Top 5 Odd Pokemon Evolutions‏

Hey y’all. I love Pokemon, in case we had not already worked that out. Now as we know, Pokemon can have some very awkward moments, such as James’ breast implants. However there are instances where Pokemon evolve and their form is really awkward. Awkward as in “how the hell did that work out?” Anyway, here’s […]

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Spoilers (Guardians Of The Galaxy Review)

Having now seen Guardians Of The Galaxy a second time, Thomas finally gives his thoughts on the movie. *AS THE TITLE IMPLIES, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!*

Deadpool & Corpse Bride2

Sugar Haven (Thoughts on Haven & Sugar City Con)

Having been to his first pop culture expo and con, both happening within two months of each other, Thomas gives his thoughts on the experiences he had at both events.

Silent Hills

First thoughts on Silent Hills‏

Hello peeps. After the speculation of Hideo Kojima wanting to work on a Silent Hill project, not only is the rumors true, yet the confirmation was astounding. This is the most hyped I have been for a game since… Actually this may be the MOST hyped I have ever been. The “Playable Teaser” by the […]

Summerslam logo

The Ring Of Fyre 2.0 – A Midsummer Night’s Slam (SummerSlam 2014 Review)

Having seen the PPV, Thomas gives his thoughts on WWE’s latest PPV offering, SummerSlam 2014.  

Summerslam 2014

The Ring Of Fyre 2.0 – WinterWham (SummerSlam 2014 Predictions)

Thomas gives his thoughts on what he thinks will happen, and what he hopes will/won’t happen, at WWE’s upcoming SummerSlam PPV.


Top 5 Tips To Save Money

Howdy. Now on our website PTVP, we normally talk about entertainment and other miscellaneous random things. Today, I felt the need to share some of my wisdom in regards to saving money. In today’s society, money is scarce and hard to come about. The financial crisis has taken its toll on everyone and lets be […]


Fixing the Silent Hill Series – Story

Hey peeps. As most people are aware, I am passionate about many gaming series. One of the ones I am most passionate about is Silent Hill. My first ever horror game, and one that disturbed me greatly as an eleven year old, Silent Hill was a masterpiece of gaming. The sounds, the monsters, the story, […]

Destination X 2014 graphic

The Ring Of Fyre 2.0 – Final Destination X-2 (Destination X 2014 review)

As a way to try to get back into the swing of things, Thomas gives his thoughts on TNA’s 2014 Impact Wrestling edition of Destination X.


Why Fan Passion in Wrestling is Dead

Hey guys. Sorry about being absent for the longest time, with work and life at the moment, it is hard to find the free time. I have virtually given up watching Western wrestling as a whole. One of the main reasons, is that there is no wrestler in wrestling whom has an aura, nor presence […]


How Prepared Are You Really For A Zombie Outbreak?

Hey y’all. Lets be quite honest, everyone loves a zombie outbreak. Safe to say some people actually want it to happen just because it’d be fun right? With the great Romero movies, and the popular TV show The Walking Dead, it seems a blast (I think). Statistics do indeed show that more people are prepared […]


Discrimination in 2014 – Zell Rants

Hello all. It is time for a more serious time with Zell today as I have encountered an issue. We live in 2014, not the 1930’s. So why is it society still believes in discrimination?  I thought that society’s values had changed over the course of a century. However in the following link: It has […]

Mr. Waterhouse

PTVP Partners – Mr. Andrew Waterhouse

Hello all. Once again here at Pastime Viewpoints, we find ourselves with a new partner to sponsor us and vice versa. This time it is in the form of Professional Wrestling entity, Mr. Andrew Waterhouse. Andrew Waterhouse is a celebrity from Australia who is looking to make a big impact in the world of professional wrestling. […]


Batman ’89: The beginning of something grand in Gotham, our hearts, and our minds

With yesterday (June 23rd) being the 25th anniversary of the original premiere for the movie known as “Batman”, I figured now would be the perfect time to reflect on the importance of such a movie that came out on a summer day way back in 1989. Batman (or Batman ’89 to many of us fans) […]


Zell Plays Final Fantasy 4

Let’s Play time with Zell again. In his final Final Fantasy walk through (pun intended), it is time to end it all off with saving the world, being a hero, etc etc.. You get the drift. It’s time for some Final Fantasy 4!! Make sure to like, subscribe and follow us here at Pastime Viewpoints. […]

6 sides

The Ring Of Fyre 2.0 – Six Degrees Of Conversation

Thomas gives his thoughts on TNA going back to 6 sides and why he feels it shouldn’t be as big a deal as some people are making it out to be.  


My Top Memorable Banjo Kazooie Mini Games

Hey y’all! Banjo Kazooie has always been one of my favorite gaming series to date. It is hard to dislike one of the flagship franchises of the old Nintendo 64. One thing that made this game series great minus the characters, music, and worlds, was the unbelievable amount of mini games. Banjo Kazooie was a […]


PTVP Talks TNA Slammiversary 2014 “Team 3D To The Hall of Fame”

The PTVP crew comes together to talk about TNA Slammiversary 2014. That, and to just fool around for a bit.


PTVP Talks: The decline of WWE (Facebook Chat)

The following is a Facebook chat between Gil, Adam (Zell), and Jeff (S Bomb). We discuss the current state of the WWE and American Pro Wrestling. Adam Gil, if you could pick 3 NJPW guys to take on HHH, Cena and Orton, who’d you pick? Mind you, to make it interesting and save the boredom […]


My Top 10 Favorite Pokemon Cities

What is happening out there peeps? Final Fantasy, Arrow, it is now time to talk some POKEMON!!! One thing I adore about Pokemon is the feel of a new city. Going into the unexpected and being really surprised with a new atmosphere and locale. With all my Pokemon experiences, I have picked my Top 10 […]


PTVP Talks WWE Releases – Summer 2014

WWE has Future Endeavored a big number from the main roster. Pastime Viewpoints has come together to discuss the matter and what the next step is.


Talking Final Fantasy 8 – Junction System

Hey peeps. I have been thoroughly enjoying myself talking about Final Fantasy 8 and how it could have been improved to be a standout in the series. In previous articles, I have talked about the plot at: and Squall as a character with: It is time to talk about the most controversial battling […]


Top 5 – What Season 3 of Arrow Needs

***SPOILERS. DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU GUYS*** Hey y’all!! I am feeling absolutely miserable today. I am as crook as a dog, and so because of that, I am writing about something that’ll make me feel better. That is talking about Arrow and how season 3 could possibly be the biggest one to date. […]

UWA Rock

UWA Rock and Roll Wrestling Results 8/6/14

An action packed night at Dapto saw the Rock and Roll Wrestling team put out another big show. A near sold out crowd came prepared to brave the wind and cold to watch some Indy wrestling. This show crowned a new UWA Rock and Roll wrestling Heavyweight Champion. Here are the results: Title qualifier Robbie […]


PTVP Talks TNA Impact Wrestling 6/6/14: “Trouble for One”

TNA Impact is taken on by the only one brave enough to talk about it this week, how can Jeff survive this on his own?  


Here, There Be Spoilers: How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review

Having seen an advanced screening of How To Train Your Dragon 2, I decided to give my thoughts on the film. As the title suggests, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! Also, due to technical problems that only became apparent after the fact, the first 2 minutes are a bit jumpy/laggy, so please skip to 2:01.

PTVP Talks WWE Payback 2014 – “Ehh”

  Pastime Viewpoints has gotten together for WWE PPV Payback for another opinionated Podcast discussion. Jeff and Thomas join Zell this time to talk WWE action, or rather, lack of. We talk WWE World Heavyweight Championship, unannounced PPV matches, and thoughts on the foreseeable future towards Summerslam. Make sure to like, favorite, subscribe, and join […]

Puzzled male shrugging wearing lab coat

Fyreharticles: Ten Video Game Franchises I’ve Never Played

Last time I did a list like this, it was about movies/film franchises I’ve never watched. This time I’ll confess to video game franchises I’ve never played. I’ll mainly go for ones that have more than two games, since that seems like an actual franchise, but there may be some that pop up that only […]


Gantz (2011) Film Review

Gantz (2011) Film Review

Hello once again readers. Gil here, back with another review. This time around I’m not going to be reviewing an anime but rather a film adaptation of a manga/anime series. Let’s have a look at the movie adaptation of the popular series Gantz! Title: Gantz Year: 2011 Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi Format: Feature Film Length: 130 Minutes Gantz […]


Music Corner Why I Hate: Grenade by Bruno Mars

Music Corner Why I Hate: Grenade by Bruno Mars

  Why I Hate: Grenade by Bruno Mars   Let me start off by saying this, I have tried really hard to like Bruno Mars, I really have. I have listened to every single he has released, but I just can’t get into the songs. I will admit this, Bruno has a great singing voice, […]

Professional Wrestling

PTVP Talks TNA & WWE – May 2014

PTVP Talks TNA & WWE – May 2014

Jeff and Zell are back and ready to talk about Impact and WWE wrestling. Blunt opinions are our specialty and we will not be short this cast. Make sure to join us Pastime Viewpoints for all your entertainment needs. Make sure to like, favorite, subscribe, and join us at Pastime Viewpoints with the links below: […]

Television and Movies

Pokemon Season 3 Thoughts

Pokemon Season 3 Thoughts

Hey peeps. After my Season one and two Pokemon reviews, it is only fitting I continue on my path by talking about Pokemon Season three. A huge change from previous Seasons, Ash, Misty and Brock take their travels to the new region of Johto. With new people, new adventures, and most certainly, new Pokemon, Season […]

Video Games

Talking Final Fantasy 8 – Squall Leonhart

Talking Final Fantasy 8 – Squall Leonhart

Hey peeps. Due to the resounding feedback I received from the article below earlier this week: I have decided to talk more so about one of my favorite games and how it could have been one of the greatest entries into the franchise. Today I would like to discuss one of the characters within […]


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