The Top 10 Final Fantasy Villains

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Hello and welcome peeps to another Top 10 article. Today I am bringing a friend along. Gil “Noctis” Leonhart, a member of our awesome crew here at PTVP, has gotten his brain and bashed it against mine to come up with our Top 10 favorite Final Fantasy Villains. In FF folk lore, what makes a great game is a solid antagonist who you despise. Overcoming this fiend makes the challenge and result so much more worth it. Noctis and I will be both giving you our thoughts in regards to our picks so that way you have to argue against two people if you do not agree :P

Let us get started with an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention – Biggs and Wedge.

Zell - Ah yes, Biggs and Wedge. These gentlemen are recurring villains throughout the Final Fantasy series. In Final Fantasy 6, the pair taunt and control Terra through their trip to Narshe. The two do meet an unfortunate fate short after. The pair reappear as villains in Final Fantasy 8 as Galbadian soldiers. In this encounter, the two seem pretty serious and aggressive. However, the two end up giving more comical relief to the game with their hilarious antics and gaffes. The names Biggs and Wedge are synonymous with the series and that is why I deem the pair an honorable mention.

Number 10 – Garland/Chaos

Noctis - I think’s safe to say that Final Fantasy or RPGs in general would not have the prominent place in gaming that it currently holds if not for the first Final Fantasy. This was Square’s final card to play and it was hit or miss. As history would note, it was a hit. Number 10 on our list is none other that the villain that started it all Garland/Chaos. Garland seemed like a footnote to the game at first impression. After all, he was the first boss that the Warriors of Light would face on their journey. However, as the player progressed in the game, they would discover that Garland was a much bigger threat to the world than they realized. Turns out everything that was happening to the world was due to Garland’s quest for immortality. by which he would become the archdemon Chaos. Due to his own selfishness and disregard for life around him, he places at number 10.

Number 9 – Maesters of Yevon

Zell - I had to put Seymour into this list. However as a whole, the top villains in the entire of Final Fantasy X were the Maesters of Yevon. Seymour Guado, Maester Mika and Kinoc hindered you at every turn and made sure to keep you struggling. Kinoc was corrupt and was doing anything for immense power behind the scenes, Mika was the ruler of spirit and an undead that ruled aggressively with punishment to “traitors” in the Via Purifico, and Seymour was the most evil of the bunch. Seymour was a corrupted child that wanted more and more power. He found that power in Sin. Seymour haunted you until the very end of the game until you finally sent him away. Seymour’s false marriage to Yuna, his betrayal of the Guado race, and his backstabbing of Kinoc, his father and Spira, put the Maesters at number 9.

Number 8 – Ultros

Noctis - Final Fantasy VI was a milestone for Square when it was released. Out of all the games released up to that point, FF VI had the most complex storyline and number of villains. One that particularly stood out among them was Ultros, the octopus like monster that was a thorn in the party’s side for a good amount of time during the game. Now, it’s questionable as to whether or not Ultros was truly evil or was just a simple trouble maker. But the fact remains that Ultros was just plain fun to battle and brought a comic relief to a tense situation. In the end he ends up working as a receptionist to pay off a debt. Due to the fact that Ultros was just an awesome and memorable part of FF VI makes places him at Number 8.

Number 7 – The Emperor

Zell - The Emperor of Palamecia from Final Fantasy 2. A war mongering King, he commands his troops to destroy all the nations around him in a quest to rule the earth. His men kill the protagonists parents and leave them orphans. He also brain washes Maria’s brother Leon to fight against the team. When the team finally defeats him, they celebrate their massive victory with a party in the Rebel Castle. The problem is he is not really dead. They have only sent him to his new fate; King of Hell. With his new fortress of hell, Pandaemonium, the Emperor becomes ever so more ruthless, leading him into the number 7 spot.

Number 6 – Shin Ra

Noctis - When you first begin Final Fantasy VII, the last thing anyone would expect is to hear the name Sephiroth. Throughout the first disk, the antagonists your are facing is the evil Shin Ra corporation that is draining the life of the planet with their Mako reactors. The only thing is, that Shin Ra is more than just a corporation, from all viewpoints, these guys pretty much rule the entire world with an iron fist. The Shin Ra president in particular is a total bastard that was willing to drop an entire city on hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people just to send a message to Barret and his AVALANCHE group. Even on the hunt for Sephiroth, Cloud and the Party have many run-ins with the president’s son, Rufus Shin Ra and his entourage of Scarlet, Hojo, and most memorably, The Turks. Due to their big impact as antagonists in the game, Shin Ra places at Number 6.

Number 5 – Edea/Seifer

Zell - Sorry Noctis, I know you would have enjoyed this one buddy. We brainstormed Final Fantasy 8 as a whole and came to the conclusion that the most memorable villains in the game were Seifer and Edea. Seifer was protagonist Squall’s rival and foe. However not a traditional villain, his mind was corrupted and washed by the Sorceress Edea. In achieving this feat, Seifer and Edea became a terrible duo. Ordering a missile strike on Trabia, attempting to destroy Garden, invading Balamb, and setting out on controlling the world with the Galbadian army, were many of the deeds pulled. After Disc 2, Edea returns to normal after her possession, yet Seifer takes a little longer after that. These pair were hatable and worthy of our number 5 spot.

Number 4 – Sephiroth

Noctis - I say bring on the butthurt fanboys and girls because we’re the kings of controversy. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we placed Sephiroth at number 4. While Zell and I agree that FF VII is probably the best FF game that Square has put out and most likely ever will judging by the current standard of the series, Sephiroth was not exactly the greatest villain in the series at all. In fact, if you want to get technical, Sephiroth wasn’t even the true mastermind behind the plan. Sephiroth merely played the “Momma’s boy” role that did the will of JENOVA. If anything, I actually think that Square got it wrong in one place and should have had the final boss be JENOVA. But regardless, Sephiroth did make a memorable impact as a result of Final Fantasy VII and therefore places at Number 4.

Zell - I expect a lot of hate for this one. I believed I deserved a shot at explaining why Sephiroth is only at number 4. You see Final Fantasy 7 was a masterpiece no doubt. The array of characters were fantastic, the missions were solid, and the story was great. As a result, people believed that Sephiroth was the greatest villain ever… For anything. Sephiroth was good do not get me wrong, yet the thing with Sephiroth is that in Final Fantasy 7 he was just a puppet to his “mother’s” legacy; Jenova. Yes he killed Aeris, but main characters were killed before her. A lot of judgment based off of his character is that Final Fantasy 7 was the best so he was. Well the Avengers movie was awesome, so does that mean Loki is the greatest villain ever? Sephiroth was flawed and in my opinion there is better. Remember that final boss fight? Is that the way the greatest villain ever should go down?

Number 3 – ExDeath

Zell - Good old Exdeath From Final Fantasy 5. Known to originally as X-Death, ExDeath was a just pure evil. He really was that; the root of evil. Two thousand years prior to the game’s events, ExDeath was killed and sealed away by the fathers of the current party. ExDeath has returned and has revenge on his mind, wanting to return the world to the void. Bartz and crew are never killed by ExDeath as they are below him and regarded to as pests. He is narcissistic and arrogant beyond belief. ExDeath kills his own team when they fail, kills Galuf who is the father of Krile, and voids the entire world to uselessness. He is overcome in a difficult encounter that is befitting of this nightmarish dark villain that is very underrated. A solid number 3.

Number 2 – Golbez

Noctis –  Coming in a number two is none other than Golbez of Final Fantasy IV. Why did Golbez make it so high up the ladder? It’s quite simple acutally. Golbez was an absolute beast in Final Fantasy IV. From the first time Cecil encounters Golbez in FF IV, Golbez always got the upper hand every single time. Cecil would everything he could possibly do to get stronger, and come up with any possible plan to defend the crystals from being stolen. But each and every time Cecil tried, he was always foiled by Golbez in the end and he lost all the crystals. Golbez was just a force to be reckoned with and if you got in his way, well, your ass was grass and he was the lawn mower. Heck, he even took the full force of Meteor and survived. With that being said the Number 2 spot definitely belongs with Golbez.

Number 1 – Kefka

Zell – Our number one is Kefka Palazzo!! In my opinion the greatest villain potentially in any series of gaming ever. A maniacal villain gone crazy due to Magicite exposure, he starts off as being just an underling to the Emperor Gestahl. He gains the power of the Goddess Triad by manipulating and backstabbing his own friends, becoming the only Final Fantasy villain to actually have the power to destroy the world and accomplish it. It is up to your team to regroup and take on this god like villain. Kefka’s attitude, antics, and general bastardizing makes him my number 1 villain ever. Closest thing Square will ever get to the Joker from Batman. My biggest highlight of Kefka is poisoning Doma castle under orders not to, effectively killing all of Cyan’s friends, soldiers and family. A ruthless act from a ruthless villain.

Noctis - If you want to define the word “bastard” in the FF series, your should probably put Kefka’s picture right next to it. Of all villains mentioned in the FF series none come more evil or more insane than Kefka Palazzo. Unlike the other villains of Final Fantasy, Kefka actually succeeded in his plan to destroy and reshape the world He is the first and probably only villain that actually reached his goal. The worst part about it is that he had no limits to the lows that he would sink to in order to succeed. Whether it be setting a castle on fire, poisoning an entire population, or even stabbing his own emperor in the back. This makes Kefka the Number 1 villain in the Final Fantasy Franchise.

That is Balamb’s Finest coming to you with our Top 10 for the week. Make sure to check out all our stuff and subscribe to us at PTVP. Comment below and let us know if you agree with our choices or would have others up in the list.


Zell – http://www.youtube.com/user/zell2626

Noctis – http://www.youtube.com/user/lionheart6190

About zell2626

My name is Adam, also known to as Zell. I am a Pro Wrestling reviewer and avid gamer. I have opened this Blog to hopefully reach out to people and let them in on my opinions on different stuff. You might also like me as I am an Aussie. Hope you enjoy what you read.

10 comments on “The Top 10 Final Fantasy Villains

  1. Kefka is just as overrated and overestimated as Sephiroth. He was as much a puppet as anyone. He destroyed the world? Yeah, well so did ExDeath, but you have him lower on the list – why? Because Kefka is “crazy?” Because his theme song is Dancing Mad? Kefka is NOTHING like the Joker, and if you compare him only to The Dark Knight’s version of the Joker than that’s even further from the truth.

    You want a villain that has no lows? No limits to what he would do to get what he wanted? No moral line he wouldn’t cross, without turning into an exaggerated caricature too eccentric and too cartoonish to be taken seriously?

    Delita Heiral. Final Fantasy Tactics. If you don’t understand what makes him a villain, then you don’t understand what a true villain actually is. He is smarter than every single person on this list. He is more patient, more calculated. He turned the world against Ramza with words alone. All without resorting to the outlandish antics of someone like Kefka. Being crazy does not make you a good villain.

    And you know what else? He survived. And convinced the world he was the hero. It doesn’t get worse than that.

  2. I appreciate the comment and can see where you are coming from.

    My reasoning for putting Kefka at number one, alongside of my colleague Gil, is due to the fact he was not simply crazy. On the outside it may seem he was a maniacal harlequin, but in replaying the game, I have noticed a method in that madness. As a simple Lieutenant to a ferocious empire, he was subjected to much unorthodox testings that warped his mind. Yet he seemed it, he was never quite insane enough not to get ahead and attain the powers of a god. He was a thinking man’s villain, someone who was smart enough to know when to pull the trigger. Before Sephiroth killed Aerith, Kefka killed General Leo, Emperor Gestahl, and pretty much existence of life and humanity. Kefka’s ego, his mannerisms, and his success as a whole is a tribute to his one of a kind character. If you recall that final battle with Kefka, you know that you have fought hard to get there and know you are taking on the best while “Dancing Mad” is playing in the background. Final Fantasy 6 was renown for it’s characters and awesome story. Kefka was simply icing on that cake.

    In regards to ExDeath, the only reason he is number three is because Golbez and Kefka were better. That is all. If anything he has probably punched above his weight to get that high. How many lists do you see with ExDeath even near the number ten? Much apart as high as three? Kefka’s overall character and history, and Golbez’s intense being are the only thing stopping ExDeath from ranking higher. Golbez being hated by his own brother was a story in itself. ExDeath didn’t achieve as much as he could have. That kept him at three on our list.

    Lastly, and this will get the most heat, I don’t rate Delita Heiral as a top 10 worthy villain. He never had any effect on me and I simply thought he was too one dimensional and generic to consider anything special. What does he do that sticks out to the FF fan? When I think through all the journeys I have had, the eleven names we mentioned stick the most out as my top ten (inclusive of the honorable mention). If you ask people who they liked better, Delita or Ultros? Ultros would win 9 out of 10 times. Don’t get me wrong, Heiral was a solid B+ villain in a solid B+ game.

  3. Is it weird that i believe that Kuja is worth being one of the best FF bad guys? I mean, he DID destroy a planet in a simple rage.

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