Why the Melbourne Storm are grubs

I am not beating around on this article, this is an all out rant. Hello, my name is Zell and I truly believe the Melbourne Storm are the grubbiest team to ever walk out on to a Rugby League field.  They are arrogant pigs who have slithered and slimed their way through season after season, breaking professional rules over and over again. This isn’t simply a “I hate Melbourne cause they are better” rant, there is proof and always has been. The Melbourne Storm under Craig Bellamy have killed the game of top tier Rugby League. I am here to talk why.

Since Melbourne acquired the big 4 (now big 3), they have always had a definitive edge on the competition. Billy Slater, Cameron Smith and Cooper Cronk were always talented individuals. Yet it seemed that was never enough. When you thought the team was stacked enough, they would go out of their way to breach the salary cap year after year to make certain they would win. Crooked deals which the players, management, and coach knew about, went undetected for a minimum 4 years. The NRL was disgraceful in picking up on this no doubt, but rules are rules. Yes they were stripped of their titles.. Eventually. The teams who were suffering were not really compensated at all minus Souths, grabbing Greg Inglis, but in fact punished. Parramatta lost a Grand Final, and so did Manly. You cannot give them a title, but you have deprived players a life changing moment by cheating. It was wrong. And that was off the field.

Now onto the paddock. The Storm have always been mugs on the field. You cannot count the amount of times they are offside every play of the ball. They come in often times with swinging arms and intent to hurt. If you are questioning this, who brought in the wrestling maneuvers? They have put multiple men on the sidelines. Then we have the cannonball, the arm bar, the chicken wing, the spear tackle.. The list goes on. This never happened in football ever before. Craig Bellamy must be desperate to have an edge over the competition due to the fact he revolutionises the game with this filth year in, year out. The players could say no and play the game fairly, though they carry it out in mass. Melbourne has a filth mentality aimed to break opponents. Need examples? Alex McKinnon right?

My heart goes out to this man. A solid forward for Newcastle, he will now endure suffering for the rest of his life as a result of typical Melbourne Storm rat behaviour. To think the man is in an induced coma… It says in the rule book “You do not place your hands between a man’s legs and lift”. It is a rule that was broken via professional foul. It should have been a direct send off. Of course not though, the Storm are the NRL’s southern darlings. Jordan will get a few weeks to sit at home with suspension. That is not good enough. McKinnon’s life and love is virtually done for. A saying I believe in my life is “If you are truly sorry, you would have never of done it”. This plays true here. Disgraceful. Craig Bellamy, hang your head in shame.

I will end this rant here and save everyone more headaches. The NRL is weak as piss in regards to this foul play only because it draws money. The Storm are a proven dirty team and will never change. It sickens me.




PTVP Talks TNA Impact Wrestling 3/20/14 “Don’t you ever disrespect me again you little BIATCH”

Pastime Viewpoints has gotten together for TNA Impact Wrestling discussion. Jeff, Gil, and Adam talk The Beautiful People, Rockstar Spud, Ethan Carter III, Joe, MVP and much more. Make sure to like, favorite, subscribe, and join us at Pastime Viewpoints with the links below:

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Yunalesca FFX

How I Would Have Ended Final Fantasy X

Why hello y’all. Now as a huge Final Fantasy fan (no surprise to regulars), there are a few things I wished I could have changed about the series. Apart from telling the guy “no” whom thought online MMO’s were a good idea, I have always been bothered by the ending of Final Fantasy X. See, Final Fantasy X was an awesome game, with a great story and solid characters. It goes full circle in the end and Tidus forgives his father and Seymour is banished to the Farplane. However there was something gravely wrong with this ending.

Before you jump on the “it was OK” bandwagon, I am not talking about the final movie ending. I’m backing down a little further here to the moment in time you defeat Sin and make your way through its lifeless carcass to get to the end of the game. As you recall, once you land your airship, you make your way though Sin’s random ass maze and eventually get to Seymour. After defeating Seymour, you go through a random ass city, and then a random ass area where Blizzara goes up your backside.. Randomly. After meeting up with Jecht, you defeat his Final Aeon form and meet up with the tick known as Yu Yevon. You win a battle you aren’t meant to lose, the game ends, Yuna is sad. Done.

I have three major problems with this. One is Yu Yevon is a tick. The second is Yu Yevon is a tick who has no character. And thirdly, Yu Yevon is a tick who sucks at battle. What the hell? I thought Square Enix had learned a lesson from Necron in FF9. Obviously not I dare say. The Seymour battle/scene was solid, the Jecht reunion was solid, the Yu Yevon part made me lose a testicle (I had 3, down to 2). I have decided to write-up how I would have ended Final Fantasy X in regards to Yu Yevon.

Lets set the scene

You jump off the airship after seeing Seymour’s face burn through you. Tidus yells out “We’re coming for you Seymour”. At that point, I would have had a mysterious voice say “Seymour isn’t the one you should be worried about Son of the Fayth”. With the team looking around, they continue on confused. As they navigate the maze, the voice comes on and starts talking in between battles. Something like:

1000 years ago, Bevelle stood at the foot of Gagazet. Machina on hand, the utter destruction of my home was inevitable. I did the only thing I could do to save Zanarkand, and that is summon the fallen Fayth. All I wanted was to save Zanarkand in some way if I could. I summoned an unholy beast created from Bevelle’s destruction of my people. It was their sin, not mine. Zanarkand lived once again, protected by this new demon armor. But that was not enough. No,  I wanted revenge…”

At this point, you would get to Seymour. With this voice playing on your mind, you remember the real immediate threat that has been all along. You beat Seymour, send him, and head on. At the City of Dying Dreams, the voice plays again:

And revenge was brought upon swiftly. I punished Bevelle for their aggression and destroyed many lives, countless lives, innocent lives. I was satisfied with the outcome and had gotten my way, yet I yearned for more. More blood, more fayth, more revenge. I attacked Spira at will. I inflicted damage not imaginable to the planet. Who would have known it be Yunalesca who would quell the rage? If only temporarily”.

When in the weird icicle area, I would have the voice once again talk.

Yunalesca defeated me with her husband Zaon. Only another Zanarkand high summoner could have accomplished this feat. With my rage defeated. and my shell broken, it took me years to rebuild my home. I combined the fayth of Zaon and once again brought on Sin anew. I continued to dream happy dreams. Dreams of chaos, destruction, and agony. Zaon was controlled by my mind, doing my deeds as I dreamed away. For a thousand years, this process went on and on. Until now. I am awake. Come.”

Now you are in front of Jecht and defeat him. The final aeon is beaten. Darkness temporarily covers the surroundings until the voice speaks one more time on appearance. An older man who has never aged appears near the fallen carcass of Jecht:

“Sin has been defeated. The Final Aeon has been defeated. I am but eternal and will never be defeated. I am Yu Yevon, the greatest summoner the world could know. I knew this day would come. I do not know how it will end. I brought destruction onto Spira, to your family and friends. I loved it. 1000 years of the greatest joy has been a pleasure. Here you stand wanting to end all of that. How dare you? I have one thing I must ask you before you bring damnation to my soul. Have you thought of the consequences of your actions? If you destroy me, the fayth ends. The dream ends. That man, the unsent, he fades. That boy, the dream, he too fades. Yuna is it? You destroying me takes more people away from you, including your lover. Can you do it? Can you send me and in doing so, send your heart to the Farplane? If you can, you and your guardians have one last fight together. If not, leave now and let me build my new Sin so I can end mankind once and for all. The time is nigh, may Spira hinge on this war!”

At this point, the normal scenes from the game ensue where Tidus reveals he will fade and yada yada. The battle will commence, auto life taken away, you are fighting the man Yu Yevon and not a tick, and Hp etc is like doubled cause he is easy as. He dies, screams like a cat with its tail stepped on, Tidus and Auron fade away, everything continues as normal. I would not change the movie ending, because sad endings are powerful endings. That is that.

At the end of the day, I’d wanted Yu Yevon to have some character, some substance. He never delivered as a final boss and kind of hurt an otherwise brilliant game. Let me know what you think peeps. Until then, join us at PTVP for all things entertainment, including more Final Fantasy.




PTVP Talks WWE RAW 3/17/14 – “More Of The Same…”

The PTVP crew, Gil, Jeff, and Thomas all get together to discuss and review the 3/17/2014 episode of WWE Monday Night RAW. Was it good or was it the same ol’ same ol’ stuff? Check it out and see.

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WWE Slam City

PTVP Talks WWE Slam City

The PTVP crew, Gil, Jeff, and Thomas all get together to discuss and speculate about WWE’s newest animated series titled WWE Slam City. Let us know your ideas for Slam City down in the comments!

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PTVP’s Thoughts on Batman: Arkham Knight

Hey peeps. With Batman Arkham Knight revealed to us all, the DC marks here at PTVP have personally responded as you would expect:

Apart from screaming like teenage girls, we have our thoughts and opinions on the next game. After watching the introductory video, it sounds like this game is already turning heads fast. Jeff, Thomas, JB and I shall talk some BATMAN!!!

Zell (The Aussie Guy Off The Rails) - Arkham Knight huh? I see this game being the be all end all of the series. After the demise of *SPOILERS* Joker at the end of Arkham City *END SPOILERS*, it will be interesting to see who they turn to next. From a villains standpoint, Penguin, Scarecrow, and Two Face will be given bigger and better roles. With the return of Kevin Conroy, Batman looks to be going from strength to strength. The Bat-mobile, easy travelling, and a huge playable region is simply great news. If this game can take the story from Asylum, mix it with the game play of Arkham City, and kinda avoid Origins, this game will be the boss. All I want now is some more POISON IVY!!!

Thomas (Not unemployed anymore) – The clip of Ned Flanders screaming kind of covers this for me, but I’m contractually obligated not to simply link it again and call it a day, so I won’t. Instead I’ll say this much…….this is the most hyped I’ve ever been for a game, let alone going by one trailer. I honestly want this game based on the first trailer alone, but I will probably calm down and think more rationally over time. I mean, hell, the game comes out in October and I’d have to buy a PS4 by then to be able to play it anyway. lol. Buying a console for ONE game is probably a terrible idea.

Anyway, I can’t even put into words how awesome I find it that the lead villain will be Scarecrow. Scarecrow may be my favourite villain in the Arkhamverse games (possibly my favourite Batman villain period honestly), which is odd considering this will be his second appearance in the games, but I stand by my opinion. So yeah, the fact he’s going to be the main force driving this story is a big deal for me.

Since Scarecrow’s inclusion is fact, I really hope this means we will get a follow up on the other two teases from Arkham City. Those being Hush & Azrael. If those guys simply got dropped/forgotten about it’d seem like a lot of wasted potential honestly. That said I could probably rave all day about this, but I’d rather not, so I’ll end it there. Simply put, Rocksteady has already convinced me to buy this game, despite the fact I don’t own a new gen console. Anything that wants me to buy a console just so I can play it is a good thing in my book.

JB (Your Preacher and Teacher of DC) – I was excited and optimistic when I read official press releases saying the next game in the Arkham line would be “Arkham Knight”.  That energy and excitement grew when I read that Rocksteady was indeed returning and would conclude their series with this ultimate ending to the Rocksteady Trilogy.  By the time I caught the trailer for the game, I was hooked.  Now after seeing the trailer, various photo stills, as well as some insider info regarding characters, gameplay, etc. I will truly state right here right now that I will be buying an Xbox One in the fall in order to play this game when it hits game stores in late 2014,

The storyline concludes where “City” left off; and that is a good thing.  No rehashing or rebooting like “Origins”.  Don’t get me wrong, Origins was a great game and it prequeled the Arkham line, but enough with the Joker.  It’s time to see the rest of the Rogue Gallery in action as Batman is at the peak of his crime fighting career.  He has a new ride, and he must face off against the Arkham Knight-some new character that comes off acting and looking like the Dark Knight.  Throw in Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Two Face, Penguin and the fun times never end.

While it’s sad to see this awesome line ending. the Arkham games and their Arkhamverse just proves that DC has a strong command over the video game aspect in the head to head war with Marvel.  These games are the closest we have to compelling and surreal movies in the DC camp until the Affleck/Cavill super movie in 2016.  Did I mention how awesome Kevin Conroy is as he is the ultimate and most famous batman voice actor ever.   To quote Bart Scott “CAN’T WAIT!!”

Jeff (Affleck sucks) – As a person who loves this series, I am excited to see what will happen in this game. If the side mission from Arkham City comes true in this game, it will be a huge game. The biggest question, how far will we jump since the events of the last game, and will we see a bouncing Joker baby? Hopefully we can get some other villains to fight Batman, perhaps Manbat anyone, and hopefully we will also get more Clayface and Bane.


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