, she is the caring woman who Harry finds deep inside Nightmare Alchemilla Hospital. Her nature endears you and she is someone you love to see. The more you delve into Silent Hill, the more you see how tested this lady is. Dealing with Alessa, fighting the urge for White Claudia, and having Dr. Kaufmann preying on her, toughens this lady even as she breaks. She is the soul of Silent Hill 1. However, near the end of the game, she finds out the reason she has survived was because she is a monster forced to suffer within Alessa’s fury. Her scene with Harry when blood pours from her head is intense and scary. She drags Kaufmann to hell eventually for the hell she suffered.

Silent Hill Origins deals with her story a lot more, about her wishing to be an actress, and her misdemeanors to attain drugs. Also, her reveal as the ever suffering fate bringer Valtiel in Silent Hill 3 shows she is a survivor. The beautiful Miss Garland goes to number 3.

2. James Sunderland

SH James

James Sunderland is my number 2. He is a simple good man who has come to Silent Hill looking for his loved one. The more the man is exposed, the more you see he is not as he seems. His interactions with Maria, Angela, Eddie, and Laura , are a representation of himself to some degree. His story, his life and his personality make him a larger than life protagonist in the Silent Hill universe. The scene with him smothering Mary is a top gaming moment for me as it was a shock. Also the realization and fights with Pyramid Head are forever memorable. James is only number 2 on this list, but his partner in crime got one spot above him.

1. Maria


Maria. The ever sexy tag along lady from Silent Hill 2 is one of the greatest characters ever made in gaming. Formerly an exotic dancer, her life is based on one thing, being a replacement for James’ wife Mary. Her sexiness is to represent James’ desires, her deaths and rebirths are to represent heart ache and suffering, and her attitude is a direct comparison to James’ former relationship. Meeting Maria in SIlent Hill ends up being not so much a coincidence; but fate. Silent Hill made her to cause anguish onto James. Her run ins with Pyramid Head are classic and memorable.

Maria as the final boss, has her dressing up as Mary and proving that she is there to take her place. James can either kill Maria and his past, or turn and go with her, effectively having himself a new Mary who is his sexual equal. Maria’s existence made Silent Hill 2 the best Silent Hill game in the franchise, and is a deserving number 1.

Thank you for reading another article from me. Until next time peeps, take care and have a good one.



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